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Out of the bubble......... One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.-- Henry Miller

We rode to Popayan (on the 26th a Friday) and beyond.

COLOMBIA | Friday, 3 May 2013 | Views [1037]

We spend all Saturday in this cute little white housed town. The hostel is run by a family in a colonial house near the main Plaza. We basically stayed in their house in their room and cooked in their kitchen. Did laundry and got some stuff done while ... Read more >


COLOMBIA | Sunday, 28 Apr 2013 | Views [723]

Antonio had the idea to weigh our bikes on one of those truck weigh stations on the PanA. Highway. Here is the result: together James and I including bikes weigh 250kg. James rode off the scale and left was 125kg. (me and my bike). Amazing how J. and ... Read more >

Cali to Cali. (22nd of April)

COLOMBIA | Sunday, 28 Apr 2013 | Views [454]

Yes, indeed - we rode from CALIfornia to CALI, Colombia. Our most generous host family in Tulua drove us  out of town (meaning they showed us the way with the truck) send us on a flat aimed highway to Cali. The day before was spend in our ... Read more >

Tulua on the weekend

COLOMBIA | Wednesday, 24 Apr 2013 | Views [847]

The next day cycling was beautiful, sunny...lots of gentle climbing. We decided to take a smaller, longer side road with a promise of less traffic. Climbed amongst the coffee plants after riding the flats for a while for warm up. We climbed another 1200m, ... Read more >

The day after - Armenia (4th and 5th of April)

COLOMBIA | Wednesday, 24 Apr 2013 | Views [454]

Pay back time! Our destination after the rest of the descend from the infamous Alto de la Linea was a nice place to stay and recoup. Armenia with the help of the Lonely Planet provided just that.  A sweet little hostel away from the center. Very ... Read more >

Photos: Home in Marin

COLOMBIA | Friday, 19 Apr 2013 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: Colombia after CA

COLOMBIA | Friday, 19 Apr 2013 | Photo Gallery

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Alto de la Linea or "A right of Passage?"

COLOMBIA | Friday, 19 Apr 2013 | Views [1576]

  The bar of what is "too hard" or maybe even unacceptable  is getting raised each time I make it through something I didn't expect or - at least- I thought I can just tuck it away and move on -beyond the experience - and get stronger.... Read more >

Talk to the hand (April 14th)

COLOMBIA | Friday, 19 Apr 2013 | Views [511]

We reunited with our bikes, made some repairs, figured our way out of town and then I had a conversation with my body:  What, we are doing THAT again?I thought we were done and you went back to riding sanely on the weekends with your pretty little ... Read more >

Leaving home again (we spent four weeks in CA, left our bikes in Bogota)

COLOMBIA | Friday, 19 Apr 2013 | Views [649]

A mixture of excitement - can't wait to leave. But also the tugging of my heart strings - I wanna stay and be with my loved ones- home. It hurts like it hurts. The idea of building a life, a home is close, fuzzy and warm. The thought of it is more ... Read more >

Arriving in Bogota, March 1st and 2nd

COLOMBIA | Friday, 19 Apr 2013 | Views [567]

After climbing the last 1053m from Guayabal de Siquima where we -shortly after we left- reconnected with the diesel trucks on the big highway snaking through the high mountains and basically "landing" on Bogota's high valley platform. Pretty damn cool ... Read more >

Photos: Bogotá

COLOMBIA | Saturday, 9 Mar 2013 | Photo Gallery

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Not enough thrill.

