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Last leg

FRANCE | Sunday, 18 Sep 2011 | Views [1117]

Paid a visit to the famous Harrods megastore in London, a lovely place but they have the nerve to charge six pounds for a cup of tea..didn't bother, uppity atmosphere anyway, the pianola (yep, pianola..) was playing that song ... Read more >

Tags: london, paris

Edinburgh Fringe

UNITED KINGDOM | Monday, 15 Aug 2011 | Views [549]

Now that I've been away for a few weeks, I keep hoping to stop waking up in a panic that I'm late for work.. lol , sure the habit will wear off by the time I'm due back. Pretty sure I booked the last room available for (much, much less) than ... Read more >


GERMANY | Wednesday, 20 Jul 2011 | Views [390]

And Now For Something Completely Different I have been spending quality time with family members I rarely see or had even met before now and couldn't be more thrilled, the family connection is so weird isn't it? The complete love for tiny ... Read more >

Last days in Poland

GERMANY | Wednesday, 6 Jul 2011 | Views [381]

The day before I left we went to a concentration camp used in WW2, was horrifying and very upsetting of course, saw barracks full of shoes that belonged to the victims; a case of hair shaved off to be sold; actual gas chambers where 78000 people were ... Read more >

London to Lublin and beyond

UNITED KINGDOM | Wednesday, 6 Jul 2011 | Views [574]

So I set out to a lovely lil hostel in south Kensington London, individual room, had to share the bathroom with 30 Swedish 15/16yr olds..for two nights Was very tempting to sleep all day but that’s just stupid, kicked myself out of bed and walked around, ... Read more >

Tags: in transit

Photos: Patricia takes on the world

IRELAND | Thursday, 23 Jun 2011 | Photo Gallery

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NEW TRAVELLER ALERT _ Look out world here comes Patricia

GERMANY | Thursday, 23 Jun 2011 | Views [380]

Hey folks, just got into London last night, after a nice long chat with Mr Immigration...he eventually decided I'm not a huge threat to their economy Seoul was pretty manic, a few fun facts: showers have their own personality, complete with humour.... Read more >

Strange days indeed

GERMANY | Monday, 17 Jan 2011 | Views [237]

Well - I am waiting in Munich airport for the beginning of the epic flight back to Sydney and will arrive in approximately 24 hours. I will probably go straight to my parents house to see my mum and dad. Gabriel is up on the farm at Jaspers and not due ... Read more >

Tags: returning home


GERMANY | Saturday, 25 Dec 2010 | Views [669]

Sooo lovely people - here we are in Burghausen Bavaria, Deutschland, seeing in CHristmas eve while the sun is just about to peep over the Eastern Horizon into Sydney welcoming in Christmas day 2010. Surely this will be a memorable Christmas. I don't ... Read more >

Photos: Burghausen

GERMANY | Saturday, 18 Dec 2010 | Photo Gallery

The early days
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GERMANY | Friday, 17 Dec 2010 | Views [491]

The snow is like fairy floss on the good days, light, silvery and sooooooo quite. The way the sounds are muffled just adds to the increadile story book quiality of Burghausen at Christmas. Nestled on the Austrain border defined by the mighty Salzach ... Read more >

Tags: cancer, germany

splotches on the ceiling

COSTA RICA | Friday, 7 Sep 2007 | Views [600]

it woke me up three or four times before I started to realise how loud the noise actually was...it was definately electronic and coming from inside the house. The most recent resonation of the noise woke me more fully from my slumber. It must have ... Read more >

Tags: adrenaline, costa rica

Una dia

COSTA RICA | Saturday, 25 Aug 2007 | Views [869] | Comments [2]

Howdy those of you who still read on!! Hard to beleive five months has passed since we left lovely sydney - can someone let me know if winter is over yet? Have included some pictures in this entry of various artworks Gabriel and I have been doing.... Read more >

Tags: costa rica, culture

Gallery: August sunsets

COSTA RICA | Sunday, 19 Aug 2007 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: All over

COSTA RICA | Wednesday, 8 Aug 2007 | Photo Gallery

whatcha want
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Where are you now?

COSTA RICA | Wednesday, 8 Aug 2007 | Views [826]

Hey kidlets - sorry for the long hiatus... we met some butterflies and their babies, and some snakes, we saw dolphins, turltes and many many buses. We walked long and far and now we are home cause our hats our hanging and our shoes are on the front ... Read more >

Tags: costa rica, on the road


COSTA RICA | Monday, 23 Jul 2007 | Views [922] | Comments [2]

Well, it´s quite a leap for me as an Aussie to understand the whole nature of borders. An invisible line which dictates the division of one country from another, it costs money to cross and you must have your passport with you...strange goings on. ... Read more >

Tags: adventures, costa rica

Rolling on

COSTA RICA | Saturday, 7 Jul 2007 | Views [701] | Comments [1]

Sooo it takes Gabriel and I about 25 mins to walk to town from our new house. Add to that the fact that we have the most incredible panoramic view from our little lounge room and cable television and you might be partially correct in thinking that ... Read more >

Tags: costa rica, snow

Putting it to the People

COSTA RICA | Thursday, 21 Jun 2007 | Views [783] | Comments [4]

Well folks Gabriel and I are now into our third month on the road, and we've got the mosquito bites to prove it! One of the reasons that there have been no entries for the last few weeks is that Gabriels school work finally arrived and I started back ... Read more >

Tags: costa rica, work

Welcoming June

COSTA RICA | Sunday, 3 Jun 2007 | Views [653] | Comments [2]

Well June has rolled in and bought with it sunshine glorious sunshine to our dampened spirits! Hoorah. Gabriel was struck down with a horrible gastro virus for the last week which hit him hard. It coincided with a week of torrential rain and flooding ... Read more >

Tags: costa rica, doctors, hospitals & health

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