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Dutch ladies save the day!

CHINA | Thursday, 25 September 2008 | Views [1035]

Leaving Jiu Zhai Gou we had a 6.20am bus ride back to Cheng Du (the only bus of the day)... All went to plan as we woke up early and took a 6RMB taxi ride to the bus station...

As we arrived 'just on time' we breatbed a sigh of relief as we saw the passengers had not yet boarded the bus... Our relief was short lived as we were told that the bus was cancelled sue to bad weather.

"What bad weather?" was our shocked response as we had gorgeous blue skies the last fwe days.

The road back to Cheng Du was closed however as the heavy rains had caused much landslide damaged to the roads the last few days. Then we were told that there MIGHT be a bus in 4 days time IF the weather got better and stayed better. They refunded us the money.

Asking around there was no taxi or mini bus also willing to go.  So that was out of the question.  We started talking to some Dutch ladies also going back to Cheng Du as we discussed then our other options.

Very quick we found that the only way out was to fly out.  Problem was that the flights cost 700RMB each person while Briel and I only had enough money for 1 planme ticket.  Next problem - We did not bring our credit card with us to withdraw money.  Problem 3 - we had a train ticket to Xi'an which we would lose.  Problem 4 - our visa is running out of days, we cannot be stuck in the mountains!!!

We would be stuck there in the villiage for who knows how long running out of cash quick.  We were in trouble.

However lucky we had a nice chemistry happening with the 2 Dutch ladies.  Maybe it was because we were in similar distress or maybe it was that we had lived in Amsterdam for 5-6 years.  What ever the reason, without hesitation they overheard our problem and solved it.  They gave us 700RMB to for the second flight ticket.  WOW and THANKS!

We rushed then by taxi to the airport.  There was a flight at 8.45am.  We made it to the flight but no time to check in luggage.  No problem we all had small backpacks.

However all of us had items taken away like gift bottles of alcohol and our letterman knives....  We were sad and disappointed.

However our relief at our luck that the girls had saved our asses and helped us back to Cheng Du made us smile in thanks.  Someone is looking out for us.  Phew...

Back in Cheng Du we met up with Sona and Karin for beers, the spiciest Hot Pot ever and some fun.  It was Sona's birthday! 

Thanks ladies for your help!  If it weren't for you we would be stuck now!

We met with a French couple who we met on the bus TO the national park.  They tried to leave on the bus the day before back to Cheng Du.  Their bus did leave to try - but they had to get out and climb over dangerous landslides to cross the roads.  The had to trek part of the way and had to stay overnight in small villiages where foriegn tourists were NOT allowed to stay.  It took them hours to find someone willing to take them in.  I saw their pictures and the landslides were a BIG problem and scarey to cross.  I am happy that they made it back safe as we had thought of them.

Anyway ciao for now!

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