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Inca History

PERU | Thursday, 13 March 2008 | Views [996]

The Inca´s lived here in Peru.  They had built many cities including Cuzco, Machupicchu, Pisaq, Urabamba. Ollyantambo(something like that will fix that spelling later).  These were the major cities.

Cuzco was the centre of all the cities and the major city which the King of the Inca´s lived.  Machupicchu took 90 years to build and was considered the resort city for vacations of the noble families.

The famous Inca trail was actually built by the Inca´s as a fast ans safe way to quickly send messages, packages and for trade between the cities.  They were very quick messangers which would run for 3km then sound a horn for athe next messanger to be ready to receive the message and continue to run.

The amazing thing about the cities their locations, structure and beauty.  These cities were often high on the mountains to be able to see on coming enemies, have flat terraces surrounding the mountain to be able to plant vegetables.  The building itself where hand carved stone wot´rks which all inclined a bit to the centre, so to ensure that they would balance.

The stones of the city were large, EXACT measurements which the walls held the stones together without any morter or cement like products.  They held together simply by design.  It is interesting to note that during earthquakes these building remained in tact while the new Spanish buildings all collapsed.  The Incaçs knew how to build, eat and work.

The downfall of the Inca was when the last ´King died, he had 2 sons which weré in competion to be the next King.  Usually the King would announce who the next King was to be, however the King died before doing so.  Hence the 2 brothers split the kingdom apart.  One taking the South the other the North.

THe Spanish then landed in Peru and saw an opportunity for conquer as the Kingdom was divided.  The Spanish helped one brother defeat the other to take all the lands.  Then the Spanish killed the living brother taking Peru.

They only did not take Machupicchu this time.  The Inca closed the trails and Machupicchu was hidden for many years before being discovered again as the lost city of the Inca.

However local ledgend does not consider Machupicchu as the lost city.  They say the city was abandoned be the Inca.  They fled to the Amazon jungles to keep their civilzation and culture.  Away from the eyes of the Spanish.

The rest that remained intergrated with the Spanish and was in Spainish rule until San Martin and San Boliano liberated Peru and Bolivia from Spain.

Ever since there has been a secret agreement of trust between Peru and Bolivia.  Peru once spanned all the way south till Santiago Chile.  This was until CHile went to war with Peru and Bolivia when they were not ready.  Chile had better arms supplied by the Brithish and took Much of Peru.

Later Peru took back some of the lands, but much land ín the south remained with Chile.  TO this day there is an cold weariness between Peruvians and Chilians.

There are some natives that live in the Jungle but are not the Inca.  They may know the location of the lost city but are unwilling to tell the location to the locals now.  They say that although their skin is b´lack, their minds are white now and so the Lost city is not for them tó discover.

However one day in the future the lost hidden Inca will return to claim back the lands that are rightfully theirs.  When the time is right.

Western historians believe that the Incas died of diease from the SPanish or all died in the wars.  I hope one day to know the truth.  However seeing the cities they built and the trails they made.  With heir superior knowledge and courage I think they live on.

Ciao for now.

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