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Routa 12 - 200km to Iguazu Falls.

Wednesday, 31 Jul 2019 | Views [586]

...and summer hast started! We are taking a day off - it is July 30th of 2019 - in a ..not too fancy...not too expensive...perfectly comfy and clean hotel.  We knew that big -one night - rain, thunder and lighting was approaching last night! ... Read more >

This cold and constant rain is getting to me!

Friday, 26 Jul 2019 | Views [517]

July the 25th La Cruz, Argentina on route 14 After riding ourselves soaked for three days we are giving up on the good weather for now and staying put in a little hotel here in La Cruz, Argentina on Route 14 north. The depressing, dark and dirty ... Read more >

More than half way.

Tuesday, 23 Jul 2019 | Views [500]

July 22nd Hot Springs! Yeah! Not only do we get to be clean, but also relaxed...floating around in these nice minerals must be doing something good for us, if not only for the soul..the mind...well, is there a difference? This is what I read on ... Read more >

Heading north from Buenos Aires.

Tuesday, 23 Jul 2019 | Views [484]

July 18th 2019 Next goal: Iguazu Waterfalls and hopefully into more warm weather. We are such sensitive creatures ....there is only a certain range where the temperatures are comfortable for humans and then there are also individual preferences.... Read more >

The Aduana Experience

Sunday, 14 Jul 2019 | Views [580] | Comments [1]

July 11th 2019   We sent our camping stoves from Florida to Buenos Aires ahead of our flight, because we wanted to make sure they get there! Reason why: Our camping stoves had been taken from us at the airport in Buenos Aires when we flew ... Read more >

Winter in Buenos Aires!

Thursday, 11 Jul 2019 | Views [468]

July 1st 2019 At the Miami airport: Smooth “sailing” with a few speed bumps, like having to wrap - and pay for - each peace of luggage (except the bike boxes) in blue nasty plastic, arguing with the nice woman at the ... Read more >

Photos: Argentina to Brazil

Thursday, 4 Jul 2019 | Photo Gallery

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The short way home...Buenos Aires -San Francisco (March 7th- arriving in Marin March 8th)

Monday, 17 Aug 2015 | Views [868]

San Francisco is the next destination. No need to bore you with the details, the delayed flight, the changes. Even leaving Marisa's house required some creativity and we wound up taking two cars since the taxi couldn't fit the bike boxes, the luggage ... Read more >

Buenos Aires 26th of February until the 7th of March.

Tuesday, 2 Sep 2014 | Views [1326]

Our last station in South America before heading home. We are staying with Marisa in her tiny little apartment and we got invited to dine with her family where we meet old and young mixed in harmony and respect. I learn a lot from these latino families.... Read more >

Off the bike for almost a week and then a 50 hour bus ride to Buenos Aires

Saturday, 12 Jul 2014 | Views [1268]

The time has come, the time is now....we are heading back north on a bus. There were moments in time when I was hurting on the bike. I looked longingly at one of those big touristy busses (or any bus for that matter), thinking how wonderful it would ... Read more >

the day after - few days at the end of the world.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014 | Views [1606]

The friendly/funny young men who carried our bikes to the basement last night were no where to be seen the next morning and the person behind the desk gave us a look like: "you are kidding me, right?" when we ask for help to get our bikes out of there.... Read more >

Tierra Del Fuego!!!!!! Can you believe it????

Saturday, 26 Apr 2014 | Views [1434]

(18th-22nd of February) With a strong Mt bike rim on the rear I felt confident again riding my heavy set Gurly through the next and last phase of this journey. We camped at the border to Chile..there is this tiny little "pizza pie" corner of Chile we ... Read more >

February 13th:The wall of fame - on our way to Rio Gallegos

Saturday, 26 Apr 2014 | Views [1906]

We met Sean from Wales who entertained us immensely with his dry humor underlined by his heavy accent. He was clearly a minimalist. With very little gear he was cycling - I think it was three month -around the southern parts of Chile and Argentina. He ... Read more >

El Chalten (10th-12th of February)

Saturday, 26 Apr 2014 | Views [2079]

Not just a resting place, but the beginning of pavement! Highly overpriced......Better: Everything is expensive, of course! How could it not be! We are at the chopped up coast of Chile - way down at the bottom. Far away from the world as we know it. ... Read more >

The trek back to Argentina on the way to Lago Desierto on February 9th

Saturday, 26 Apr 2014 | Views [2567]

Now off to the 7km single trek we heard so much about. You can never be fully prepared for what is to come, but - for me- it's good to inform myself as much as I can! I really don't quite get when people are afraid to see pictures of what is to come ... Read more >

Photos: back to Argentina

Sunday, 16 Mar 2014 | Photo Gallery

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Dear Journal!

Tuesday, 25 Feb 2014 | Views [1019]

Sorry I had no updates for a while. The C. Austral got so rough and I got reckless enough to bounce over those rocks in the road in such a fearless manner that my iPad got squeezed and turned itself on during riding. The keyboard punched in random numbers ... Read more >

On the road again, in the Andes again - from Argentina to Chile Christmas 2013

Saturday, 28 Dec 2013 | Views [1510]

What a powerful feeling to be back on the bike after 16 days- have I mentioned that before? POWERFUL! I imagine how it feels to ride a motorcycle - that big engine between your legs and the speed in your face, feeling the road, the world is yours... ... Read more >

Those strange moments...

Sunday, 22 Dec 2013 | Views [767]

when you read somebodies stories, live his moments too, which he wrote down way back in Peru. I was impressed by his style, his broken english.....but he kept writing -no worries to be correct. His stories drenched in emotions - deep reflections, addictive ... Read more >

Dec. 6th - Dec. 22nd - Long time Mendoza!

Sunday, 22 Dec 2013 | Views [2425]

Hanging here in Mendoza since Dec. 6th - happy Nikolaus Tach, everybody..... But now we already write the 15th of December. James has been in Kentucky USA since a few days and is expected to meet me back here on the 18th. He flew home- just in time-... Read more >

Sitting in the summer's heat in San Juan's hostel on Dec. 4th....

Wednesday, 11 Dec 2013 | Views [2002]

....drinking  water until I have to go pee...haven't peed much..maybe once a day, morning and evening after and before bed. Clearly dehydrating  riding a bicycle through the desert - seems unavoidable when you do...duh... Our last days ... Read more >

James, the dog whisperer.....in Chilecito.

Wednesday, 11 Dec 2013 | Views [1915]

In need for a couple of days rest in Chilecito. We only planned on one, but we had to stay an extra day, because a dog snatched James' shoe in the early morning hours of the first night. We heared him sniff around, but didn't think much of it until we ... Read more >

From Salta to Cafayate and then back into the desert for a while.

Friday, 29 Nov 2013 | Views [2267] | Comments [1]

  We had taken two full days off in Salta and felt rested and clean. The next days were easy, riding through a vast valley with vineyards and fancy farm houses until we hit another colorful mountain range: the "Quebrada de las Conchas" which ... Read more >

From Purmamarca to Salta (12th-18th of November)

Friday, 29 Nov 2013 | Views [1597]

We took a day off in Purmamarca - just laying in the grass, smelling the goodness of the earth ...doing and thinking nothing. The sky, the whole body expanding into the atmosphere, the breath: easy, the air gentle, soft, full of oxygen and LIFE. This ... Read more >

We climbed out of the Salar de Atacama

Monday, 18 Nov 2013 | Views [1015]

    .....it took us one whole day and part of the next after we spend the night camping right next to the road. Seems like in Chile and Argentina camping is safe enough. We are heading to Argentina, but nobody told us we would ride ... Read more >

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