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Trip: bicycling against better judgement

There are [26] stories from my trip: bicycling against better judgement

Caught up in the pass-through

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 29 Apr 2012 | Views [1556]

Broome has never looked so appealing. When viewed from 3,000kms away, it seems very much like the quintessential oasis in the desert. The constant sunshine, palm trees swaying in the gentle breeze, time slowing down like ... Read more >

Tags: animals, friends, work

Relaxin' and reviewin'

AUSTRALIA | Friday, 17 Feb 2012 | Views [1206]

With a flight, a few weeks, and a few too many beers between the end of the bike ride and now, it's time to sum up all that was. I wish I could do it in a pithy statement or something for people ... Read more >

Tags: bicycling, relaxing

If only I ended every day in a brewery.

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 29 Jan 2012 | Views [1516] | Comments [2]

The grass always seems greener; once you've eaten it. Since arriving in Melbourne, I look back on the adventure with more sadness than relief. A week ago I was nearly incapacitated with regret for not having a normal holiday ... Read more >

Tags: bicycling, destination, friends, on the road

Touring the way it should be

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 23 Jan 2012 | Views [1526] | Comments [3]

Having a rest day is never a bad thing, especially when it's time spent screwing your tormentor. That has to be the sauciest start to one of my blogs ever, but unfortunately I can't say that I got laid by Lady Luck. Sure, she's fucked me over quite ... Read more >

Tags: bicycling, family, on the road, repairs

Pedalling to paradise in a padded cell.

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 17 Jan 2012 | Views [3158] | Comments [2]

I have never been so mistaken before in my life. Even the complete backfiring of my best efforts to be cool in High School do not come close to so utterly misreading a situation. From the position of the previous journal, I had every right to think ... Read more >

Tags: bicycling, dummy spits, homicidal tendancies, misfortune, profanity

Is it a long, hard road out of hell?

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 16 Jan 2012 | Views [1527] | Comments [1]

This adventure has had its fair share of unique experiences and I savour each new one that justifies all the hard work. There's plenty of easy work that doesn't justify anything, but nonetheless, I give thanks for that ... Read more >

Tags: bicycling, coffee, people

Swept along on a bike and a prayer.

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 15 Jan 2012 | Views [1403]

Eden is a lovely town, but not quite in the same league as its biblical counterpart. Quaint little shops, a long history stretching back to early settlement days and 360 degree views. That last fact was due to its location ... Read more >

Tags: bicycling, misfortune, on the road

Dragging an anchor proves I drag my knuckles.

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 12 Jan 2012 | Views [1355]

The following is an account so embarrassing, I would be better served by keeping it to myself had I not already shown how much delight I take in ridiculing myself. This was not a case of factory line idiocy. This was customised cretinism so creative it ... Read more >

Tags: bicycling, misfortune

Making the most of caffeine and arrival euphoria

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 11 Jan 2012 | Views [1974] | Comments [1]

Ulladulla is a town built on so many hills, I expected all its inhabitants to have calves of granite. Nope! Most people are fat, like all towns in the western world. That's an easy criticism to make for someone who looks ... Read more >

Tags: beaches, bicycling, misfortune

Fine-tuning my assault on hills.

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 9 Jan 2012 | Views [1872]

Eeyore would say it was the surging traffic, or his own smell that had woken him up. This positive power trooper will say that it was the excitement of another day on the road. Oh, how I love a challenge and I knew there were loads of it ahead. I had ... Read more >

Tags: bicycling, friends, partying

Beautiful beaches to Bondi blowouts.

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 5 Jan 2012 | Views [1664]

With a day of nothing being planned, I exceeded all expectations by actually doing something. Nothing of real merit like promoting world peace, or even peace in the camp ground as there was too many loud kids running around ... Read more >

Tags: beaches, camping, cycling, friends, party

Holidaying like a 'normal' person

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 3 Jan 2012 | Views [1178]

5am is a unholy time to have to wake up, and the words I shared with the alarm clock would get a layman kicked out of any God-fearing Christian congregation. Such a spot could offer a sunrise beyond compare, but omnipresent ... Read more >

Tags: beaches, camping, friends, wildlife

The tables turn sharper than a dirt track descent

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 1 Jan 2012 | Views [1238] | Comments [1]

It was Christmas morning and Santa had wisely given my tent a wide berth. I remembered how exciting it was as a kid to wake up at 330am and poke through the presents before the parents allowed you to scream them awake. I also remembered how much pain ... Read more >

Tags: cycling, friends, on the road

So close to finishing one month early.

