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Florida Keys

Saturday, 6 Jul 2019 | Views [239] | Comments [1]

June 30th  Ok, really, we are going to leave the USA, I promise! The heat and humidity made us give up our plan to get to Cuba   - even though there is a travel ban for US citizens, but exceptions always underline the rules ... Read more >

Further South through the heat, humidity and the Everglades to Miami and an “almost happy ending”

Sunday, 30 Jun 2019 | Views [301]

  We left Sarasota and our dear friends Erika and Achim ...they rode us out of town for a while on the Legacy Trail to Venice:   Not too far down the road, when it was just James and I again for a few miles, one of us realized we left ... Read more >

Idling happily in Sarasota, FL

Monday, 10 Jun 2019 | Views [262] | Comments [2]

Sunday June 9th 2019 Easy living in the early summer in Sarasota, FL. Not much riding these days....perfect idle in the comfort of great friends and inspiration. Also amongst furry friends and thriving chameleons we ... Read more >

The Merry Month of Margit...

Monday, 27 May 2019 | Views [229]

...is here in Sarasota, FL   Celebrating my 60 years the whole year....getting more concentrated in May for the Merry month and then even more focused around the weekend of May 18th.  Working on my fotos and turning them into ... Read more >

Arriving at the last State in the States, Saturday, May 11th 2019

Saturday, 18 May 2019 | Views [227]

Florida! Land of the swamps, snakes and alligators, but also of the soft, warm air (at least in May...), the gentle rain, the extreme downpours, the thunderstorms, the lush, tropical greenery and the warm turquoise sea. During several of our ... Read more >

Did you know what Michael did?

Friday, 17 May 2019 | Views [216] | Comments [2]

May 4th 2019  ...in Panama Beach, Panama City, Mexico Beach, FL for miles and miles  around? Reaching 160mph winds? Riding our bicycles through these areas for 2-3 days left me in a state of shock...disbelieve! Seven ... Read more >

Pedaling east towards Mobile

Thursday, 16 May 2019 | Views [190]

..we finally left New Orleans on Monday the 22nd....still vibrating from the experience of the colorful, most musical city with the good wishes of the couple we learned to love.   We were buzzing/vibrating down the highway..... Read more >

Patterson, Kemper Williams Park, the Gulf Coast and into New Orleans!

Monday, 22 Apr 2019 | Views [269]

April 15th - 18th of April Patterson, Kemper Williams Park Peaceful!  A campground for $18. We never spend that much money to pitch our tent, but then, we were here because James felt poorly on that bumpy road what would not leave him ... Read more >


Saturday, 13 Apr 2019 | Views [244]

April 12th   Well, James and I decided to head south to the Gulf Coast and Margie continued on the Adventure Cycling Rout east and we parted ways after lunching together in Cedar Creek. I liked the “gang of three”, but ... Read more >

Life is happening to you, while you’r busy....

Thursday, 4 Apr 2019 | Views [262]

April 3rd. James and I flew back to Germany together - flight round trip out of Austin, so, we skipped the desert ride from Phoenix by renting a truck and driving to Austin to catch our flight to Germany. Our friend Margie decided to ride the 1000+ ... Read more >

Phoenix, AZ

Thursday, 4 Apr 2019 | Views [235]

Before the next story - here a summary of touring through California: https://vimeo.com/322536659   April 2nd, Austin, TX My last entry seems years ago and yet, it was only a couple of weeks... Our pedal strokes lead us through ... Read more >

Experiencing the desert - heading east

Sunday, 10 Mar 2019 | Views [223]

Tuesday, March 5th  Fast pace line from Palm Desert to Mecca and then we took a side road ( Box Canyon Rd) which turned out to be closed to traffic. Due to mud slides/flash floods, the road has practically disintegrated in places through this ... Read more >

Leaving the Pacific Coast.

Sunday, 10 Mar 2019 | Views [209]

In San Diego at a beautiful sunset I realize, that we are going to say good bye to the Pacific for a while, heading east..a bit north/east to visit James’ brother in La Quinta before riding due east out of one desert and into another. I am not ... Read more >

From the snow to the blooming desert of Anza Borrego

Sunday, 3 Mar 2019 | Views [234]

March 2nd in La Quinta.   In San Diego at a beautiful sunset I realize, that we are going to say good bye to the Pacific for a while, heading east..a bit north/east to visit James’ brother in La Quinta before riding due east out of ... Read more >

We are three, together and on the road.

Sunday, 24 Feb 2019 | Views [241] | Comments [1]

San Clemente, CA 2/23/2019 Three very different characters with the same passion for cycling, (but maybe even slightly different styles of cycling/touring). We have pretty much similar world views..... an architect, a social worker and a doctor.... Read more >

Big Sur Coast.

Sunday, 24 Feb 2019 | Views [181]

February 20th Sycamore Cove Canyon Campground 5 days of tailwind pretty much made up for the hard times we had entering Big Sur. The coast of Big Sur is amazing in any weather as long as you can keep cycling and not get blown off your bike by the ... Read more >

On the road again...

Friday, 15 Feb 2019 | Views [205]

Thursday February 14th   We had two days of Sunshine, going over Devil’s Slide through Santa Cruz to Monterey - up that steep Hill with the campground on top. Enough to feel secure again.......storm coming? What storm? Blue skies ... Read more >

Getting out of the bubble after 4 years of preparing

Friday, 15 Feb 2019 | Views [239]

Saturday February 9th First day “on the road again” Home sweet home didn’t let us go that easy! An AMAZING good bye gathering at the Java Hut in Fairfax so joyful and loving. I filled up my “tank” with all that ... Read more >

Photos: Africa bound

Friday, 15 Feb 2019 | Photo Gallery

Leaving home - riding down to San Diego and across the continent.
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Nope, I am not getting up today....

Monday, 9 Nov 2015 | Views [1108]

.......... don't want to! Nauseous, dizzy, achy and incapable - can't imagine being on the bike today!" It is 4 am and I am still horizontal, high above the Pacific ocean, deep in the forest, in the tent. We had left Petrolia a couple ... Read more >

Found on the Lost Coast of CA (October 10th)

Monday, 12 Oct 2015 | Views [1021]

A truly remote place close to home. One doesn't have to travel that far to learn and be amazed. After a heartfelt visit with family in Eureka and recovering for a couple of days while visiting, eating, cleaning ourselves, laundry and bicycle maintenance, ... Read more >

The Olympic Discovery and Adventure Trail (September 23rd)

Monday, 12 Oct 2015 | Views [980]

The adventure part of the trail is a 25 mile single track through some remote areas of forest on the northern part of the Olympic Peninsula.  Weather promised to be good and that is why we decided to go that way instead of due south. A bit ... Read more >

Photos: Back in the USA

Friday, 9 Oct 2015 | Photo Gallery

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The M/V Columbia (9/1-9/4 2015)

Monday, 7 Sep 2015 | Views [893]

"It's the simple things that matter" I heard about people say when they are on their death bed. Like watching how the leaves move when the snow falls on them.... I think, traveling the way we do brings the simple things to the foreground again. On the ... Read more >

Took a wrong turn in Albuquerque - or: A not so good day! (Thursday the 27th of August Haines Jct)

Monday, 7 Sep 2015 | Views [797]

All the locals tell us winter came early. It was summer just two weeks ago! Well, it's pretty obvious! Rain, snow, cold...August, Winter in Alaska!  We are now in Canada, the Yukon and we are in awe about the free camping facilities provided ... Read more >

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