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No more of them !

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 12 March 2008 | Views [429] | Comments [4]

Right, I'm not letting them put any more on the blog, . . .

Here's the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth almost.

Since Andy and Mel arrived, all they have done is whinge, It's too hot, it's too cold, the suns too bright, it's cloudy, it's going to rain, are we nearly there yet, what time do we have to get up, are you going to bed already, its only a rock, the sheets are too thin, I'm too hot in bed. I'm hungry, I'm thursty, what are we doing next, where are we again, I could have gone to Barnsley

My reply to all there constructive comments.  You are on your holidays - where else in the world could you drive in 40 degrees with blinding sunlight for seven hours everyday - They really don't know how lucky they are !!

Today we have arrived in Adelaide after an 8 hour journey and today for the first time we have had rain, really heavy for about 10 mins, then the sun came out again. 

Last night we where in Coober Pedy, which is an Opal mining town, and also the set of the Mad Max films.  We stayed in an underground backpackers which was a little like stopping in the cave.  I felt just like batman, and what with Mel putting a sheet around his neck, and wearing his undies over his pants, it made the experience even more special !!

Before that we were at Ayres Rock which was a wonderful experience, but I will put some photos on rather than try to write down what it is like !

Hope all is well in the wet and windy UK.  If we gat any more rain I'll let you know.



Hey Jude Andy & Mel
Sorry to have lumbered you with some whinging Poms Jude but it does give all of us a rest! I guess they will just have got used to things down under when it will be time for them to return to UK! Anyway, really good to hear you have reached Adelaide and we wish you all a very safe and pleasant onward journey along the Great Ocean Road to Melbourne. Look out for the Twelve Apostles - but there are not twelve as I understand some have collapsed into the sea. Another oddity - have you been sober enough to watch the water go down the plug hole?
We read up abit about Coober Pedy. Sounds an interesting stop off point We of course look forward to seeing pictures of all these places.
Now if you fancy a breath of fresh air Swales Moor or Farsides are the places to visit, they come highly recommended. Its been blowing a gale for most of the day.
Mel, the orchid which you bought for us is super and we are really enjoying it thank you.
Take good care. LOL to You All Mum & Dad

  Mum & Dad Mar 13, 2008 5:41 AM


If you want to substitute one of your winging travelling buds, my bags can be packed in 10minutes. If you want to exchange, please send Mel back as I don't fancy sharing a room with a guy who runs around in only a bed sheet cape and his boxers. I see he hasn't changed from when me and Mel went to the US, only then he didn't have a cape and the boxers were on his head. I slept in the bathroom most nights (Only room with a lock on the door).

Have fun and watch your back.


  Skelly Mar 13, 2008 6:05 AM


Andy, Eddy and Mel

Just ben catching up with all the blog entries, Been waiting for the return of the computer from Simon, which arrived today. Anybody would think it was his ! We will really have to purchase one.
You have certainly covered alot of miles, what a great experience. I should enjoy the heat, as Sue has said we have had some excellent weather over here while you can. Our one big exciting thing this week, besides work of course which beats a holiday anyday, was having to have a new T.V aerial seeing the wind kindly blew the old one down. Well we were due a new one, it was 4 years old!
Won't be quite as cold to go swimming as it was in Newquay, however we could offer you some excellent surf at the moment, you could just nip back to take advantage of it while it's here !
Look forward to seeing your pictures. Keep enjoying your holiday and the XXXX of course, you need plenty of liquid in a hot climate.

All the best, Take care
Charles and Shirley

  Charles & Shirley Mar 13, 2008 9:39 AM


Hey Jude Andy & Mel
I note with some interest the comment which Shirley and Charles made above advising you to take plenty of liquid on board! As you know I have always taken Charles's advise in this particular area very seriously, and have always found him to give good sensible advise and can only suggest you all do the same!
Glad to hear you were enjoying the Rugby - over the odd tinny or two and will now be looking forward to Sydney.
All is fine here. We are off to a Ruby Wedding Celebration tomorrow so am not sure if tinnies will quite be in order but we shall see.
Had a PC from J & C in New Zealand where they sounded to be enjoying themselves. Mary sends her love and Donald rang tonight to see how you all are. We keep texting Ms and she sounds to be keeping very busy and is looking forward to her girly weekend.
Keep on having fun.
Lots of love to you all
Mum & Dad xxx

  Mum & Dad Mar 15, 2008 8:07 AM

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