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Hanga Roa, Easter Island

CHILE | Sunday, 14 May 2006 | Views [9088] | Comments [3]

The 'Harbour' at Hanga Roa with the remnants of Ahu Tautira (the one facing inland)- many of the stones from the Ahu were used to build the wharf.

The 'Harbour' at Hanga Roa with the remnants of Ahu Tautira (the one facing inland)- many of the stones from the Ahu were used to build the wharf.

The sun is out today, after another night of torrential rain. Ive been visiting the local markets & doing some souvineer shopping. Pretty much every single building sells tourist things of one shape or another. Hanga Roa is a small, sleepy town of about 2500 people. Chickens, horses & thin non-aggressive dogs wander the streets, the locals mostly drive incredibly rustbucket cars that look like they could break in two at any moment. Bumpers, headlights, doors, windows are just things that vehicles can live without, so they do. The only modern cars seem to be the 4wds that are rented out to the tourists & are carefully washed of salt spray each night. The one petrol station on the island is deserted for most of the day but has a queue at about 6pm when all the tourists have to re-fill the tanks before returning their 4 wheel drives.

looking North down main st looking south

The locals are a friendly lot, mostly polynesian in looks (apart from the immigrants from Chile). There really isnt any industry here other than tourism, so i guess they like to keep the tourists happy (& sell them some carvings of Moai that they all seem to make.) Im trying to find a suitably nice carving for myself to take home. Shopkeepers with no customers can be found leaning agaist doorways, sanding down their latest small carving and/or watching the daytime soapies in spanish on tiny televisions. They all seem to work on 'island time' - maybe opening up their shops somewhere around 10-11am, have an extended siesta in the early afternoon, before closing up around 5pm. Around this time, the small plaza/park at the end of the main street, which has been deserted all day, fills up with locals & schoolchildren playing games, and everyone catches up of the days events.

The place where I am staying is right by the end of the runway, but this isn't really a problem as there is usually only two flights a week. It's a good 15 minute walk from the main part of town, so it's a bit of a pain to wander back & forth all the time. So I haven't tried out either of the two disco's in town as yet. Apparently there is a big sea-cave/lava tube in the cliffs very close to where i'm staying, but I can't find any signs or mention of it anywhere & I can't see anything from the seashore out the back. I shall do some hunting for it...

Disco Fever The Harbour

80's music is also huge here, as it is in Santiago (& Fiji apparently), but they also play some 90's/naughties stuff as well. Shakira is also big here - which is more understandable, given that she is at least South American. At the 'Ciber' cafe i have been frequenting, the playlist runs fairly consistently as; 80's song, 80's song, 00's song, local spanish or polynesisian-style song, Shakira, and then back to 80's again.

More soon...

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Har har - you would love all that 80's music!

  Sharon May 16, 2006 11:55 AM


Hey looks great - pics too - so less than a month off that must be one of your shortest trips to date.... I'm heading off at the end of August to the
UK - spending time in Essex - which in itself if like visiting another continent outside of the UK..... I've never been to Essex so looking
forward to checking out SouthEnd... and all that..... going to do high tea at the Ritz too - which I've booked - and stay in London for a few
anyway, you must be feeling the jet lag still - always a great feeling....

  Kate May 19, 2006 4:03 AM



Welcome back to the country again! We would love to see your piccies - one Sunday arvo would be best so that Paul can see them (and you) too. I think we're free for the next few - not sure what time cos Angus may be sleeping/crying/eating at the time we meet so it is probably best and easier for you to come here.

Your website is great! I had no idea that you were such a good writer! Your adventures sound fantastic (only had a quick skim read as Angus was calling!).

Angus is three months old today! Time has really flown. Not getting much sleep as he is still waking every three hours for his feeds day and night!

Glad to have you back in the country - let us know when you are free on a Sun arvo to come around (but not tomorrow as we will be at Mum and Dad's place).

C ya!

  Sharon May 27, 2006 1:31 AM



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