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Trip: A year in Gunma-ken

There are [129] stories from my trip: A year in Gunma-ken

Sketch contest

JAPAN | Friday, 17 Oct 2008 | Views [526] | Comments [1]

Internet is driving me crazy, the connection at work barely works during the day, I have to stay back late to use it with anything like reliability. Lately I've had a lot on though so I haven't been here much after hours. We had the food fair trip, ... Read more >

Gallery: Sketch Contest

JAPAN | Friday, 17 Oct 2008 | Photo Gallery

Kurohone JHS annual sketch contest
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Gallery: Nishimachi food fair

JAPAN | Thursday, 16 Oct 2008 | Photo Gallery

trip to the food fair and science museum
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Maybe this explains a few things?

JAPAN | Thursday, 9 Oct 2008 | Views [300] | Comments [3]

http://abc.com.au/news/stories/2008/10/08/2385118.htm?section=australia I guess this has been in the news in Australia, but it mentions this natural alternative to sugar has been in use in Japan for some time. It might explain why desserts here are ... Read more >


JAPAN | Monday, 6 Oct 2008 | Views [513] | Comments [3]

Today is Monday the 6th of October. Last Friday we had another seminar thingy in a nearby town. We were sent a map that made it look like the venue was directly over the road from the station, but no, it was a good 20 minute walk if you knew where ... Read more >

September ends

JAPAN | Tuesday, 30 Sep 2008 | Views [385] | Comments [2]

It's been over two months now which is a substantial proportion of the one year contract, I am still very much a fish out of water, it will clearly take more than a year to achieve any kind of assimilation into the community. Here's a very fragmented ... Read more >

JHS sports day

JAPAN | Thursday, 25 Sep 2008 | Views [568]

junior high school sports day was yesterday, it's a weekday so not as big a family affair, a few mothers came along and the local bigwigs I guess. It was a fun day, not as crazy as the elementary event but that's to be expected. I didn't have any actual ... Read more >

Nikko again, and some crazy Bikers

JAPAN | Monday, 22 Sep 2008 | Views [1555] | Comments [1] | Video

Check the gallery for pictures from my second visit to Nikko. This time I went with Waka-san who came up from Yokohama, and Andrew. We spent Saturday driving to Nikko and the nearby lake in the mountains. Nikko is about 90-100 minutes from my place.... Read more >

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Gallery: Back to Nikko

JAPAN | Monday, 22 Sep 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Saturday 13th

JAPAN | Wednesday, 17 Sep 2008 | Views [596] | Comments [4]

On Saturday we had sports day at the elementary school. It was a lot of fun. There are some pictures in the gallery. One of the highlghts for me was a confusin game involving giant coloured balls and basins of flour. I have no idea what was going on ... Read more >

School Visit

JAPAN | Friday, 12 Sep 2008 | Views [495] | Comments [1]

Today our school was visited by students and staff from Nishimachi International School in Tokyo. The came up on a bus trip and spent a couple of hours with our students, either playing table tennis in the gym or dong an experiment in the science lab.... Read more >

Gallery: Tokyo Disneyland

JAPAN | Monday, 8 Sep 2008 | Photo Gallery

September 6, 2008
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JAPAN | Friday, 5 Sep 2008 | Views [972] | Comments [4] | Video

Friday was work as usual, I didn't tell anyone at work it was my birthday, I prefer to keep it low key. At 4pm I left to catch the train for Tokyo. Normally I stay at work till 5.30 or 6, my contract says 4pm but no one else leaves that early and I'm ... Read more >

Gallery: Sports Day(s)

JAPAN | Thursday, 4 Sep 2008 | Photo Gallery

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End of the week

JAPAN | Friday, 29 Aug 2008 | Views [1495] | Comments [6]

It’s Friday afternoon and I’m about to lose the internet for the weekend again, since work is still my only regular source. So what happened this week? Classes started of course, Junior High School anyway, Elementary on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon ... Read more >

School starts

JAPAN | Tuesday, 26 Aug 2008 | Views [1373] | Comments [5]

There has been a cold, wet shift in the weather for the last week. Much better than the hot humid days we were having. Summer is far from over though so this probably won't last long, I'm enjoying it though, it hasn't really stopped raining for about ... Read more >

Gallery: Random pictures

JAPAN | Wednesday, 20 Aug 2008 | Photo Gallery

stuff I don't need individual galleries for
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random stuff and an orientation video

JAPAN | Tuesday, 19 Aug 2008 | Views [613] | Comments [3] | Video

I don't have anything to write really, I covered orientation stuff already, but I needed somewhere to put the youtube link of the shamisen class. Completely unrelated, today at work there was a kerfuffle to do with me. One of the teachers who sits ... Read more >

Friday 15 - Monday 18

JAPAN | Tuesday, 19 Aug 2008 | Views [667] | Video

Friday: The last day of Gunma orientation. Mostly it was a day of Japanese culture workshops. I would have liked a wider range, there were no visual arts for example, some calligraphy or sumi ink painting would have been nice. Instead there were ... Read more >

Gallery: Weekend after orientation

JAPAN | Monday, 18 Aug 2008 | Photo Gallery

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