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Thailand, Bangkok & the world trade towers

THAILAND | Thursday, 13 September 2001 | Views [2115] | Comments [1]

In no-mans-land between Cambodian & Thai border

In no-mans-land between Cambodian & Thai border

Well, I've said goodbye to Cambodia now, I quite enjoyed it, especially Angkor Wat & Preah Khan.

After driving slowly for ages along the incredibly bumpy & potholed roads we eventually got to the border with Thailand at Poipet (a horrible yukky place), queued in the boiling sun next to an open sewer for ages to get through immigration, watched some incredibly overloaded trucks take out some overhanging power lines - they sit people on top of the trucks (which are stacked too high to get under the lines) who pick up & pass the cables BY HAND! over the top of the truck, until the truck has passed through.

However, they dropped the cables between the gap of truck & trailer, and we watched the cables tighten & snap in slow motion as the truck slowly kept moving. I took a few photo's.

Anyway, got over the border, magically the roads were smooth, bitumen and well maintained. A short tuk-tuk ride to the bus terminal and then a luxury coach to Bangkok. The air conditioning in Thailand gave me a bit of a cold, but it's pretty well gone now .

Got to our hotel in Bangkok that evening and turned on the TV and watched the live CNN news about 5 mins after the 2nd hijacked plane crashed into the world trade centre. I remarked to Brian that "Well, Americia's just declared war on somebody, they just don't know who yet". Pretty shocking stuff, I hate to think how many lives have been lost. We went down to Khoa Sahn road and most of the tourists were crowding around the TV's in all the bars watching CNN live with their mouths hanging open. Made for an interesting night. I wonder in the future if it will be like 'So where were you when the planes hit the trade towers?'

I might have to reconsider going to the states at all. I'm hoping it won't affect any of my other travel plans but I'll have to keep an eye on what happens. It's going to change a few things around the world, I'm sure.

Spent a couple of days doing the touristy things in Bangkok - the royal palace, reclining Buddha, the markets etc etc & said goodbye to the people I travelled from Saigon to Bangkok with.

Next stop: Nepal!

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Ian baby - great to hear from you!!!
What a week!!!

I found out on Monday that I have to move as the new landlord wants to renovate so that she can get more money!!

I spent yesterday looking for a new apartment and found one - amazingly in the next street up from mine. It is very sunny and has a balcony - same price as the one I am in. I actually like this one more than mine - so everything has worked out!! I will be moving in next Wednesday.

So it's busy times for me!! I will be moving into a new position at work next week also!!!

I am heading down to Nowra this weekend and the following weekend I fly out - so my weekends are packed at the moment.

Your trip sounds fascinating - just be careful though!!

Who knows what is going to happen with this war!!! Sahs and I are leaving our trip to New York to the last minute - we will decide then if it is possible to go or not.

I received an email from Jean today - sounding stressed!!! her flatmate who is also Australian apparently came home late last night upset saying there was going to be a war and that maybe they should go home, Jean told her to do whatever she wanted to do - when she woke up the next morning, the girl had left Jean a note saying she was on a plane home - she had cleaned out all her stuff and left!!! talk about rude!! So poor Jean is wondering what to do now!!

Anyway, I will catch up with you properly when we meet. Keep well. K

  Kate Sep 19, 2001 11:21 AM



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