COLOMBIA | Saturday, 2 Mar 2013 | Views [703]

Medellin- Bogota. Rio Claro (22 of February)   The next day we equipped ourselves with flash lights and started off with another couple and a guide. First we had to cross the fast river holding on to a rope. It had rained all night and the ... Read more >


COLOMBIA | Saturday, 2 Mar 2013 | Views [584]

Medellin- Bogota. Rio Claro (21-22 of February) Yes, it was fun and wild rafting the river. Really not difficult but very entertaining. When the guide is having a good time - all are having a ball. We stopped at ropes to jump/swing into the clear, ... Read more >

Arriving at Rio Claro

COLOMBIA | Saturday, 2 Mar 2013 | Views [1342]

Medellin- Bogota. Rio Claro(February 20th)   A sunny early start after we had breakfast in the room of our cheap hotel and headed out in expectation of a pretty mellow day with not much climbs as we were heading to the valley for the biggest ... Read more >

Medellin to Bogota

COLOMBIA | Saturday, 2 Mar 2013 | Views [624]

 (Tuesday 19th of February)   Manuel from Casa Ciclista Medellin (it was actually located in San Antonio de Prado- about 15km south of M. IN the mountains and UP the mountains)told us the climb will be gentle and it was. We left Medellin, ... Read more >

It's hard to be lazy when the sun is out (Santa Fe De Antioquia 10th-12th of February)

COLOMBIA | Tuesday, 19 Feb 2013 | Views [684]

    We spent the rest of Sunday eating and when we crawled out of bed Monday morning we didn't have far to go to the main plaza. Our little "on the edge" hostel was right around the corner. That little fruit stand had already smiled ... Read more >

Santa Fe De Antioquia - 10th of February.

COLOMBIA | Thursday, 14 Feb 2013 | Views [1155]

It got hot and steep. The road didn't improve, but the traffic appears to be less in the earlier part of the day. We stocked up with some basic foods in Dabeida and headed for the mountains - continuing this crazy climb up to over 2000m. Slow, very slow, ... Read more >

Heading into the mountains on our way to Medellin

COLOMBIA | Thursday, 14 Feb 2013 | Views [941]

After sunshine comes rain....well, the road into the mountains of Columbia started to disintegrate - only partially paved we started climbing, crossing big rivers partly on funky bridges, pretty bad roads. The sun behind some dark clouds, the rain getting ... Read more >

Born to be wild

COLOMBIA | Thursday, 14 Feb 2013 | Views [798]

Wednesday the 6th of February. Turbo is a filthy, busy place. We got out of the boat, put our bikes together and left in a hurry. Full of energy, happy to be alive and ready for action. The road has us back, it's paved, it's sunny and we are in ... Read more >

The Darien Gap and crossing the border to Columbia

PANAMA | Wednesday, 13 Feb 2013 | Views [1807] | Comments [1]

Darien Gap - getting to Columbia on the Caribbean side. Our flight left at noon on Sunday the 3rd. We rode our bikes to the national airport in Panama City, after taring ourselves away from Nina and Michael, who send us off after marveling at our ... Read more >

Panama City January 31st-February 3rd

PANAMA | Wednesday, 13 Feb 2013 | Views [829]

Panama City- here we come! The connection in Panama City turned out to be an old good friend of mine (just kidding....but it really felt like that!!). OK, first of all passing over the Panama Canal was a thrill...how can it not be? The brutal ... Read more >

Flat as "piss on a plate"

PANAMA | Wednesday, 13 Feb 2013 | Views [1177]

We took a smaller side road in order to get off the busy PanAmerican Highway and away from the trucks and that was a good choice. James hadn't recovered enough and got sick again the next day. The sun was hot, but we found a really nice cool camp ... Read more >


PANAMA | Wednesday, 13 Feb 2013 | Views [856]

We spent three nights at Kaspars, a pretty run down place, right by the Pacific at Las Lajas But the price was right and Kaspar,  as it turns out, is  not only from Germany, but from Berlin right out of "my neck of the woods" where I  ... Read more >

Las Lajas. January 22nd

PANAMA | Wednesday, 13 Feb 2013 | Views [637]

Before we reached our goal for the day on January 22rd: Las Lajas we slammed on our  brakes, took a U-turn on the way down the mountains because we sped by a road stand with ripe bananas. We hadn't seen ripe bananas, for, what is  it now?.... Read more >

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