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Can you make that autograph out to taoBao, little "t" big "B"

CHINA | Thursday, 15 October 2009 | Views [712] | Comments [3]

For those of you that don't understand the title to today's post you need to watch more "Futerama". In America you have eBay, in China we have tao bao. In your collective faces America. We got our own website were people can auction of stuff to other people, cool things like autographs from famous Chinese people, underwear, and Gucci purses. Now that I think about it though you can by all that stuff off the side of the street. Wow China has gotten really lazy, making people deliver stuff to us instead of actually walking a few meters and picking it up ourselves. Well I for one am disgusted with that kind of laziness. Sure you work 12 hour days and have to ride the bus for and hour everyday to get to work. You ride that bus because you are to lazy to walk that measly 25 KM. Wow China, shame on you. I walk to work everyday and the only time I take the bus or taxi is when I go to McDonlads to get 4 double cheeseburgers.

Well now i have gotten completely off of my point, which was tao bao. The greatest thing to hit China since...well I am not sure I was going to say indoor plumbing, but that is a topic for a whole other day. As most of you might remember I have a horrible bed situation. It is not really a bed some much as a collection of blankets laid atop two wooden boxes. I was complaining about it one day rather loudly to Lily hoping  I might be able to get a new one. Well she shut me down immediately and said it probably won't happen. So I was planning on saving up some money and buying myself a new one. So the other Lily just happens to mention that she told the President of the University, who she was at a function with, that my bed was to small and not very good. First I about lost my mind she told the president of my University that I didn't like my bed. Then second I was "Go, Lily go" she ain't afraid to tell him whats up. So two days ago I got a brand new bed. It is the most awesome thing ever. Not only did they give me a new bed but they gave me an inner spring mattress, which is basically unheard of in China. Lily told me she had requested an inner spring mattress because I had tried and failed to draw a picture of a spring while trying to explain the concept to her one day. So not only do I have a new bed but it is better than the like 99% of all beds in China. Most Chinese "Mattresses" are just a padded box spring then people by extra foam to put on top. Not me my friend, not me.

So the reason I now need tao bao is because I had to provide my own bedspread. So for the first two nights I did not sleep on my new bed. Tonight I will however since Lily and I went to the supermarket today and purchased some sheets. However I was very disappointed in their comforters, and all of the sudden Lily pipes up and says oh well I can get that online for like a third of the price. So I was like "Holla" lets get out of here. So we went back to school and Lily found me a silk comforter for like 125 quai, which is about 20 USD in less than 20 minutes. I don't think you guys will ever realize how stoked I am to be able to sleep in this new bed, this is going to be like the greatest night of my life in China so far.

We got a short post for you this evening because I have like 200 papers to finish grading. But next time we are going to talk about Chinese girl's Basketball, QQ, and the KFC double chicken hamburger and the 5 year old I saw trying to eat it.

Shout outs:

Our first shout out goes to Lily, of Liu Shuang in Pinyin. Our first Chinese reader and I hope our first Chinese commenter. I also hope she is not our last Chinese subscriber there are a couple more of the Chinese people I really like that I have asked to read my blog. So a big Ni Hao, to Lily the waiban extraordinaire if it wasn't for her i would have gone insane.

I'd also like to give a shout out to my boys in Chinese 201, keep Du lao shi on her toes and keep her laughing for me.

Last but certainly not least Josh Bolling. I almost completely forgot that you decided to get marries when I was out of the country, its cool. It's not like we have known each other since second grade, 20 years of our lives. Not only am I going to miss he wedding of my oldest friend but I will also miss Dan J.'s and Nate's first meeting in like 5 years. Somewhere Jamie is rolling her eyes and Jim D., Kyle S., and Matt C. are laughing.



Glad to hear you finally got a decent bed...Good job lily..you'll be glad to know that you where excused from jury duty. I know that was weighing heavy on you mind so now you can rest in peace on your new mattress so... wǎn ān ... or good night

  Craig Oct 16, 2009 2:20 PM


hello,all the friends here~
it's totally a different world from America.Welcome to China and I hope you would like it.
Josh,what is waiban?

PS:we usualy do not sleep on the inner spring mattress.The Olds said it's harmful to our back bones.lack of scientific evidence but it's a custom.

  Lily Oct 16, 2009 3:33 PM


"Maybe you could cook up some learning devices, since this lesson is about food and all. I'm just saying." - Moss, trying to con Du laoshi into feeding 20 people the most delicious dumplings known to man.

"Hong shao niu rou you mei you rou? (Does the braised beef in soy sauce have meat?)" - Du laoshi, trying to ask us additional questions about our limited knowledge of food.

"I'll be the one ordering drinks. I'll have fun with that." - Shawn, when deciding who would order what food for the table in an upcoming skit.

"All day baby!" - Casey, regarding when comedy is appropriate in foreign language learning.

  cross Oct 17, 2009 5:24 AM



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