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On the Loose So, Here I go!! I will add updates frequently with pic's so you can all live vicariously through me!! and join me whenever possible- Love and Peace to you all, I will miss you, hoping to be back soon with a whole new life!!

Trip: fall in europe

There are [40] stories from my trip: fall in europe

Luzern, Switzerland

SWITZERLAND | Friday, 9 Nov 2007 | Views [501]

Got up early today and headed out to explore Luzern/lucerne depending on the language.. It is freezing and gray and foggy, so again I am unable to see any of the beautiful mountains I know surround me.  The market is going on this morning all along the ... Read more >

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Interlaken, Switzerland

SWITZERLAND | Friday, 9 Nov 2007 | Views [443]

Interlaken Well I think I have decided I want to live in Spiez, Switzerland.  It is a terrible day today and it is still outrageously beautiful! It sits on Lake Brienz with gorgeous blue waters and mountains sloping down to the lake filled with houses.... Read more >

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Chamonix, France

FRANCE | Thursday, 8 Nov 2007 | Views [400] | Comments [1]

Wow! well I am feeling more like home now...mountains and forests and snow peaked mountains. But......the train and the highways here go in some CRAZY places!!!At the moment I am perched high on the side of the mountain looking so far down below and ... Read more >

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train to Chamonix

FRANCE | Thursday, 8 Nov 2007 | Views [625]

I left Nice this morning at 7am.  The ride along the coast for the sunrise was incredible!  The sun looked like a huge ball of molton rising out of the sea, it appeared to be spread out over the surface and then slowing becoming a ball of glowing red, ... Read more >

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Gallery: monaco

MONACO | Wednesday, 7 Nov 2007 | Photo Gallery

monte carlo
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cheap hotel, expensive dinner

FRANCE | Wednesday, 7 Nov 2007 | Views [347]

Found out this am I could not leave for Chamonix until tomorrow so I went to the tourisma to find a cheap hotel...Found Compte Hotel Nice 35 euros,ok so train is 7am how bad can- it be... better than my 110 euros talked down to 70 euros with breakfast ... Read more >

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Villefranche,cap ferrat, beaulieau de sur, d'Atil

FRANCE | Wednesday, 7 Nov 2007 | Views [302]

Samll gorgeous towns along the Mediterranean coast from Monte Carlo to Nice, the were so desserted this time of year, was able to wander lonley beaches and see seaside cafe's, it was so tranquil and beautiful. In Villefranche I watched the sun go ... Read more >

Tags: Beaches & sunshine

Monte Carlo

MONACO | Wednesday, 7 Nov 2007 | Views [385]

Monaco is amazing! I love it here!!! As you walk out of the train station you are greeted with a long winding path down through walls of gardens as high up as you can see, the city of Monte Carlo at every angle as you look up, and as you look infront ... Read more >

Tags: Beaches & sunshine

Cote D'Azur

FRANCE | Tuesday, 6 Nov 2007 | Views [304]

Thought I would spend the am in Marseilles, did not expect such a huge city, very industrial, large port, and not so intriguing-so I hopped back on the train The trip along the coast was beautiful, there were vineyards on either side as far as the eye ... Read more >

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FRANCE | Monday, 5 Nov 2007 | Views [313]

Back in Avignon to see the city...Did the foot tour and walked for 4 hours, had no idea where I was alot of the time, guess I wouldn't know if I was in a seedy part of town or not so didn't really care. The main square de L'horonge leads out to palace ... Read more >

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FRANCE | Monday, 5 Nov 2007 | Views [431]

Leaving Arles this morning but need to write about my dinner at L'Escaladou last night! Started with Lauzade Cotes de Provence local wine 1/2 bottle, so cute you can buy half bottles! 1st course was Le gratin de moules aux epinards which was this ... Read more >

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Gallery: arles france

FRANCE | Sunday, 4 Nov 2007 | Photo Gallery

theatre.arena.st trophime
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le mistral en France

FRANCE | Sunday, 4 Nov 2007 | Views [458]

bonjour...since this is my journal I intend to look back on for tips and info, I forgot to add that in Barcelona I would not recommend the H10 Marina Barcelona, nice enough but expensive and not much charm and mediocre beds. Oh and my friends from ... Read more >

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Gallery: barcelona

SPAIN | Sunday, 4 Nov 2007 | Photo Gallery

round the town
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Arles France

FRANCE | Saturday, 3 Nov 2007 | Views [356]

Rough morning...Guillermo's must have worse,he had to hop a plane this am for his vacation in Morocco! Made it to the train and a quick trip over with an education from a retired professor and his wife from California doing the same as me and just ... Read more >

Tags: Food & eating

Avignon to Arles

FRANCE | Saturday, 3 Nov 2007 | Views [355]

Well this morning was a bit painful...was a wee bit shakey but managed to get up and get the train to Arles. Beautiful day for a train ride,the countryside is beautiful, vineyards and colors of fall. Hills and bright sunshine,the trip goes by way ... Read more >

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beautiful Barcelona

SPAIN | Thursday, 1 Nov 2007 | Views [647] | Comments [1]

I am startled awake by the phone ringing.."hola" front desk wants to know what time I am checking out-ok what time is check out? noon-ok Ill leave at 11, it's 12:20 miss....nooooooo, I was trying to reset my clock...went to bed at 4am this ... Read more >

Tags: Sightseeing

train travelin

BELGIUM | Tuesday, 30 Oct 2007 | Views [364]

Brussels, Belgium a little meal on the train with a bottle of chilean wine! is that not strange.

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NETHERLANDS | Tuesday, 30 Oct 2007 | Views [361]

touchdown...Schipol Airport

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Gallery: Lake Ozonia

USA | Saturday, 20 Oct 2007 | Photo Gallery

Lake Ozonia Camp
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