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 25 Dec 2011 | Views [2741] | Comments [2]

It's days like these I don't question my sanity; I fear for it. I question my dedication when even the air I breath conspires against me. I wonder how much more I would be enjoying myself if I was laying on a beach somewhere in Asia, far removed from ... Read more >

Tags: bicycling, ferries, misadventures, on the road

Back roads are not always the best option

AUSTRALIA | Friday, 23 Dec 2011 | Views [2665]

Outside my tent I could hear the waves breaking so softly they sounded more like paper plates dropping, than fine China. I could see the sun shining through the clouds frequently enough to convince me Lady Luck was having a sleep in. Fearing she'd wake ... Read more >

Tags: bicycling, friends, misadventure, on the road

I'm not loose, but my wheel is.

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 20 Dec 2011 | Views [1353] | Comments [1]

As the rain fell on my tent during the course of the night, I silently cursed the fact it hadn't come any sooner. What, you may ask, could prompt such a reversal of opinion in relation to something that is as ruinous to bike riding as the absence of swell ... Read more >

Tags: beach, bicycling, weather

The light goes on in Grassy Head

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 20 Dec 2011 | Views [1586]

It's good to be able to call the shots, because you're THE man when it comes to making decisions. It's great not having to rush, as speed and relaxation cancel each other out like Lanacane and rain. But the best thing is to see the sun shine. Talk about ... Read more >

Tags: beach, bicycling, weather

A slow dash for cash.

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 17 Dec 2011 | Views [1851]

I'm pretty close to doing this bike ride in the nude. Other than loving the birthday suit look, it would make more sense the way the weather is. Getting wet is one thing, as a bike ride in Broome was always hot enough to ensure you would end up wetter ... Read more >

Tags: misadventure, relaxing, riding, weather

Sunburnt and saturated in the same day.

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 14 Dec 2011 | Views [1278]

I am pretty sure I was woken at 1:45am by the sound of rain hitting my roof; hard. Hence, $38 had not transformed my tent into the Millennium Falcon. I had to rise early for once to get the first ferry across to Yamba, ... Read more >

Tags: cycling, friends, on the road, people, weather

Resting is more fun than riding when it is raining.

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 13 Dec 2011 | Views [2379]

The best thing to do after a riding ordeal like I had just experienced, is to not go anywhere near a bike for awhile. It hurt in too many places just thinking about it. My bike was left on the roof of the hotel and did ... Read more >

Tags: cycling, on the road, people, rip-offs

Awaking to a nightmare (Part 2)

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 11 Dec 2011 | Views [1098] | Comments [2]

Emergency procedures were instantly put into play as the evening was turning into more of a farce than what the day had been. Food calms me like valium so I pulled out my unused Jet-boil stove system. The tap water was ... Read more >

Tags: camping, hills, misadventure, riding

Awaking to a nightmare (Part I)

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 11 Dec 2011 | Views [1068]

So I just got off the phone to the good folk at the Guinness Book of Records and they confirmed that I am in the running for a few categories in the next edition. 'Worst decision ever made', 'Most complete and utter reversal of fortunes', 'Most profanities ... Read more >

Tags: hills, misadventure, people, riding

Sleeping on four-leaf clovers.

AUSTRALIA | Friday, 9 Dec 2011 | Views [2199] | Comments [2]

If luck does come in strokes, this one was particularly well lubricated. I could not have imagined a better start to the trip, except perhaps for it coming at the start of the day, rather than the end. While not being epic ... Read more >

Tags: adventure, bicycle, people

Big hills & blow-outs

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 7 Dec 2011 | Views [918]

There is a first time for everything, and while actually catching the flights I originally intended to is not the first time, it does fall into the 'minor miracle' category. I did do everything within my power to fall asleep, show up on the wrong day, ... Read more >

Tags: partying, preparation, training

No longer for the fun of it

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 26 Nov 2011 | Views [974]

So this is what an average ride has been like during my preparation for my upcoming epico-colossusaurus adventure. I made that word up if you didn't realise, and the use of the word 'average' is anything but appropriate ... Read more >

Tags: bicycling, preparation, sport

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