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Trip: A year in Gunma-ken

There are [129] stories from my trip: A year in Gunma-ken

Gallery: Three

JAPAN | Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009 | Photo Gallery

Three and her brother visit Japan
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Looks like I spoke too soon

JAPAN | Friday, 20 Feb 2009 | Views [231]

So after a few warm days we have had a return to the cold, today I woke to the heaviest snowfall so far. I heard something outside at around 5.45 AM and went to see what it was. Turns out it was snow falling off my roof. I put on my winter bike pants ... Read more >

Gallery: Feb snow day

JAPAN | Friday, 20 Feb 2009 | Photo Gallery

Snow again
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Feb 2009

JAPAN | Monday, 16 Feb 2009 | Views [332]

It's warming up now, yesterday (Sunday 15th) I went riding with the touring club. There are photos in the gallery. It was perfect weather for riding and it wasn't too long, which is good as I was already tired. We rode a bit over 100 kms, but since ... Read more >

Gallery: Touring in Feb

JAPAN | Monday, 16 Feb 2009 | Photo Gallery

pics from the motorcycle ride in Feb
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JAPAN | Monday, 9 Feb 2009 | Views [361]

The big news everywhere is the fires in Victoria. Today my principal asked if I knew about them, I had seen the news stories online yesterday and it looked terrible. But this mornings news was much worse. We had wild winds over here, Gunma is famous ... Read more >


JAPAN | Wednesday, 4 Feb 2009 | Views [223]

Friday is the deadline for return of the forms. I have decided to sign up for one more year, leaving after one didn't sit right, it felt like giving up. I can't let Japan beat me ;) I don't have much else to say, I've been struggling with this decision ... Read more >

sculpture competition

JAPAN | Thursday, 29 Jan 2009 | Views [463] | Comments [1]

http://www.sculptureproject.org.au My uncle (Wayne Strickland) has submitted a design for a sculpture, his submission is on page 9 of the site. Please take a look and vote for Wayne or whoever's work you like best. Waynes's website, with examples of ... Read more >

quick update

JAPAN | Monday, 26 Jan 2009 | Views [331] | Video

I posted the animation exercises to Youtube, so you can check them out if you feel the urge. I went to Tokyo on Friday night, I found a really good hotel deal on wotif.com, when I got to the hotel I had to stand outside and double check because it ... Read more >


JAPAN | Thursday, 22 Jan 2009 | Views [239] | Comments [2]

The usual ALT meeting has been shifted from Monday to Wednesday. So we won't be meeting on Australia day, I was going to hand out flags :( I have been asked by the ALT supervisor to come in early and talk about recontracting, he wants to try and keep ... Read more >

still thinking

JAPAN | Wednesday, 21 Jan 2009 | Views [377]

D-Day is approaching and I still haven't decided for sure what I'll do. Stay on here or work something else out, I was thinking of doing just one year here, then taking the rest of my long service from Holmesglen and spending the last 5 months of 2009 ... Read more >

Gallery: 2009 starts

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 13 Jan 2009 | Photo Gallery

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JAPAN | Tuesday, 13 Jan 2009 | Views [474] | Comments [1]

It's snowing, I mean it's really coming down in huge flakes outside, I can't believe yesterday it was so hot I completely forgot to take my jacket to the airport. I'm at my desk in Kurohone, but here is something I wrote last night at Sydney airport.... Read more >

Gallery: Snow

JAPAN | Friday, 26 Dec 2008 | Photo Gallery

small flakes of frozen water that float down from the clouds
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JAPAN | Friday, 26 Dec 2008 | Views [255] | Comments [1]

It's a day late, but I left the house this morning and was surprised to see snow everywhere. No one else seems too phased by it. Everyone disappeared from the staff room so I went out for a while and took photos. Turns out they were all getting into ... Read more >


JAPAN | Thursday, 25 Dec 2008 | Views [235] | Comments [3]

It's Christmas day, I'm at my desk with no actual work to do, but I have to sit here or take an annual leave day. Since there's no particular thing I have to do, and since I live in the carpark, I might as well sit inside and use the internet. I went ... Read more >

Christmas week

JAPAN | Monday, 22 Dec 2008 | Views [260]

Friday after work was the end of year enkai, or Christmas party if you like. I was really tired on Friday as I haven't been sleeping well, as a result I really didn't feel like going. But since it was just down the road I went along. It actually turned ... Read more >

It was the week before Xmas

JAPAN | Thursday, 18 Dec 2008 | Views [537] | Comments [2]

I have received ten or so cards, mostly from the 1st year kids. They have wished me a 'melly X'smas' and a 'marry christmas' (that may have been a proposal but I'm choosing to assume it's an innocent mistake). Of course bribery was involved, there ... Read more >

Cards and koalas

JAPAN | Friday, 12 Dec 2008 | Views [429] | Comments [2]

I told the students yesterday that I have some koala keychains (that Mum sent me) and if they would like one they should write me a letter (in English of course) before Christmas. Today I got 4 handmade christmas cards, not exactly what I was looking ... Read more >

The wild bunch...and me

JAPAN | Monday, 8 Dec 2008 | Views [478] | Comments [1]

Kin-yobi: Friday night I went to see ‘Wall-e’ at Aeon (a big shopping centre) in Ota. Marcus (from the US) and Lida (from Canada) came with me. We went to a little boutique grocery store and I introduced Marcus to Tim Tams. He seemed to appreciate them, ... Read more >

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