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The First Cut Is The Deepest

USA | Tuesday, 16 June 2020 | Views [146]

Waiting for Connie to collect me

Waiting for Connie to collect me

IMHO, VERSED (PROPOFOL) IS ONE OF MEDICAL SCIENCE’S great inventions.  Often referred to as “milk of amnesia,” it not only relieves anxiety of surgery, it can erase the entire experience from ones mind.  Even post-op explanations are rendered irrelevant.  Thank goodness for digital photography and Connie.

Shoulder replacement surgery went well although it wasn’t exactly what I expected.  Seems my rotator cuff tendon was involved — not torn but a bit frayed.  I was released this morning and still have no pain.  The nerve block is amazing but my arm is still paralyzed although I can use my hand. I wonder if Bob Dole had this much trouble typing one-handed.  The Versed they used gave me post-op Dali-esque dreams during what little sleep I got.


       Bureaucartic Discharge

(Notice my new wardrobe — $6 at Walmart and other fine stores.  This is the first shirt with BUTTONS I have owned since 2011.  Everything else has been either short- or long-sleeve T-shirt.)


                 True Colors

After a consultation with Dr. Horan and the usual battery of CYA forms I was released from “vile durance” into Connie’s custody.  Feeling and mobility seem to be returning to my left arm but at the price of increased discomfort.  Determining the proper medication levels looks to be trial and error.  Even staying well below the recommended dosage is making me very spacey and you wouldn’t believe what a chore typing is.  Eventually I hope to find a balance between comfort and competence with comfort taking priority.  

After the last steroid injection from Dr. Horan, I developed a severe yet unexplained case of hiccups.  And here they are again.  Dr. Thompson, the cute anesthesiologist, mumbled something about the temporary effect on the Vagus nerve and I hope they go away quickly.   


        New Scars, Old Scars

Until then I will muddle on, “muddle” being the operative word, with doses of Valium and Percocet every six hours and leave the heavy lifting and all decisions in Connie’s very capable hands.

UPDATE 26 JUNE   Sling gone.  Staples removed.   PT begins on Tuesday.  Tylenol works just fine!








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