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Worldtrip a 45 year old's adventures around the world-which include everything from sitting in random McDonalds using his notebook, hanging with 22 year olds, and other immature stuff.

Trip: Colombia Quickie

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SINGAPORE | Sunday, 4 Feb 2018 | Views [649]

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Graduation Cruise Day 2

BAHAMAS | Wednesday, 6 Dec 2017 | Views [709]

The second day of the cruise hit the port of Princess Cay, which is on the island of Eluthera in the Bahamas.  I was doing an shore excursion which took us to some spots on the island. After breakfast of many pieces of salmon and whitfish on ... Read more >

My Graduation Cruise-Day One

USA | Monday, 4 Dec 2017 | Views [876]

Yesterday, I left my house and made the approxiamately 20 minute drive to remote parking to take my graduation cruise. What is a graduation cruise?  On my training to become a travel agent, I had to take courses on all of the major cruise lines, ... Read more >

That's all...For now

USA | Monday, 16 Oct 2017 | Views [689]

Last night, I came home from Colombia.  I have never been to South America, and going through customs in the US, after only  a 3 1/2 hour flight is unusual as, didn't feel overly tired and filthy, as is the norm flying from Europe and Asia, ... Read more >

Final Day-The Pablo Escobar Tour

COLOMBIA | Sunday, 15 Oct 2017 | Views [807]

Yesterday, I woke up nice and early for the Pablo Escobar tour picking me up at the hostel. The tour was supposed to stop by at 8 but ended up picking me up at 8:40.  I awoke early-because I always get up early. I didn't have breakfast either, because ... Read more >

Another Day

COLOMBIA | Sunday, 15 Oct 2017 | Views [768]

Yesterday, I woke up and was out closer to 8:00. Because of the pub crawl the night before I had a problem waking up, so I awoke later. Today I had a barrio transformation tour scheduled for 02:00 pm. The plan before then was to maybe take the cable ... Read more >

Real First Day in Medillin

COLOMBIA | Friday, 13 Oct 2017 | Views [744]

e I crashed around 10:30 last night-I awoke really early. I was showered and ready to goat 6:30 am-not that I knew where I was going. All I knew is I had (A) 2:19 walking tour of Medillin scheduled, and (B) a pub  crawl later on. So at that obscenely ... Read more >

Off to Columbia

USA | Wednesday, 11 Oct 2017 | Views [800]

I sort of would like to take an extended period of time off to travel again. But that isn't in the cards. The best i can do is mini trips to somewhat exotic places. Now I am going to Medellin, Columbia for 4 days. Why here? For years, folks have ... Read more >