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Playing Hard, Working Harder, Broken Nose

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 8 May 2008 | Views [935] | Comments [11]

Well, what a time I've had since I last updated this.  Plenty of work, mustering branding, mustering selling, mustering branding etc !!  Plenty of partying too.

Willy, one of the brothers I work with / for had a 21st a couple of weeks back and we wwere all invited to the party at the station up the road.  170ish guests were invited with the instruction, beer is free, bring your own spirits ...  I bought will a present and made the most of the free beer !!  1080 tins of beer were bought - I know because I had to unpack them all and load them into big tubs of ice.  The party started at 7pm and I made it until 5.30 am.  Others were there to 8am.  I was however back up at 9am and was given a telling off by the birthday boy for not drinking.  (he wasn't drinking however and I managed to limit myself throughout the day !

Last weekend was the Gregory Canoe Races and we made the journey North for this, 3.5 hrs north !  We went up on the Saturday and made camp, cooked tea (dinner) on the fire and had a few beeers before heading to the pub for a few more.  We were stopped by the police for drinking in public and told to get rid.  All but one of us tipped our beer away, but one of us (not me) thought get rid meant down in one.  15 seconds later he was given a $75 fine !!.  After the pub we retired to bed ready to see the big race.  It's a 43 (roughly 26 mile) race down the Gregory river with some serious and some really not very serious competitors.  We station ourselves just below the finish line in order to see the finish (makes sense really), and tooo down some beers to have while enjoying the sunshine.  We had a nice deep water hole to swim in and some shade to lay in too !!  What a perfect day.  The sunday evening was the rodeo and bull ride.  We went back to camp and had tea (dinner) and got ready for the night (by having a beer or two)  One of the guys we were with is a none drinkier and drove some of the guys up.  We wated back and walked up later to fing the car they had gone in pulled up by the police.  It turns out the the none drinker had taken the lads to the rodeo grounds and they had all gone in.  Unfortunatly, two of the guys needed monet and so drove the car to the cash machine at the pub.  The police pulled them up just as they left the pub.  The legal drink drive limit here is .05mg of alcahol per 100ml of blood (i think).  James blew .243mg/100ml.  He goes to court next week, but at least he didn't have to drive home !!  This week has been pretty quiet socially but still working long hours although it is getting colder.  This morning it was only 17 degrees at 6am and the top was only 32.  I have a cold.

Last week I was out riding / mustering and my horse fell over and rolled on top of me.  I realised I was bleeding, but couldn't work out where from.  I had bitten my tounge and thought I might have bitten through it.  It turns out I had busted my nose.  I think I have broken it, but having never broken it before I don't know what it feels like.  All I know is that it still hurts and when I blow my nose my teeth hurt !!

It was mothers day on Sunday, so happy mothers day mum xx

Martin, nice to hear from you and I agree with the good things about Oz.  Keep reading the blog - I am in the process of making a list of the things I hate, I'd love to know if you agree !

To everyone else, glad to hear the sun is finally shining back home and hope you have all enjoyed the summer.

Thats all my news for now but keep reading and sending comments to me.





It really sounds like you're missing HSBC, Eddy! You don't sound to be having any fun whatsoever (broken nose aside!).

Good to hear you're well matey.

No news from this side - work has started in ernest on our house - builders, electricians, plasterers, plumbers, landscape gardeners - you name it, we have them here at the moment. Thought after 3 years here (gulp!) we should get some more done on the house and we want it all finished by Christmas so here's hoping!

Had my car broken into tonight which was lovely - nothing stolen, they were just after my Satnav which was at home charging up so I only have a smashed window, but it's just a pain in the arse really!

Any idea when you're next on these shores? I'm in the chair if you're coming via Cockstop!

Keep in touch me ol' fruit. You carry on branding and I'll carry on banking!


  Andrew Atkinson May 14, 2008 9:08 AM


Hi Eddy
We were so sorry to hear of your mishap and the suspect broken nose - have you got two lovely black eyes too! You do sound to be very busy and we hope you are not too tired to take good care of yourself - do be really careful we don't want any more accidents.
Have you had any of the much needed rain yet? We are enjoying warm sunshine although it has come a little cooler these last few days. The countryside looks fantastic, bluebells abound and we are off up into The Dales tomorrow so looking forward to that.
Phil has started to paint the outside of the house and so it looks nice and fresh once again. There is always something to do to keep us busy.
We are hoping that Shirley & Charles are enjoying their holiday in Spain with Julie and Ray.
Do take good care Eddy and look forward still to hearing your exciting news.
With our love Mum & Dad xxxxx

  Mum & Dad May 15, 2008 4:42 AM


Hi Eddy
Great to chat with you and this is just a quicky to tell you there is an email message for you to read.
Will add more to this later. Looking forward to seeing some more photographs.
Take good care.
LOL Mum & Dad xxx

