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AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 10 June 2010 | Views [691] | Comments [1]

Please not the title of this update.  German.  (Not Germans)

Wwoofers are "Willing Workers On Organic Farms".  The idea is that backpackers come out to a station and do a small amount of work in return for their board and keep.  They get to see Australia and the employer gets some free labour.  As you can probably imagine all sorts of different people come out to stations as Wwoofres.  Some come because they are interested in seeing the outback and the famous massive stations on which we work.  Others come as part of a planned Wwoofing trip around the country and will spend a couple of weeks on a property before moving on and getting work somewhere else along the road. Others come because they have run out of money and are looking for an easy way to get free food and a room.

These last ones are the worst.  We have a German here at Jessievale at the moment.  He I think is in the latter bracket, but a little different.  He is happy to do the work and the long hours but I can't help thinking he is a free loader.  The other day I had to check some waters and asked him (while he wasn't able to come with me) to give the quarters a clean.  Sweep the floor, tidy the kitchen, wash up a couple of cups and a knife etc.  I went off to check the waters and when I came back, nothing looked to have changed.  I asked him what he had done and he told me. . . get ready for this.  He had wiped the draining board and put all the dirty things back on it.  It took him a F++++NG hour to wipe a draining board.

Yesterday I left Jessievale to go to Clio with Tom.  We left at 4am and loaded the last roadtrain at 9.15pm last night.  Quite a long day.  I had left our unnamed German friend the task of cleaning out the back of the truck - scraping up the poo and throwing it out of the back.  Not the best job, but certainly not the worst and not somthing that I haven't done myself.  Today we checked a bore and had a look at some cattle before driving back to Jessievale.  I arrived back at around 4.30, and fixed a motorbike tire.  Went into the quarters and asked the Greman if he had cleaned the truck.  "not yet"  He has had two days to do only this and hasn't done it.  He told me he was pissed off as he wasn't left any jobs and was board.  We left him just one job and he didn't do it.  He said he would do it on Sunday if we get a day off. hmmm work out the logic in that !!!!  

For anybody that reads this with a romantic idea of riding off into the sunset think again.  There are times like this, but there are also times when you have to do the shit jobs. like cleaning, washing cars, changing oil.  These are outweighed by the horse riding, the helicopter flights and the fun you have, but you have to take the rough with the smooth.  I am about to tell the German this.  You can't pick and choose the jobs.  You can't not do things because its not what you want.  I really didn't want to get up at 4am and work until 9pm but hey sometimes you just have too.

He also smells.  I have told him, Willy has told him, Mark has told him, Tom has told him, Mick has told him.  He still smells.





Hi Eddy
I think I can smell him from here!!! Can you remember the old boy who used to walk along the road - his name was Walter. He was a very wise old man and we used to enjoy listening to his stories. How ever after resting and chatting for a while he would continue with his walk but always his departing words were " workers and laikers don't mix" It is so very true and we often quote Walter and remember him fondly.
You sound to be very busy but as you say you can pick the good bits out of the job - enjoy the experience - and just let the bad bits float over you. We hope your next Wwoofer will have a little more idea and will be easier to live and work with.
We had a day in Scarborough yesterday - weather very grey and overcast but a good surf on the waves! The purpose of the trip was to visit the open air theatre in the park near Peasholme. It has been in a very rundown and untidy state for years but has now all been refurbished and given a face lift. If you can remember it is across the lake from the seating area and there are lots of ducks and swans swimming about. The seats (6500) have all been replaced and brand new areas created with decking and the stage -a permanent one - is very similar to the ones you see at Music Festivals. It looks very smart and the opening concert with Dame Kiri Te Kanawa & Jose Carreras in July I think. It is very impressive and was opened by Her Majesty the Queen on 20th May. Would like to visit and witness a production there sometime. It is the largest operating open air theatre in Europe so Scarborough should be very proud to have such a prestigious venue in their town.
William is doing very well indeed but has not really got into an established sleep pattern yet so Andy & Ms are a little tired but as we said - its early days and William will soon settle down.
Not much other news at the moment so I think I will attack some dusting and move some of the many spiders along the beams in The Barn!
Hope Charlie is OK and you take care.
With our love as always Mum & Dad

  Mum & Dad Jun 10, 2010 8:08 PM

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