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Thailand - Bangkok

THAILAND | Wednesday, 2 December 2009 | Views [395]




First of all, we are here, we are fine, and the weather is nice.


Our journey was not without a hitch, however.  Irene's backback didn't quite make it. It got left in Vancouver.  We filed a missing baggage claim and were assured that it would arrive on the next flight, 24 hours later, and would be delivered to the hostel.  OK.  This could actually work to our advantage, since we only brought one extra set of clothes and were going to buy local anyway; and we have travel insurance that will give us $500 if our luggage is delayed only 4 hours.  Yippee, free new clothes.  Easier said than done.  Irene is a giant traveling in the land of Lilliput.  We went to a fantastic wholesale market (Putanam Market) where shirts are cheaper than socks back in Canada, but the problem is that everything is about a size 2, and "only one size" and "no try on".  So she bought 3 baggy peasant blouses (one is actually kind of cute) and 2 pair of short/skirt things, which are serving in the pinch but really not well fitted and some cheap knock-off beirkenstock sandals.  Thankfully she had an extra pair of underpants in her carry on. 


We ended up staying an extra night in this hostel, waiting for the luggage to arrive, even though we found a nicer AND cheaper place.  Getting up this morning, we trotted down to the desk to collect the bag - which was to arrive last night - only to be met with blank looks from the staff.  They graciously called the phone number provided by the airport for us. She talked in Thai with them for a moment, then gave a sad look as she handed Irene the phone.  The bag is in Japan and MIGHT arrive tonight or tomorrow.  So here we stay yet another night, waiting for the luggage.  At this point we are not taking any chances of that bag not reaching us if we move to another hostel.  But at the end of the day, even though the other hostel is cheaper, we are only talking about $10 a night.  And Irene read the fine print on the travel insurance this morning and it turns out that we will get reimbursed for hotels as well, so everything is still fine. 


The ever-beloved King's birthday is on the 5th, and there is posters and flags, and pictures of him and decorations all over the place in preparation for it.  Last night there was a small display of fireworks.  We were told that tomorrow there will be about an hour of them, and we are staying about a 10 minute walk from the heart of it all.....  should be quite the spectacle!!

Sam Sen Sam Place - hotel

Pian's nassage center - Khaosan Rd


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