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Travel Film Scholarship to New Orleans - Winner Announced!

USA | Friday, 29 November 2013 | Views [15573] | Comments [2]

Aspiring filmmakers, presenters and nomads, again you have brought us an amazing raft of videos from across the world. This year has to be the most diverse group of entrants that we have seen yet - both in nationality and in film topics.

This year has shown us so many new faces, first-timers out to give this “travel filmmaking” gig a go. We love that, and we hope that you keep going out there and making movies about the places that you explore and the people you meet along the way. Get out there and keep telling the stories of the world – both big and small. This is how you will learn and improve.

While many of you are able to wield a camera, we realize that what we ask for in a presenter is a huge challenge. Finding the balance between telling a story, making a connection and engaging the viewer is no small feat.

This year we are very excited to announce that we seem to have found an amateur filmmaker who can both hold the camera and captivate the audience in front of it.

Please feel free to leave your congratulations to the winner and the shortlisted entries below. However, if you have any other comments, concerns, program feedback or trollish rants, please email us at scholarships@worldnomads.com.

So, without further delay, we give you the winner of the 2013 Travel Film Scholarship to New Orleans…..


Andrés Brenner - Adventurer Fever

UPDATE! Read about Andrés' adventures on assignment in New Orleans.

About Andrés

After working long days locked in the depths of a multinational advertising agency in Argentina, Andres decided to cure the critical condition of adventurer-fever from which he had been suffering. He quit his job, bought a one-way ticket to a faraway land and has been touring the world for the past 3 years. You can read more about his adventures here.

Judges comments:

What can I say? Andrés had me in the palm of his hand right from the first moment. Not only a great stylist – his delivery & energy are disarming and his solo-operating style gives an incredible sense of excitement and immediacy to the piece.

Congratulations Andrés! You will be embarking on a 10-day adventure in New Orleans to capture the people and stories of this vibrant city under the mentorship of Brian Rapsey!

Andrés will also receive enrollment into the MatadorU filmmaking course, some awesome gear from Rode Microphones and an UltraPod Go to use on assignment.

RUNNERS' UP (in no particular order)

All runners' up will receive enrollment in the MatadorU filmmaking course and an UltraPod Go.

Connet Ben & Jay Nelson Gavarra - Wood Carving in Paete

Judges comments:

Connet and Jay did a great job on this film - I felt like I was experiencing the place with Connet - rather than being at the hands of a presenter. This is in part due to the gentle and disarming tone of her screen presence and an excellent balance between narration and beautifully filmed observation.

Thabo Rametsi & Nkululeko Lebambo - The Juice

Judges comments:

Thabo has awesome screen presence – and his extroverted charm opens everyone up. Loved seeing how the locals live and party in his own backyard - a light and fresh take on life in Johannesburg.

Michael Parisien & Mark Parisien - Pardon our French

Judges comments:

Paris & France never looked so good yet tasted so...a humorous reminder of the perils of being adventurous and ordering something different off the menu. Nicely shot, presented and edited. I look forward to seeing more of the handsome bros.

Danie van Westhuizen & Moabi Ntlhaile - In search of Truth, the world's best coffee shop

Judges comments:

Moabi delivers a skillfully shot & crafted profile of an amazing looking coffee shop in Cape Town. I particularly like the setup & montage of the road trip journey to get to Cape Town.

James Dall & Michael Hing - Aussie Battler

Judges comments:

I love the comic premise of this film - the Aussie Battler as a group reenacting Viking combat. Greater Western Sydney has to be one of the most culturally diverse places in the world, Vikings and all. Hing is the perfect host for the job - he's funny & has great rapport. I'd love to see more of his Aussie adventures.

Artem Verkhogliadov & Denis Guzey - Dig It!

Judges comments:

I love the comic tone, pace and characterization of this piece by Artem and Denis - it can be so hard to strike the right balance & yet here I am still laughing.  

**Note: All judges comments are by mentor Brian Rapsey.

Shortlist (again, in no special order)

Each shortlisted entrant will receive enrollment in a MatadorU mini filmmaking course.

Damon Dominique & Joanna Franco - Damon & Jo on a Dime

Zorinah Juan - Cruising the Blue

Dinah Palmisano - Orlando Festival of Bacon

Nina Volova & Maxim Ladnushkin - Fire Breathing

Juan Pablo Echenique & Felipe Hurtado - Mother Earth

Adam Osman & Jonathan See - Deepavali in Singapore

Vernon Lobo & Manoj Bapat - The Meliorist

Moises Flores Baca - Pulque & Worms

Matt Earle & Ella Kroch - Una Experiencia Cubana

Stephanie Tomoana & Jonathan Björnaes - Competitive Brisbane - Into Duckness

Gabriela Traverso - Uncovering Rio's Carnival

Emmanuel Leroux-Nega & Aimie Eliot - Boda, boda - King of Kampala

Sumeru Raut & Saurabh Vyas - Three Squares a day and more

Brittany Foster & Taylor Witten - Chicago: International Travel in your own Backyard

Joe Weilguny & Torsha Banerjee - For a Cup of Tea

Palak Malik & Remya Muralidharan - Ravanleela: Chasing the evil man

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Unlike a film festival or a competition, this scholarship is not necessarily about finding the ‘best’ film, but about choosing the person or team that we think has the most potential to develop their skills and be molded through the mentorship experience; individuals who each could use this opportunity to hone their craft, refine their technique, and learn to tell a great story on camera.

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A great piece of film making - had me hooked from start to finish! Well done Andrés!

  Keith Ruffles Dec 15, 2013 1:21 AM


I am a young man living in a state of Palestine. I love to travel and discover the outside world, I hope to travel and enjoy with you and thank you

  omar Sep 3, 2014 6:46 AM

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