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In space, Thursday, 28 July

USA | Thursday, 28 Jul 2016 | Views [250]

We take off from USA on the Wednesday and land in Australia on the Friday, so we actually skip Thursday - how strange. Visited 9 different states - New York, Washington DC, Florida, Arizona, Nevada, California and briefly Virginia, Maryland and Georgia.... Read more >

Los Angeles, Wednesday, 27 July

USA | Wednesday, 27 Jul 2016 | Views [198]

Our last day 😥. Up early and all packed (and it all fitted & underweight). We headed off to Paramount studios and did the tour. As we were a group of 6 it was just us which was nice. Our guide J.J showed us round the lot and where things were being ... Read more >

Los Angeles, Tuesday, 26 July

USA | Tuesday, 26 Jul 2016 | Views [151]

 Second day on the HOHO bus but today we did more stops. Firstly we did the whole trip round central Los Angeles CBD. Then we went back on the city route and ended up at the markets which were an old world and full of food and curios. We treated ... Read more >

Los Angeles, Monday, 25 July

USA | Monday, 25 Jul 2016 | Views [182]

Had a ticket for the hop on hop off bus for two days so decided to do the far off bits first. So the red, yellow and green lines saw us through most of central Hollywood for a look, but also out to Santa Monica and Venice Beach. We got out and has a ... Read more >

Las Vegas, Sunday, 24 July

USA | Sunday, 24 Jul 2016 | Views [202]

Woke up late the next day and had a big breakfast (sort of missed tea). We then checked out and all headed in different directions either shopping, browsing, gambling and trying to stay out of the heat. We left for the airport about 3 and got into Los ... Read more >

Las Vegas, Saturday, 23 July

USA | Saturday, 23 Jul 2016 | Views [173]

Got up in the morning and headed to the pool. After that we went for wander down the strip. Las Vegas is quite amazing. Everything is over the top - even the temperature. Today was 45 degrees and as the week goes on its only getting hotter so good thing ... Read more >

Grand Canyon, Friday, 22 July

USA | Friday, 22 Jul 2016 | Views [243]

Up early to go on a fossil exploration with Luke the Park Ranger. It was lots of fun even for the not so sciency nerds. Ian & Brydie then went off to the geology museum, Hayley did some watercolour drawings and rest of us walked the South Rim track ... Read more >

Las Vegas, Thursday 21 July

USA | Thursday, 21 Jul 2016 | Views [249]

Pity we had to leave in the morning. Struggled out of bed and headed on our way to Hoover dam. It was an amazing structure and still had some of the original Art Deco style decoration. I even walked over it (very good for me as I don't like dam walls).... Read more >

Orlando, Wednesday 20 July

USA | Wednesday, 20 Jul 2016 | Views [207]

Today was a rest day as the last 5 days have been very busy with an average of 10 hours a day at our activity. It was also a 27 hour day due to time differences. Had a 3pm plane so we organised a late check out, a sleep in and a swim in the pool. Got ... Read more >

Orlando, Tuesday 19 July

USA | Tuesday, 19 Jul 2016 | Views [197]

Today it was Ian's turn to be the child in the lolly shop as we spent the day at the Kennedy Space Centre at Cape Canaveral. We had lunch with a real astronaut and he told us about some of his experiences in the space shuttle. His name is Jon McBride ... Read more >

Orlando, Monday 18 July

USA | Monday, 18 Jul 2016 | Views [131]

Happy birthday Asherah. Headed off in all different directions today with Mallory & Kerstin chasing rides in Magic Kindgom, Brydie & Hayley off for musical drama with Beauty & the Beast and Ariel in Hollywood Studios and Ian & I off to ... Read more >

Orlando, Sunday 17 July

USA | Sunday, 17 Jul 2016 | Views [158]

Started the next adventure at Disney World. Caught the monorail to Epcot and spent the morning exploring the 'worlds' there, sampling different cultures, including lunch in Mexico. The afternoon was spent in Hollywood world with very impressive Stormtroopers ... Read more >

Orlando, Saturday 16 July

USA | Saturday, 16 Jul 2016 | Views [177]

Back to Universal Studios and checked out much of the rest. Saw many rides and shows including Jurassic Park, Sinbad's voyages, Simpsons, Terminator, Skull Island, Looney tunes, Blues Brothers and many more. Personally I loved the Blues Brothers - they ... Read more >

Orlando, Friday 15 July

USA | Friday, 15 Jul 2016 | Views [243]

Happy birthday Pa. we hope you had a great day - we did! Apart from an early start the day was excellent. We went to Hogwarts and it was perfect - just as you would imagine. The girls got front of the line passes and had fun all over the park skipping ... Read more >

Miami, Thursday 14 July

USA | Thursday, 14 Jul 2016 | Views [141]

Had a lazy morning - I went for an early swim on the beach and was the only one in water as far as I could see, and very few on the beach. Left for Orlando and the trip took longer than expected - it appears the GPS is not the only dodgy directional ... Read more >

Miami, Wednesday 13 July

USA | Wednesday, 13 Jul 2016 | Views [256]

Started the day with a swim at the beach and then headed out to have a look at the area on the way to Key West. Due to issues with the GPS it was a longer trip than we anticipated and an adventure. Not quite what I envisaged as we did not get to go far ... Read more >

Miami, Tuesday 12 July

USA | Tuesday, 12 Jul 2016 | Views [242]

Happy Birthday Brydie Jane!! Started the day with a swim at the beach, then a relax at the motel pool. The temperature here is great but it's fairly humid, and I can't believe how warm the ocean is. This was followed by a complimentary breakfast on the ... Read more >

Washington, Monday 11 July

USA | Monday, 11 Jul 2016 | Views [184]

Got up early and headed for quick look at the Capitol from a distance and the Library of Congress which just makes you want to study there. Then we caught a shuttle to Baltimore and flight to Miami (via Atlanta). Long day travelling. Picked up a 7 seater ... Read more >

Washington, Sunday 10 July

USA | Sunday, 10 Jul 2016 | Views [186]

Kerstin met us and we headed off to the Smithsonian. Talk about enormous! We spent some time at both the Museum of Natural History and the Air & Space Museum. You would need a week to do them justice but we saw as much as we could before meeting ... Read more >

Washington, Saturday 9 July

USA | Saturday, 9 Jul 2016 | Views [193]

Started the day late. Kerstin and Dan came to us at about 11! It was great to see her again and she fitted back into the family as if she had never been missing. Dan was an informative tour guide for the day and took us to the White House and many of ... Read more >

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