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Irene Cabay



Hi, my name is Irene Cabay. I was born and raised in the small farming community of Ardmore in north-east Alberta, Canada.  I grew up on a farm and certainly did not see a lot of the world other than the neighbouring town that sold farm equipment.

I have 3 great kids who all have the travel bug.  It was only when my oldest son moved to London, UK that I began to travel.  He and his new wife encouraged me to join them on various journeys as they travelled around the world for two years.  My daughter, also living in London, followed in her brother's footsteps and took every vacation to see a new part of the world.  My other son's travel adventures have generally been in the capacity of work.

I got re-married to my childhood friend, we met on the first day of grade one and rode the same school bus for 12 years.  We share many interests, including travel to exotic places, and the belief and practice of alternative energies such as popularized by "The Secret".

"Together we are a synergy magnet for money and miracles that we receive for our good and the good of others. Our relationship is the living, growing embodiment of love, joy, peace and happiness. Our positive attitude propels us to great and wonderful things all over the world, for our good and the good of others."

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