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My Dumb Idea

Photos: Thanksgiving Dinner 2011

CHINA | Sunday, 4 Dec 2011 | Photo Gallery

Thanksgiving dinner in Shiyan, 2011, can you spot the 5 Indians and 6 Americans in all the Chinese
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It isn't Thanksgiving without football

CHINA | Thursday, 17 Nov 2011 | Views [674] | Comments [1]

      Thanksgiving is almost here and it has easily been a months since I last wrote a story. Dan J. was giving me a hard time last time I talked to him about it. Well shut your mouth Dan or I will run a car into your house, again. Since I last talked ... Read more >

Photos: Project Hope/Halloween

CHINA | Friday, 11 Nov 2011 | Photo Gallery

Me at a Chinese Primary school for a class and then at another one for a Halloween Party
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Working Stiff

CHINA | Thursday, 13 Oct 2011 | Views [430]

Well I am back to work after a 9 day vacation. Now the freshman have started class finally and I have a full work week and it is rough. Let me just give you the quick rundown. Now Monday is the worst day of the week for me because I have 3, yeah 3, classes ... Read more >

Photos: Xi'an 2011

CHINA | Thursday, 6 Oct 2011 | Photo Gallery

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Xi'an is on Fire!

CHINA | Thursday, 6 Oct 2011 | Views [579]

Once again I find myself in Xi'an the Paris of South East Asia, the city of Love. None of those are official titles but they are just titles we have applied to Xi'an over the years. As Jaymie said last night "I have a card that says I am an expert.... Read more >

I know what April showers bring but what about September Showers?

CHINA | Sunday, 18 Sep 2011 | Views [529]

I hate the rain. I don't mean the small spring showers we get in Ohio where it will pound done rain for like 10 minutes and then sprinkle for 3 hours. Even when it rains steady all day, at least I can drive through it or sit at home and watch. It started ... Read more >

Photos: Mid-Autumn/Freshman Day

CHINA | Sunday, 18 Sep 2011 | Photo Gallery

a few photos from dinner at Gordon's house and the first day of school for the freshman
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Culture Corner Pt. 2

CHINA | Sunday, 4 Sep 2011 | Views [391] | Comments [2]

As I shared with you last time this week we will focus on Chinese people and authority. Now I don't want to assume but since I have been asked some strange questions in my day about China I am going to assume that most people in America are fairly ... Read more >

Can anybody tell me where the Lowe's is at?

CHINA | Thursday, 1 Sep 2011 | Views [548] | Comments [2]

Oh China, you silly rapscallion, it seems you dream up new and inventive ways to drive me insane every other day. I would pay money, real money, not Chinese yuan not American dollars but British Sterling Silver pounds for a Lowe's right now. The light ... Read more >

Culture Corner Pt. 1

CHINA | Saturday, 27 Aug 2011 | Views [508] | Comments [1]

Wow you get two posts this week, aren't you lucky! Well I have received some complaints ( Palko I am looking at you)that I don't include enough culture in my posts. So I have instituted the Culture corner and this week we will talk about something near ... Read more >

So I guess I could have stayed in America

CHINA | Saturday, 27 Aug 2011 | Views [634]

Well I have been here almost a week now and I finally met with Mr. Wang, the head of the English Department. Peter and I have spent all week trying to figure out when we are going to teach and who. Finally two days before class starts we got a meeting.... Read more >

HA! I told you it would be different this time!

CHINA | Friday, 26 Aug 2011 | Views [591] | Comments [4]

I rememeber before I left eveyone was asking me all kinds of questions and I told them not to worry I was an old hand as this China travel stuff. Things would be different this time everything had changed, I knew exactly what I was doing. Well everything ... Read more >

On the Rooad Again....

CHINA | Saturday, 20 Aug 2011 | Views [486]

I am sitting in the most uncomfortable chair that has been manufactured in the last 500 years, in Chicago's O'Hare airport. I left Dayton bright and early at 6 a.m. and only had to deal with one moron on my first flight. Right after take off the sun started ... Read more >

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This be It

CHINA | Saturday, 19 Jun 2010 | Views [478] | Comments [1]

I wanted to use This is It but apparently it has been copyrighted by the Michael Jackson Estate and can only be used for his tribute video for the rest of eternity. Really America you liked him that much that you let them copyright that, wow. Well As ... Read more >

Mountains, I hate Mountains

CHINA | Sunday, 25 Apr 2010 | Views [730] | Comments [4]

Wow! For all of you that have subscribed to by RSS feed you are probably excited by the fact that there is finally a new story. Of course there are also a bunch of new photos, like 170 to be exact. Also just for my own aggrandizement I have finally ... Read more >

Photos: Mt. Wudang

CHINA | Sunday, 25 Apr 2010 | Photo Gallery

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An Inconvenient Truth

CHINA | Friday, 19 Mar 2010 | Views [577] | Comments [3]

I know what you are thinkng and I am thinking the same thing, in your face Al Gore. That's right I said it when the rest of the world is to afraid to say it. Last Friday I went to plant some trees in China, in celebration of Earth Day, and to prove that I ... Read more >

A Festivus for the Rest of Us!!

CHINA | Wednesday, 3 Mar 2010 | Views [756] | Comments [1]

Is the world coming to an end, Josh is actually posting another story. It has been exactly one month since he posted the last one. "What was the hold up, we want a new story", you might ask, well in an effort to be combative I am answering ... Read more >

Where in the World is Joshua Sandiego!

CHINA | Thursday, 4 Feb 2010 | Views [721] | Comments [3]

I have finally returned to my home in Shiyan! Well technically I have been home for four days now but I am finally posting a story. I have also finished the movie from Shanghai so look for the url at the end of this story, which should be short I promise.... Read more >

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