  Mum & Dad May 24, 2008 6:57 PM


Hello Eddy

Hope your nose is ok now, you have certainly had a busy time lately, just been catching up on your blog after our return from Spain. We went for the sun and had rain, rain and more rain. Thunder storms, hail stones you name it we had it. Oh and sunny intervals !
It was so cold on some evenings we were sat with towels around us as we hadn't taken any warm jumpers. On of the warmest places was in the car, it was a bit like taking a baby for a ride to get to them to sleep,
we went to warm up.
However, we have made the most of it and where we were staying was really green, due to the water, and quiet with some lovely walks. I was determined to go in the swimming pool which I managed come hail or rain everyday but 3. Even swam in the med twice, it was actually warmer in the sea than our pool.
Tiger seems to have survived the cattery although she was ill again on her return journey home in Emma's car unfortunately.
It is now back to the delights of work tomorrow, I can't wait !
We are putting your Birtday present in your account Eddy, so have a wonderful day and we are sure you will have a drink or two, will will raise a glass to you on the day.
Take care

Charles and Shirley

  charles and Shirley May 26, 2008 6:03 PM


Hello Eddy
Happy Birthday to you and many Happy Returns. Hope you have a really good time where ever you are and I am sure you may manage to find a bar somewhere out there in the outback. We will drink a toast to you that's for sure.
We had a good night last Wednesday on the occasion of EmmaJs Birthday. Simon arranged it all as a surprise and we all went along to the Aagrah in Garforth and ate far too much! It was a really good night and we were able to catch up with Shirley and Charles who look really well after their trip to Spain. It wasn't rust as they had applied anti corrosion cream which must have let the UV rays through! They sound to have had a good time and we look forward to seeing the photographs soon.
Andy & Ms are fine and seem to be very busy as usual. Scamp was up to her usual mischief - she is a real character
We had a couple of days over on the East Coast last week and had a good walk around the Ravenscar district and after a comfortable overnight stay we went on up to Whitby which looks just as nice as ever.
Phil is on the last window now and then that will see the outside of the house looking a little fresher.
Hope all is well in your neck of the woods and that you are keeping fit and well.
Take care Eddy.
With our love always Mum & Dad xxxx

  Mum & Dad May 31, 2008 12:46 AM


Hi mate,
Happy Birthday from me and Amanda.

  Skelly May 31, 2008 4:12 PM


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Cowboy - hope Quamby has stocked up ready for you!!! Have a good one and have one for me. All the best lots of love Andy & Em -x-x- Ps Im gonna send you an email shortly.

  Andy & Em May 31, 2008 6:18 PM


Happy Birthday to YOU! Having at long last caught up on the blog I can see it can't fail to be a good one! You seem to be enjoying it as much as ever, I'm really glad. Katie, Henry and Louise send their love too. Katie is working in the bomb dump and is an expert with the forklift, has to be shifting ammo etc! Doing well with her OU pschycology and training for the Dublin marathon in October. Louise in same company - her main client is Gallo Wines - she does gets loads of samples but has to work all hours so little time to drink it! Henry's life seems to be endless reading, essays and partying! he's finished now but staying up to study and get a job. Will see him in 3 weeks as I ferry him to the mudfest that is Glastonbury (they have just had terrible flooding down there!)Looks like I was in Spain same week as Charles and Shirley (hello to you both)about 1 1/2 hours by train from Barcelona, weather better than forecast but lots of rain too!
Take care Ed with lots of love Jane xx

  Jane Pearce Jun 1, 2008 12:10 AM


Hey Ed

Hope you have a great birthday (it'll probably be over by the time you get this - sorry!). Sounds like you're still having a great time :) Hope the nose and teeth are feeling better, I'm glad you've taken up riding though, best thing you'll ever do!
Take care
Love Em -x-x-

  Emma B Jun 1, 2008 12:39 AM


Happy birthday, Mrs D!

  Andrew Atkinson Jun 1, 2008 4:36 AM


Hello Eddy
Well you got plenty Birthday Greetings from the UK and so I hope you did have a great time where ever you were. All is well here and I am now looking forward to my reunion in Wales! Should be fun as always.
You will be pleased to hear that your nesting box is inhabited and there are about six fledglings in there. Mum & Dad are busy all day long feeding them - they sound so hungry! The garden looks great at the moment and with recent rain everything is growing really fast.
Mary is well and wishes to be remembered to you. I met up with Keith M the other day and he was asking about you and says you should not hurry home as he is not doing much baling this year. He is just the same as ever and such a laugh. Angela called yesterday and she sends her good wishes to you.
We had our eyes tested last week , mine show little change but Phil needs new specs so those have been ordered.
Do hope all is well down under and we look forward to hearing from you soon. Please look at your emails Eddy.
Take good care.
Lots of love Mum & Dad xxx

  Mum & Dad Jun 6, 2008 5:08 AM

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