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Czech Republic

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You Ever Travel by Bus Before?-Your Moods Probably Not Gonna Improve Much

Saturday, 1 Aug 2015 | Views [459]

  The above quote is from "Planes Trains and Automobiles" and applies to the bus ride from Prague to Krakow.   If you remember some of the other bus rides I have taken, they we're with a line called "Student Agency"-the JetBlue of ... Read more >

Tags: czech republic, poland

Plain Ol Prague

Friday, 31 Jul 2015 | Views [571]

  Yesterday was my final day in Prague. And to tell you the truth I am glad to leave. Prior to coming here, Prague was the "Talk of the town" in hostels-for three reasons:   (1) it's beautiful (2) It's cheap (3) It's fun  ... Read more >

No Free Lunch At Kutna Hora

Friday, 31 Jul 2015 | Views [396]

Yesterday I took the train went on a tour of Kutna Hora-which is a town about an hour away from Prague.  I was in a compartment with 7 others people and 2 dogs. It was hot and crowded. Along the way, Michael, the tour guide, started taking ... Read more >

Synagogue, Lennon Wall and Pub Crawl

Thursday, 30 Jul 2015 | Views [413]

Yesterday was technically my last day in Prague.  Although I am staying in Prague again tonight, I am taking a trip today to the town of Kutna Hora, which has a chapel made of bones and other interesting stuff. Some folks I was talking to at ... Read more >

Tags: prague

Park In Prague

Wednesday, 29 Jul 2015 | Views [549]

I would love to say yesterday was an exciting day but it wasn't.   I started the day having breakfast here at the hostel of the granola cereal with strawberries. The wifi-which is usually sort of mediocre, was even worse here the hostel yesterday, ... Read more >

Single Serve Friends

Tuesday, 28 Jul 2015 | Views [524]

Yesterday, while waiting for the excursion to the Terezin Concentration Camp to start, I was talking to some ladies from Sweeden who we're also going  on the excursion. I mentioned that I was staying at largely at hostels. She mentioned that hostels ... Read more >

Tags: friends

Goin to Terezin

Tuesday, 28 Jul 2015 | Views [528]

  Yesterday I got up relatively early for an excursion out of town to the Terezin Concentration Camp, hence the title.     I wasn't planning on going to a concentration camp here, since I am planning on going to Auschwitz ... Read more >

Tags: pra

Cabbage in the morn, Sushi at Night.

Monday, 27 Jul 2015 | Views [490]

Yesterday, the day started early, as my roommates woke me up, and the worst part about it was this is the hostel stereotype I was that I worried about when I started staying at hostels.  I pictured older people like myself trying to get some sleep, ... Read more >

Tags: prague

Prague Slow Going

Sunday, 26 Jul 2015 | Views [484]

Yesterday I had trouble waking up for two reasons (a) It was raining outside (b) It was the first day that I had to remove the bandage, gauze, etc, and put new bandage gauze on-and also pour some liquid in the bathtub to soak my toe ... Read more >

Being Toed in Prauge

Saturday, 25 Jul 2015 | Views [508]

Yesterday morning, the first thing I did was look for a medical center to treat my toe. My toe has been hurting, as a part of my toenail came off. It  has been keeping me up all night. It may have been due to all of the walking I have done, ... Read more >

Tags: czech republic, prauge, walking tours



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