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On the Loose So, Here I go!! I will add updates frequently with pic's so you can all live vicariously through me!! and join me whenever possible- Love and Peace to you all, I will miss you, hoping to be back soon with a whole new life!!

Selian Hospital/Ebenezer School Arusha

TANZANIA | Wednesday, 28 November 2007 | Views [1383]

Today we got up and drove to the Selian Hospital in Arusha. On the way there along the road Chui stopped and said we were going to give someone a ride, it turned out to be Paulina the Hospice administrator at the hospital who would be showing us around. We arrived at the hospital and hurried to the chapel for morning prayer and then case studies.At the end of the service we were welcomed by the head Dr and had to stand and introduce ourselves. We then went to meet John Lazier who is adminitrator for the Aids project and the Losinoni school project. We then haeded to Paulina's office and learned about what the hospice program was doing and what their needs were. Right now they care for over 2000 patients with a staff of 4 nurses, they go out in the countryside and do home visits and try to help in any way they can,they are helped by community volunteers but are in such need of anything and everything..soap,clothes food,vitamins,babysitting,the list goes on and on. We saw some of the detailed handwritten notes taken yesterday in the field by Therezia an assistant,documenting family history,deaths,divorces,med use,etc....

The hospital is so un sterile and so basic it is really shocking. The have basic xray but that is all, no heart monitoring equipment, no isolation,no clean sheets, after surgeries on the recovery ward there were splints to elevate post operative limbs made of wood. The operating theatre had one team of docs for the whle day and they perform up to 75 surgeries a day. They where scrubs but also rubber fishing boots!! We met the head of Surgery and he was kind enough to take out Marcia's stitches in her elbow.

The pharmacy is run by one pharmacist in a closet with wooden sheves, a desk and a typewriter. Their biggest need is for morphine for pain in aids and surgery patients. They also have a huge need for hiv drugs. We saw the walk in clinics and wards for ob/gyn and pediatrics,we saw Masai women and held newborn and sick babies, it was an eyeopening day. The people are extremely proud of all that they have. It is just amazing that so many people rely on this understaffed and primitive hospital for all thier medical needs. There is so much we can do, it is so impossible to know how or where to start.

We left the hospital with plans to return in the morning to meet up with Paulina and John Lazier for the trip to Losinoni. We head to Ebenezer school a secondary school. The children have all gone for holiday break, but we are able to meet and have a tour from the amazing teachers, Everest is the science teacher, young and excited about science, and teaching with out a lab,he showed us his empty room,no beekrs,test tubes,microscopes,nothing....He is so excited about science and teaching it and yet he struggles to get the kids excited and knows he needs hands on....They have lovely young,enthusiastic teachers,who are so proud of how far they have brought the school thus far. It is so encouraging to see. In one classroom there are exam questions on the board about evolution and if white man came from the same ancestors as black man and if we evolvrd from apes why are they still not evolving to human form...really interesting thoughts and questions. We were very impressed. They had prepared a big welcome and meal for us 2 days ago as they thought that was the day of our visit and were disappointed to only have sodas and water for us...we were thrilled,it was a great visit.

We left and stopped at Pepe's for lunch. A very nice restaurant in Arusha with italian food. I had tomato basil ravioli, we took Chui out to eat,it was a good meal. Back to the Ilbouro Lodge for a rest after a draining and emotional day, my mind is racing with thoughts ideas and projects to help the need in some small way!!!

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