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Cloncurry - but no curry :-(

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 23 April 2007 | Views [854] | Comments [5]

Hi all,

Back to work today in North West Queensland, in the hottest place in Oz.  Not nightlife hot, but temprature hot (53.1 Degrees) Cloncurry holds the record for the hottest day ever in OZ.  Today will be a more managable 35 degrees. 

If you find this place on a map, and head East on the main highway, you would find a place called McKinlay.  This is a place most if not all of you will have seen.

I'll give you a clue . . Walkabout Creek Hotel . . any ideas ?

McKinlay is the place where the scenes for Crocodile Dundee were set.  I will be visiting the pub at some point and will put the photos up for you to see. 

Not sure when I will have access to the internet again, as I am going to be camping out in the bush for the next few weeks.  I have my Swag (one man tent) and will update you when I get back into town.  Cloncurry is the first place I have been where there is no McDonalds which is a nice change.  There is also no Curry Shop, which I am more than a little disapointed about.  In fact the only place there is to get a meal (i think) is the Shell Roadhouse or the pub !

Be intouch again when I can.

All the best.


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Hi Eddy
Hope all is going well in Cloncurry. We are fine and gradually getting back into routine once again. We spent the day in Ilkley yesterday and had a lovely walk in the woods where the bluebells formed a thick carpet and were a delight to walk amongst. Makes a change from crunching around in the outback where every thing is so very dry! How are you getting along sleeping under the stars in your swag? You did say that you wanted to experience that. Hope the job is going well and that you are enjoying yourself. Went over to Kendal Gardens on Monday and helped to write the wedding invitations with Ms. They have all been posted now apart from yours ofcourse - you will be coming without a doubt! Everyone is very interested in our trip and eager to learn how you are.
We have lovely weather here at the moment and everywhere is fresh and green - a lovely time of the year.
Take good care Eddy and we look forward to hearing from you soon.
LOL Mum Dad & Wanda xxxxx

  Mum & Dad Apr 27, 2007 3:46 AM


R B calling for pint??????

  Rick May 1, 2007 9:14 PM


Hi Eddy
Seems a long time since we heard from you and we hope all is well in Conclurry.
We have had some wonderful weather since our return and have been out and about enjoying ourselves.On Tuesday this week we went up to Northallerton and had a look around the shops and then drove out to Saltburn to look at the North sea. Very often we see them surfing there but no-one was out on Tuesday. We had a nice walk along the beach and then out onto the pier, then drove down to Whitby which looked as nice as ever. We remarked that just two weeks prior we were where Captain Cook landed in Australia and at this time we were where he had set off from! It was very quiet in Whitby and we walked along the pier there and then went to The Magpie for fish & chips. Its renowned for producing good food and is always really busy with queues at most times of the day. However there were no queues so we were straight in and whilst the F&C were very nice we still think the Wetherby Whaler holds the record.
Yesterday I spent most of the day sorting the photographs out and put them onto disc. There were ever so many but I deleted quite a few and they are on five discs now.
Andy has a day off tomorrow (Friday 4/05/07) and is coming over to spend the day with us which will be nice. Then on Monday it is Bank Holiday. Shirley Charles Simon EmmaJ Andy and Ms are coming for a meal and we have also invited Mary F to come too. We are looking forward to seeing everyone again.
We have bought some bedding plants today and so phil will be busy sorting those out and doing the hanging baskets too.
I am making progress with the Dan Brown book - its very gripping isn't it? I will pass it on to Simon when I have finished it as I think he will enjoy it.
We think about you alot and wonder how the new stock yard is progressing? It will be nice to hear from you but I guess you do not have access to the internet in your swag!
Take good care Eddy LOL Mum Dad and Wanda xxxx

  Mum & Dad May 4, 2007 4:14 AM


Hi Ed,

Cheers for the text last night - glad to hear all's ok. I was out with Skel, Mel & Tim last night - went round to Skellys for a BBQ about 4ish - where there was plenty of Black Sheep Ale flowing(courtesy of Mel), then went up to his local to watch the rugby (its that Super League weekend in Cardiff). Then on the way back to his house we decided to play For Sale Sign Darts! Which resulted in Skelly nearly getting killed by a high speed flying For Sale board - thankfully he's ok and just has a minor graze to his elbow (I'll have to send you a pic - if Skel hasn't already). So by all accounts another very entertaining evening!!!

Anyway I'll have to go but take care mate & I'll speak soon.

LOL Andy & Em xx

  Andy & Em May 6, 2007 6:23 PM


Hi Ed

Hope you are well there in the wild 'down under' west and that all's going well!! I got your text thank you and by the sound of it, got the distinct impression that you were making serious dents into the XXXX factory!!

Looking forward seeing you some time when you over mate, give me a ring and lets meet up!

All the best Ed


  John Sim Aug 13, 2007 6:51 PM



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