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Beautiful beaches to Bondi blowouts.

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 5 Jan 2012 | Views [1652]

With a day of nothing being planned, I exceeded all expectations by actually doing something. Nothing of real merit like promoting world peace, or even peace in the camp ground as there was too many loud kids running around ... Read more >

Tags: beaches, camping, cycling, friends, party

The tables turn sharper than a dirt track descent

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 1 Jan 2012 | Views [1235] | Comments [1]

It was Christmas morning and Santa had wisely given my tent a wide berth. I remembered how exciting it was as a kid to wake up at 330am and poke through the presents before the parents allowed you to scream them awake. I also remembered how much pain ... Read more >

Tags: cycling, friends, on the road

Sunburnt and saturated in the same day.

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 14 Dec 2011 | Views [1275]

I am pretty sure I was woken at 1:45am by the sound of rain hitting my roof; hard. Hence, $38 had not transformed my tent into the Millennium Falcon. I had to rise early for once to get the first ferry across to Yamba, ... Read more >

Tags: cycling, friends, on the road, people, weather

Resting is more fun than riding when it is raining.

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 13 Dec 2011 | Views [2376]

The best thing to do after a riding ordeal like I had just experienced, is to not go anywhere near a bike for awhile. It hurt in too many places just thinking about it. My bike was left on the roof of the hotel and did ... Read more >

Tags: cycling, on the road, people, rip-offs

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