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Thailand - diving in Koh Tao

THAILAND | Saturday, 16 January 2010 | Views [562]

diving in Koh Tao

Irene has been diving for the last 4 days.  The first day was just a refresher, she went to 2 dive sites.  Saw a lot of different kinds of fish, but nothing spectacular.
The next day she did her deep water dive (28 meters) and saw a grey reef shark!!  it was amazing!!  it was about 8 meters from her.  damn, she wishes it had been closer.  Also saw a huge school of baracuda on that dive.

The next dive site she went to 3 different times over the 4 days, and she saw 4 moray eels, 2 puffer fish, loads of banner fish, and butterfly fish.  she went up real close to some anemome and a couple of little clown fish (Nemo) came out and right up to her mask as if to say "bugger off"  They are so small, it was cute.  Also saw a needle nose fish and a couple of trigger fish.  Obviously a nice dive site, but the visibility isn't that great.  It may be due to the large number of divers that converge there as well as the stiff current. But it is still a great place to see loads of different critters.

On the night dive all she really saw was a hermit crab, and managed to scrape her ankle on some corral that she didn't see - because it is DARK under the water at night......  She had  a torch, but that only lights up where you point it.  The dive master gave the signal and we all shut our torches off, then waved them around to see the marine phosphorescence.  It was quite brilliant and very nice.  Later, on the boat ride back into shore, the guy in front of me had his back sparkling with phosphorescence.  A good reminder to shower after diving.

She went back to the dive site with the sharks today (down to 30 meters:)), and saw TWO sharks.  this one was closer!!  good God they are an awesome creature!!

Irene has now officially graduated to being an Advanced Diver with PADI, having done the deep dive, night dive, buoyancy, naturalist and navigation.  high five everyone!!!!!

She's taking tomorrow off from diving, and we may go snorkling in Shark Bay (if it is sunny)  or kayaking if it is overcast.  A friend of Ed's will be arriving here on Monday and he dives as well.   He and Irene may go out for a day's diving on Tuesday. Irene really wants to go back to Chumphon (where the sharks are)

Ed has been holding down the beach while Irene dives. 

The weather has been overcast a lot and even a few showers, which is unusual for this area at this time of year.  However, it is still hovering around 30C, even with the overcast, so in some ways it is quite nice because we aren't boiling hot. 

Not everyday has been cloudy and we have sat out at the outdoor restaurant, that is just meters from the water on low tide and right over the water at high tide, and watched the most beautiful, romantic sunsets imaginable.  The sun turns a brilliant orange/red and reflects off the clouds, turning them orange, red, pink, and purple, with everything reflecting off the ocean.  Tonight there was a large cloud right on the horizon. As the sun went behind it, the edge of the cloud turned a neon ribbon of yellow, then orange, then red.  The rays of sun were shining out in a fan shape above the cloud.  WOW! 


Irene has had to get up quite early for her diving so we have not partaken in any of the evening entertainment; however tomorrow we will probably go to the Cabaret featuring the lady-boys.  They stand in front of the 7-11 every night handing out invitations.  They are dressed to the nine's!!!  6 inch clear stileto's, high cut thighs, skimpy leotard outfits, crowns of sequins piled high on thier heads, and make up that would cause Tammy Faye Baker to blush.  We are told it is an excellent show, and lets' face it, how could we NOT go???

Other than the diving, there is nothing to tell.  Sun, sand, water, heat...... same, same......

Irene & Ed



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