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Nothing to do in the Bangkok zoo.

THAILAND | Monday, 19 Jan 2015 | Views [768]

Khao San Road is hedonisms alternative to a float tank. Instead of sensory deprivation, this place is sensory saturation. There are so many distractions here that any well-conceived plans I may have had for this journal are well and truly drowned in ... Read more >

Tags: bangkok, food, money, people

Is it a long, hard road out of hell?

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 16 Jan 2012 | Views [1466] | Comments [1]

This adventure has had its fair share of unique experiences and I savour each new one that justifies all the hard work. There's plenty of easy work that doesn't justify anything, but nonetheless, I give thanks for that ... Read more >

Tags: bicycling, coffee, people

Sunburnt and saturated in the same day.

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 14 Dec 2011 | Views [1177]

I am pretty sure I was woken at 1:45am by the sound of rain hitting my roof; hard. Hence, $38 had not transformed my tent into the Millennium Falcon. I had to rise early for once to get the first ferry across to Yamba, ... Read more >

Tags: cycling, friends, on the road, people, weather

Resting is more fun than riding when it is raining.

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 13 Dec 2011 | Views [2333]

The best thing to do after a riding ordeal like I had just experienced, is to not go anywhere near a bike for awhile. It hurt in too many places just thinking about it. My bike was left on the roof of the hotel and did ... Read more >

Tags: cycling, on the road, people, rip-offs

Awaking to a nightmare (Part I)

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 11 Dec 2011 | Views [1022]

So I just got off the phone to the good folk at the Guinness Book of Records and they confirmed that I am in the running for a few categories in the next edition. 'Worst decision ever made', 'Most complete and utter reversal of fortunes', 'Most profanities ... Read more >

Tags: hills, misadventure, people, riding

Sleeping on four-leaf clovers.

AUSTRALIA | Friday, 9 Dec 2011 | Views [2159] | Comments [2]

If luck does come in strokes, this one was particularly well lubricated. I could not have imagined a better start to the trip, except perhaps for it coming at the start of the day, rather than the end. While not being epic ... Read more >

Tags: adventure, bicycle, people

Crashing a communist party.

VIETNAM | Thursday, 14 Oct 2010 | Views [882]

Hanoi had been planning my welcoming party for months and the city was awash with red and yellow flags and banners. Every shop front, street sign and forehead spoke of the 1,000 year prophesy of my arrival. I had been warned that I would be swarmed ... Read more >

Tags: celebration, people

Bird watching in the Bangkok zoo.

THAILAND | Tuesday, 12 Oct 2010 | Views [2475]

My solo adventure started ominously enough with my 630am pick up for the ferry showing up at 725am. The receptionist was more worried than I was and called the company three times to ensure I hadn't been forgotten. I must still be on Broome time as ... Read more >

Tags: on the road, people

Burnie, bogans and a burger bargain.

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 21 Apr 2010 | Views [1857]

With time expiring on my tenure in Tasmania, it seemed appropriate to take in a bit more of the state before I left. The North Western town of Burnie would probably not feature on any sane persons list of tourist destinations, and had it not ... Read more >

Tags: beaches, food, people

Perth must be the capital of Western Europe.

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 4 Apr 2009 | Views [1380]

I'm out West, and I know it. If I didn't, most signs, businesses, and products have a reference to the 'West' in them. We're not East Coast and we're damn proud of it! I can't see that as a good enough reason to shoot someone, but I offer many thanks ... Read more >

Tags: on the road, people, shopping

Johnny's enduring legacy.

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 31 Jul 2007 | Views [1144] | Comments [3]

Is their something intrinsically wrong with a government that offers its citizens a 'baby bonus' that encourages a 10 year old girl to become pregnant to her Mothers de facto partner and 'earn' another $5,000 for their household? Is there something ... Read more >

Tags: People

Drawing the curtains on Cambodia.

CAMBODIA | Friday, 23 Mar 2007 | Views [1689]

Did our change of location in Sihanoukville, result in an improvement in my feelings towards the place? Yes and no. The Green Gecko was definitely a better place to hang out, do our best to imitate people who can play billiards, and eat omelette rolls ... Read more >

Tags: People

What love can make us do!

CAMBODIA | Sunday, 11 Mar 2007 | Views [1745]

Capital cities are always a mixed blessing. Everything you need, is there for a price. But so are a lot of things you don't need. Like pollution. Like extreme destitution. Like roads totally devoid of order. My God, is it only the Westerners that have ... Read more >

Tags: People

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