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CHINA | Friday, 16 October 2009 | Views [776]

If you hadn't already guessed from the title I should be doing something important right now, but I just not to. What am I supposed to be doing? Well I will tell you, I should be cleaning my apartment. Not that kind of cleaning I have a cleaning lady for that, but I guess it would be more accurate if I said I should be getting my apartment prepared. Tomorrow I will be painting part of my apartment, because I am tired off looking at the same bland white walls everyday. So I went the other day, with Lily of course, and bought myself a 4.5 liter can of green paint. Over the course of the weekend I plan to paint a portion of my apartment, and hopefully in the future I will also be painting the rest of my apartment another color. Some of you might be thinking that sounds like a big job for one man, and you would be right. That is why I told my students I was painting my apartment. The majority of them have already told me they would come over and help me and the rest said they might. So I went today and bought a hammock and some ice tea, so I can lie in the shade and sip some ice tea while my students do all the work. So I will definitely have some pictures and a video or two up on Monday or Tuesday for you guys to see. 

YMC like any other college has an intramural sports, more specifically intramural basketball. My girls, as I have taken to referring to them as are an impressive 2-0. Our first game was kinda of a nail biter and I actually had to leave before the end to let the guys in my apartment with my new bed. The second game however was brutal for the other team. My girls won 26-2, and we didn't score a point in the second half. We played a full court press in the first half that would make Coach K happy. We only let them past half court one time in the first half, we turned them over every single possession of the first half but one. They had only one shot the whole first half and that was after we put in the second string. Now at halftime there is something called La La club, which is basically cheerleaders that come out and do a dance. It is not really a cheer per say but an actual dance. The dance is always set to music, but since we are outside there is no sound system. Nobody in actually owns a boom box, so to provide the music a cell phone was used. To boost the sound producing quality of the cell phone, it was held up to a megaphone. It was quite possibly the funniest thing I have ever seen. That aside or cheerleaders did a bang up job, except for one small thing. During the cheer the members of our basketball team decided to cheer for the cheerleaders by shouting out, "We will rock you, rock you, rock you." After they finished in typical fashion I chose to take umbrage at that fact. So I began yelling at them to stop cheering since and I quote, " First of you are not even saying it right, and second you don't even know who Freddy Mercury was." To which all of the girls laughed at me, because of course they had no idea what I was saying and just thought it was funny, and of course they have no idea who Queen is. So I have taken it upon myself to download "We Are The Champions" and play it in all of my classes next week so they can hear how it should be done.

QQ as I may have mentioned in the past is the Chinese AIM/E-mail/Facebook all rolled into one. Everybody has one and everybody uses it. So I decided a good way to connect with my students was to get a QQ. Now the other American teachers refuse to get a QQ number, and for good reason. I have had a QQ number for like four days and I already have 68 friends on it. The sad part is i have only given my number out in like half of my classes. Now that I have a QQ it is nigh impossible for me to accomplish anything on my computer while I am online. For the last last couple of nights I have literally chatted with 10-12 students at the same time and as soon as one leaves it seems like 2 more join. What makes it even worse is mobile QQ, everybody has that on their phone. So I will get messages from students who want to talk and they tell me they are in class and they don't want pay attention. So of course being the good teacher I am I have to tell them to pay attention in class and talk to me later, but it is still insane. I turned on my computer the other day and had like 20 friend requests. Of course non of them actually mention their names in the request, so a quarter of my friends list is named, Who are you? However QQ is a great way to mess with my students, speaking of which I have a perfect example. A student has been chatting with me the whole time I have been writing this, and she asked me where I was from. I of course responded, Shiyan City, Hubei. That was 15 minutes ago and I have yet to get a response from her, I am sure she is completely confused at this point.

Well that is all I got for you right now. I hope everybody noticed Lily posted her first comment, congratulations. However if you are reading this post Lily you need to stop and continue study for your exam you only have 2 more weeks. Lily is trying to take the Chinese GRE so she can go to graduate school. Of course her major is English so she is just going to argue that reading my English post will only help her score better on the exam.

Paint pictures next time. Plus I have an open position for paper grader available if anyone is interested.



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