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On the Loose So, Here I go!! I will add updates frequently with pic's so you can all live vicariously through me!! and join me whenever possible- Love and Peace to you all, I will miss you, hoping to be back soon with a whole new life!!

Tarangire Lodge to Ilbouro Lodge

TANZANIA | Tuesday, 27 November 2007 | Views [525]

Slept so well last night with the sounds of the wild lulling me to sleep, The security guard Mumbabi kept watch all night and guarded our tents from animals, I could hear him walking by every so often.  It is so still and peaceful here.  Awoke to a gorgeous view of the sunrise from my bed and was drawn outside to see more.  It was a gorgeous morning starting over the Tarangire,the reds,pinks and oranges were amazing and all I could do was stare as the huge red ball rose thru the low clouds.  I climbed back into my bed and istened to the birds singing,so many birds,so many songs.

We head out at 8am this morning on our last game drive, I am sitting in a big fluffy chair with a full belly from a nice breakfast overlooking the Tarangire Park and all the animals traveling below. Twende.

The morning gme drive was uneventful in that we did not see a leopard or any cats, but we still saw plenty and had fun..altho I did get bit for a second time by a Tse Tse fly, now I waiting to get sleeping sickness...kidding , but I will say those suckers hurt feels like a bee sting!!

We got to see alot of Vervet monkey's with blue balls!!! yes that is right glowing bright blue balls, you have to looka few times!! We also saw more lazy, filthy, hyenas just lying in the river.  They are pigs!!  We witnessed a pair with a kill and they were just covered in blood and drewling.....and then later at Ngorogoro crater they were laying in puddles in the middle of the road, we found a whole pack of them just lounging in holes and puddles by the side of the road, all filthy and barley moving...we thought they were dead!!  Crazy, wild and mangy hyenas.

We got back to the lodge after the drive and while walking back to the tent saw a monkey and a herd of elephants bathing,also some baboons crossing the river and a bunch of Impala grazing.  Took a shower with solar heated water in my outdoor shower, it was fabulous and then headed up to the lodge for lunch.

We hit the road after a wonderful greek meal and headed for arusha, saw a few monkeys,some wildebeest and a mom giraffe with small baby on the way out of the park.  The drive to Arusha was about 2 hours full of Maasai villages,cow herds,goat herds and donkeys with the Maasai men tending the flocks.  They spend their days in the fields with the flocks of animals, carrying a stick/club and a spear with the traditional robes, they are a beautiful and nomadic people.  Their villages are round huts with thatched roofs that form a circle around a center where they keep their herds at night to protect them.  They travel all over the lands, they are banned from Serengheti Naptional Park but they are all over Ngorogoro.

We got to see the tuesday market with thousands of Maasai bringing food and cattle and goats to sell,arrived in Arusha and drove around the very bustling town, very crowded and active, but still rural...some of the roads off the main street were worse than the one's in the middle of the serengeti.  The technology is still catching up a bit, it's funny to see the old credit card swiper things that imprint the card, and all book keeping is written out and kept in ledgers.  Tops on soda's a the pull tabs and bottleopeners are required.  The road to our lodge for the next 3 nghts looked like something you might imagine in a movie...it was one dirt lane, very bumpy,with shacks lining the street,wild dogs laying in the dirt on the sides of the road,vegetable stands everyother house and people just hanging out,our hotel is a little oasis at the end of the road and the foot of Mt Meru.  It is a park like setting with beautiful flowers,trees and bushes and a huge swimming pool,and our first mosquito nets...I am sure because also the first place with no screens.  Did have to have Marcia dispose of a very large leech under the mirror in the bathroom..about the size of a finger!!!!  So even in the nice places it is still africa and there are still wierd and nasty bugs, like the millipeade at dinner lastnight!!!

Well I am off to bed as we have to be ready at 7:30 tomorrow..later

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