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Not much going on

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 21 January 2008 | Views [688] | Comments [3]

Well I'm still looking after the station and went and checked the waters yesterday which involved me getting on the motorbike and riding around the station for a couple of hours making sure the troughs were full, the turkey nests were full and starting any pumps which need to be started.  Turkey nests are like lakes, but instead of being dug into the ground. they are built up from the groung so you don't need a pump to get the water going - gravity does that for you.  Thankfully all is well and the cows that I saw all looked pretty good.

The weather here on the station is really really hot at the moment.  Today we started at 7am and by 7.15 I was dripping with sweat.  At 12.30 we broke for lunch, and the temprature in the shade was 37.4 degrees C.  We had two hours for lunch and at 14.30 the temprature had risen to 38.2.  Any work we do tends to be pretty slow in heat like that !  Elsewhere in Queensland there has been some pretty widespread flooding with two thirds of the state in flood.  The dams in the southeast are all filling up nicely with one dam running over the spillway for the first time in 17 years !  Many places have been cut off and lots of stock have died.  Here on Jessievale in January so far we have had 50mm of rain and could really do with a little more.

I've managed to get lots of things booked for when Andy & Mel come over to see me in a month.  Will be doing a big tour around Queensland, Norther Territory, South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales and will see sights such as the Sydney Habour Bridge (We are climbing the bridge) The Whitsunday & Fraser Island, and loads of other things too.  I can't wait to do all these thing and I am really looking forward to seeing them both.  I know they are looking forward too it too.

Nice to see the Indians beat Australia at cricket the other day - stopped the ozzys getting a record 17th test without defeat  - I haven't stopped talking about this yet cos I usually get abuse every time the ozzys win anything.  And the Australian open is on at the moment too so there is sport everwhere !

Next weekend is Australia Day (26th January) which if you look back to this time last year tells you the history of this event.  It usually involves may Australians having a BBQ and a few (Lots) of beers and generally celebrating the history of the country.  I will probably be having a BBQ and a few (lots) of beers out here on teh station of in the Quamby.

I've also got a new camera and will be putting up some more pictures this week including my new idea of a day in my life so you can see what a typical day for me is.  It will invole taking a photo every hour or so from getting up to bedtime.  I've been thinking of doing it for a while, but not had the camera to do it.

Thats all my news for now.  I'm going to go and cook some tea - Probably beef and Eggs tonight.

Hope you are all well in the UK and enjoying your start to the new year.


Jessievale Station Manager

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Now then mate, all sounds like it's going well & you have managed to keep all the rustlers away from the ranch.

See nothing has changed with you (still having two hour lunches). I'm just having a couple of days off work, since me and Amanda have decided to rip the bathroom apart and re-tile / decorate.

Off around Leeds on Thursday night for a few beers and then to Akbars for a cuzza, which I can't wait for since one of my suppliers is paying.

I've bunged loads of music onto a memory stick for you, so you can update your Ipod. I'll give it Mel to pass onto you. Let us know if there is anything else you want putting on it.

Please, please, please can you start your "One hour photo" project one hour after you have got dressed. Don't want to see any soapy shower shots of "Little Ed in Oz".


  Skelly Jan 22, 2008 12:13 AM


Dear Station Manager
Good to hear from you again Eddy and glad to hear all is well. Just abit worried about the frog!
Well today has been absolutely awful here. Rain incessant rain which has created lots of problems up and down the county. Roads impassable, homes flooded yet again, schools closed etc. Leeds city centre has had its share of difficulties with transport chaos and people having really difficult journeys home. The Calder Valley has also been badly hit. So, your warmer climate sounds quite attractive but then it must not be very easy to work in those temperatures. Phil took the car in for service this morning and caught the bus home so had to just walk along Swales Moor. He looked like a drowned rat!
Anyway not much news at the moment and if you want to start One Hour Photo Session before you are dressed please feel free to do so as Skell will be busy tiling the bathroom but not the bathroom as you will be in!
Glad to hear your plans for Aj & Mel are coming along -it all sounds really good.
That is all for now. Take good care.
Lots of love Mum & Dad xxxx

  Mum & Dad Jan 22, 2008 8:18 AM


Yo Mr Bird! Hope you're well.

Glad to hear all is well - do you get a pay rise to go with your grand title?!?

Been flying around the country just lately, stacked out with work. Was up in Huddersfield earlier this week - met up with Micklethwaite - and con honestly say I don't think I've ever seen so much water on the roads! Just amazing.

I've started helicopter lessons again from my local place in Cockstop - learning in an R22 so I hope I don't end up like the one on the ranch!

Take care mate - keep in touch and keep the photos coming!


  Andrew Jan 26, 2008 6:24 AM

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