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It isn't Thanksgiving without football

CHINA | Thursday, 17 November 2011 | Views [661] | Comments [1]

      Thanksgiving is almost here and it has easily been a months since I last wrote a story. Dan J. was giving me a hard time last time I talked to him about it. Well shut your mouth Dan or I will run a car into your house, again. Since I last talked to you guys lots of crazy stuff has been happening: I almost quit my job, I partied with lots of Chinese girls (they were like 9 and it was Halloween), I took part in Project Hope, I got a girlfriend, I cleaned my apartment like 20 times, I have done almost 74 loads of laundry (the 74th one is on the spin cycle right now), I bought some sick headphones, I bought a rice cooker, I talked to my Bryan way too much on skype, I did not talk to my mom enough, I jinxed the Bengals, the Browns still stink, the Cats are the best team in college basketball, pretty much Coach K is the last coach in college athletics I will ever trust (please don't let me down), the 74th load of laundry is done, I have eaten a ton of potatoes, I posted some pictures of me on the internets, I watched Michael Bolton sing about Captain Jack Sparrow, I tried calling Sarah and of course she didn't answer, I ate some Korean BBQ, I had to go to a terrible lunch with my boss and a delegation from South Korea (coincidentally apparently I am not considered a man in either Chinese or South Korean culture because I don't get just knock down slobbery black out drunk at lunch), had to hide the South Koreans from the North Koreans working at my hospital so they wouldn't go to prison, just started load number 75, spent 6 seconds brushing up on current events in America (hey we heard you like to read lists, so we put a list inside your list so you could read a list while you read a list) quick rundown of America: college's are full of jerks, people still standing in wall street, republicans hate each other, no one cares, Kim Kardashian got divorced, this blog will be on E for mentioning the Kardashians, probably spelled the name wrong, no one cares, famous people did some good things for charities, famous people did bad things and got caught, no one cares, Steve Jobs died moment of silence for a fallen American hero.........., football still rules, lots of snow and ice already, Black Friday is coming, no one cares, and that is pretty much it back to the other list, beat some Chinese at a game they invented, played and will play some more football with Chinese people, made fun of terrible fashion choices by Chinese ladies and boys, walked up a mountain like 45 times more than I wanted to, left my keys and flash drive in a classroom and didn't find out until I got to my door, watched Wrastling, apparently the Rock has finally returned to the WWE, watched some movies "Win, Win" was good I really Paul Giamatti how come he doesn't have like a billion awards yet, Sleep a lot, missed a lot of sleep playing video games, read 2.33334 books, secretly "jiaoed" an Indian girl, made dinner for 3 Indian girls, rode the bus like 3 dozen times, rode in a taxi like 1 dozen times, ate some double cheeseburgers, taught some English, and drank lots of cold water. So as you can see I have been super busy. I hope this was informative for you, see you around town. 



Ok so we missed your blogs. But could you take a spelling and grammer class before the next one. Oh how about spell check or proofing before posting. Well thats it for the lecture. Sounds like your busy or trying to sound busy.

  gail Dec 8, 2011 1:24 PM

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