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Greece (Part IV) – Syros, Amorgos, Naxos, Mykonos, Delos and Kos – it’s time to hit the beach!

GREECE | Friday, 8 June 2012 | Views [759]

Destination – Greece (Part IV) – Syros, Amorgos, Naxos, Mykonos, Delos and Kos – it’s time to get brown and lazy!!!  (Don't forget to click on the links above for info on all the islands...)

Our first stop, after a 9 hour ferry trip, is the island of Syros already one the Cyclades Island group.  After checking in at the nice Diana Studios we explore the gorgeous island and have another lovely meal. Syros was once the old capital of Greece and it is also distinctive for being the only catholic island in Greece, a strongly orthodox country.

Well, at least half of the island is Catholic anyway.  We enjoy our short time in Syros and even plan to come back in the future. We get up and jump on another 3 hour ferry, clocking more boat time than a Greek sailor, this time to our beloved Naxos.  Our hearts jump with joy when we arrive on Naxos, one of our favourite places, where we spent two months exactly two summers ago.  It is impossible not to love it here.  When we get to the port it really feels like home when we see Nikos, our “landlord”.  He is so excited to see us it makes it hard for us to tell him we are off to Amorgos for a few days first, before we come back to Naxos “for good”.

And so we jump on yet another ferry, yeah I know, this time for four hours, to the island of Amorgos.  We have that instant feeling Amorgos is our kind of place.  Amorgos is famous for being where the movie “The Big Blue” was filmed and features the amazing monastery stuck to the side of a vertical cliff with amazingly blue clear waters hundreds of metres below.  Paul was here 20 years ago and always promised to bring me here.  And so, 19 years later, here we are, better late than never that’s for sure. After the usual assortment of accommodation being offered at the port, we end up checking in at the lovely “Pension Titika”, on the edge of the most amazing blue sea.  This island is just fabulous, all you would expect from a small Greek island and more.  It is so photogenic I’m starting to behave like a frantic Japanese tourist, taking 384 photos in one day (really), almost melting our little camera.  We spend a few days on Amorgos and of course, we rent a scooter to zip around the island.  At the end of our island tour we reach the conclusion that Amorgos is one of the most amazing places on earth.  I don’t remember ever seeing so much beauty in the same place and yeah, we got fabulous photos to prove it.  After a few days we start feeling a bit restless and we know it is Naxos time.

We take the “Skopelitos”, a small ferry servicing the small Cyclades islands, and in four hours we arrive back on Naxos. We get a very warm welcome from Nikos and Angela, our “landlords” at Stratos Studios and their lovely family, sweet.  We also go back to Maro’s, our favourite restaurant, and it is still the best “fun-value for money – buy one get one free wine – warm welcome back” place.  And their prices are the same as they were two years ago, awesome! Their servings are so huge, it’s not funny. We’ve learnt to order a ½ salad and one main between us and we still can’t finish it all.  We can see shock on people’s faces when they get their meal, that’s how big they are. Of course we go back, almost every night.  We rent a bike for a couple of days and zip around the island and though we have seen most of the sites, it’s all so nice we do it all over again.  We work hard on our suntan and allow ourselves to get happily brown and lazy. Obviously time, 5 weeks, flies and we are once again kicking and screaming having to say goodbye to Naxos, to Greece (and in a few more days)and to the EU.  But before our 90 days are up, we still need to check out Mykonos, Delos and Kos.

We take a 3 hour ferry ride to Mykonos and we are picked up at the port by a lady who takes us to a “studio very far, far away”, like 2 -3 kms uphill, not happy. She drops us off near town and we walk around looking for a place.  It’s all full as it is high season and it is Sunday. The Old Town is very beautiful, small winding alleyways (classic Greece).  Paul goes to a travel agency and gets us a room that sleeps four people. Nasty, expensive and noisy, definitely not how we roll.  We go out to eat and all the ATMs are out of cash, really, so we buy 2 gyros and a bottle of wine with whatever we have left, walk around a bit and go back to sleep.  Or so we think as besides the expected pumping music, there’s a group of very loud Italian guys and a couple of English chicks who thought they could score a free room and were not happy when they have to pay the “highest price” to their Greek landlord at the end of the night, smooth!! Oh, the joys of high season travelling!  Next morning, after finding another room at the Magas Hotel, cheaper and much nicer, we go back to the room to pack and decide to make as much noise as possible by talking loud, banging doors, etc, driving the Italian guys and the English bitches crazy.  What a feeling, mission accomplished!!

It is time for sightseeing.  The island is really beautiful and the sunset makes for the best people watching we’ve ever seen.  We also visit the island of Delos to see the amazing 1300BC archeological site.  On the way back the ocean is so choppy, a young Asian guy falls so sick he leaves the boat on an ambulance, after being carted off by two huge Greek sailors.  Ok, if the guy wasn’t straight and had with his wife and mother with him, you would think it was a Mykonos dream coming true. A young Asian man carried on the shoulders of two huge Greek Sailors… Yeah, Mykonos is the gayest place on earth and good looking, stylish, pumped up, shiny waxed guys make the island beautiful, happy and colourful for all of us. Anyway, it is ferry time again.  After another quick ferry ride to Syros and we take an overnight ferry to the island of Kos.  We check in at the Paritsa Hotel, will have to do as we are too tired and sleep deprived to keep looking. Kos is a nice place, similar to Rhodes but smaller and with an awful lot of young sun burnt tourists. The sightseeing however is great, including a crusader castle and lots of Greco-Roman ruins. After Athens, Piraeus, Mainland Greece, Thessaloniki and 11 islands, Kos is also the end of our wonderful “Greek odyssey”, what an amazing country.


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