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Nothing to do in the Bangkok zoo.

THAILAND | Monday, 19 Jan 2015 | Views [768]

Khao San Road is hedonisms alternative to a float tank. Instead of sensory deprivation, this place is sensory saturation. There are so many distractions here that any well-conceived plans I may have had for this journal are well and truly drowned in ... Read more >

Tags: bangkok, food, money, people

Don't read this if I owe you money!

AUSTRALIA | Friday, 30 Oct 2009 | Views [1184]

Money can strangely lose all significance once you have none. On the proviso that you have friends who will compromise their credit rating on your behalf. When the universe deemed that the last $8 in my account was superfluous to my needs, I am thankful ... Read more >

Tags: money

Plans are made for getting laid.

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 13 Sep 2009 | Views [2506] | Comments [1]

Everybody needs holidays. Some of us need them more often than others. If I don't have a holiday every few months at least, I start entertaining thoughts of regicide. Everybody needs sex as well. If I don't have any sex for a few months at least, I ... Read more >

Tags: beaches & sunshine, friends, misadventures, money

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