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On the Loose So, Here I go!! I will add updates frequently with pic's so you can all live vicariously through me!! and join me whenever possible- Love and Peace to you all, I will miss you, hoping to be back soon with a whole new life!!


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Anse Marron

SEYCHELLES | Thursday, 13 Dec 2007 | Views [1417]

dec 13 This morning Andy called for me...He was out at ile cocos but wants me to meet him at source D'Argent at 12 or 12:30 and we will go to Anse Marron. So I head that way and find Sylvan selling necklaces and stuff he has made from shells and nuts ... Read more >

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Tarangire Lodge to Ilbouro Lodge

TANZANIA | Tuesday, 27 Nov 2007 | Views [616]

Slept so well last night with the sounds of the wild lulling me to sleep, The security guard Mumbabi kept watch all night and guarded our tents from animals, I could hear him walking by every so often.  It is so still and peaceful here.  Awoke to a gorgeous ... Read more >

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Safari day 4 Tarangire

TANZANIA | Monday, 26 Nov 2007 | Views [556]

day 4 Left Sopa Lodge after breakfast and a gorgeous morning overlooking the crater!!  Today we head out of Ngorogoro National Park and on to Tarangire National Park.  The ride back tracks a bit so I am able to catch a brief nap.  We stop for our box ... Read more >

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Safarri Day 3 Ngorogoro

TANZANIA | Sunday, 25 Nov 2007 | Views [860]

day 3 elephant 2 lion prides crowned crane cheetah elusive black rhino endangered only 17 in park wildebeest cape buffalo maasai giraffe several lazy and bloody hyenas agreesive black kite's cherval cat jackals both kinds hippopotamus ostrich zebras ... Read more >

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Vernazza Cinque Terre

ITALY | Thursday, 15 Nov 2007 | Views [770]

Vernazza, Italy the 3rd city in the Cinque Terre, right on the ocean and very old. Luca, one of the locals here got me a room, he thought the guy I was looking for was to expensive, I think he just wanted to rent out a friends room!! I said I was ... Read more >

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Lake Como and Milan

ITALY | Tuesday, 13 Nov 2007 | Views [506]

Como and Milan Hopped the train from Lugano on a gorgeous fall morning and headed over to Como for a walk around the lake.  As you will see from the pictures it was gorgeous!!  Loved just cruisin around ...left my bags at the train station and just  went ... Read more >

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Lugano Switzerland

SWITZERLAND | Monday, 12 Nov 2007 | Views [558]

Lugano So it is Switzerland, but so Italy.  It is a beautiful city and I love hearing Italian!! I am eating at a nice restaurant and just had spinach and ricaotta ravioli, they were suppose to be cooked in butter and oil, I asked for fresh tomato sauce, ... Read more >

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Luzern, Switzerland

SWITZERLAND | Friday, 9 Nov 2007 | Views [527]

Got up early today and headed out to explore Luzern/lucerne depending on the language.. It is freezing and gray and foggy, so again I am unable to see any of the beautiful mountains I know surround me.  The market is going on this morning all along the ... Read more >

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Interlaken, Switzerland

SWITZERLAND | Friday, 9 Nov 2007 | Views [466]

Interlaken Well I think I have decided I want to live in Spiez, Switzerland.  It is a terrible day today and it is still outrageously beautiful! It sits on Lake Brienz with gorgeous blue waters and mountains sloping down to the lake filled with houses.... Read more >

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Chamonix, France

FRANCE | Thursday, 8 Nov 2007 | Views [420] | Comments [1]

Wow! well I am feeling more like home now...mountains and forests and snow peaked mountains. But......the train and the highways here go in some CRAZY places!!!At the moment I am perched high on the side of the mountain looking so far down below and ... Read more >

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FRANCE | Monday, 5 Nov 2007 | Views [332]

Back in Avignon to see the city...Did the foot tour and walked for 4 hours, had no idea where I was alot of the time, guess I wouldn't know if I was in a seedy part of town or not so didn't really care. The main square de L'horonge leads out to palace ... Read more >

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Avignon to Arles

FRANCE | Saturday, 3 Nov 2007 | Views [375]

Well this morning was a bit painful...was a wee bit shakey but managed to get up and get the train to Arles. Beautiful day for a train ride,the countryside is beautiful, vineyards and colors of fall. Hills and bright sunshine,the trip goes by way ... Read more >

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day 9

CANADA | Tuesday, 11 Sep 2007 | Views [384]

Got up today and did not have to find a hotel-yay now what do I do with all my free time!! ha Drove back into Toronto to find Yorkville! and today I actually consulted a map before the trip, learned that is probably a great time and leg saving idea ... Read more >

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day 8

USA | Monday, 10 Sep 2007 | Views [326]

Exploring Toronto day!!! slept in and started day finding out Mom and Dad will be coming to Toronto to join me for my Tuesday night at the Forum, boy being unreasonable works like they said it was gonna!!! so spent the morning trying to find a place ... Read more >

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