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Worldtrip a 45 year old's adventures around the world-which include everything from sitting in random McDonalds using his notebook, hanging with 22 year olds, and other immature stuff.

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I wasn't supposed to want to travel the world.  I worked during high school from the day I turned 16 until the day before I went to college. In college, I majored in business-I figured I would take over the world with my business acumen.  I didn't want to travel though. International travel seemed boring. I remember my grandparent's pictures of travel through Europe, it seemed old, nothing like just going to Florida which was nice, warm, modern, etcI became a stockbroker/financial advisor, of which i was in the profession for 10 years, and eventually moved to nice, warm modern Florida.  It was when my friend invited me on a singles cruise that the travel bug was lit, although in a very indirect way. The cruise went to Nassau, Bahamas, which is sort of a passee destination. I found i liked cruising.  I went on another singles cruise, and went on to date a woman who worked for a major cruise line. Cruising seemed a lot more fun then financial advice, so I worked at selling cruises. 

What started as cruising to the Bahamas became crusing to the Eastern Caribbean. The Eastern Caribbean evolved into cruising to Europe. Cruising to Europe evolved into land pacakages to Israel, India, and other places.

Finally I decided to strike off and take an extended 6 month time to travel. Seeing, smelling and tasting new places has always given me the greatest joy in my 1-2 week vacations. New places, new people, different lifestyles, etc.

Now I will see if I can keep my underwear and socks clean for 6 months, and see places in an unhurried manner, so I don't have to rush to hop on the bus. I will find places to stay on the go, and keep going. I might be crying for my mommy after 2 weeks and come home with my tail between my leg. But I will be 45 years old, and the window is closing.

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