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On the Loose So, Here I go!! I will add updates frequently with pic's so you can all live vicariously through me!! and join me whenever possible- Love and Peace to you all, I will miss you, hoping to be back soon with a whole new life!!

Anse Marron

SEYCHELLES | Thursday, 13 December 2007 | Views [1371]

dec 13
This morning Andy called for me...He was out at ile cocos but wants me to meet him at source D'Argent at 12 or 12:30 and we will go to Anse Marron. So I head that way and find Sylvan selling necklaces and stuff he has made from shells and nuts and shark's teeth etc....he sets up a table there near the beach everyday....So I hung out with him and bought 2 fabulous Sylvan originals......He told me to go in to the beach and he would tell Andy I was there...He had seen Andy there the preceeding 2 days trying to find me...poor Andy he scoured the island for 2 days looking for me..and once you have been here you will understand that is no small feat...small island, however getting to the good beaches is a bit of an uphill climb if you follow me...Grand Anse is only about 3 km away however you must climb over a mountain on the bike and then to get to Petite Anse an uphill trek through the jungle, Anse coco another 30 minutes in the jungle up a steep mountainside......

Ok so now for the journey to Anse Marron, the locals vote for the most beautiful beach and yes on the boat trip I met a local who has lived here his whole life and never been because it is such an effort to get there..you must go and leave at low tide as part of the trip is by water....Fist you leave Source D'Argent and walk the beach and jungle for a while to Anse Pierrot and then to Anse aux Cedres, then the hike moves into the jungle, up granitic rocks over palms, under palms through rocks...and it is HOT and HUMID and I am dripping and can barely see, We pass Anse Bonnet Carre and continue through the jungle and have to go around the boulders on Pointe Jacques...and about when I think I am going to pass out...3 more minutes Andy says....and we come out of the jungle to a granitic rock wonderland with small pools collecting between the rocks...it is magnificent!!!!!!!!!!! however I am so hot and dizzy I am trying to get to the water and wipe out on a misplaced flip flop on the rock...and am very lucky not to have knocked myself out as my hands were full and I was trying to save the camera....Whacked my head into the rock as well as my knee and elbow...thought I pierced my ear cartlidge with my ear cuff owww...recovered and ran for the gorgeous water to cool down.....

Andy had picked up some coconuts on the path and broke them open, one had started to germinate and he said the fruit was good...must be a specific taste....but the coconut was great...I ate half of it...later on he did something with it and got the oil...which I rubbed all over my dry burnt skin...yummy...

We were the only ones there and spent the day exploring on the rocks and lounging in the pools having a couple seybrews and some good pastry...I was dreading the hike back...but it did go quicker than on the way there...however the tide had come in so 1/2 our journey was in thigh to waist high waters...going out around the rocks... a little crazy...but worth the adventure. Hopped on the bikes and headed back for a fabulous meal with Elodie. Tonight was grilled fish with a soy and some other spices...kingfish..yum...also vegetable fritters, a cold fish and veggie salad...does not sound great but is out of this world....fried rice..and sauteed mango and spices...oh god it's good!!!!! and fresh coconut and mango icecream for dessert....

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