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So much, so little time !

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 5 September 2010 | Views [899] | Comments [2]

So much has happened since Quamby Rodeo and I will try to put it all down in order for you.  

Two weeks after Quamby was the Mt Isa Rodeo.  This is the biggest rodeo in the southern hemisphere and kicks off on Friday night with a mardi gras street parade followed by the opening ceremony then a few bull rides.  Saturday is a full day of rodeo and all the finals are held on the Sunday.  Charlotte and myself went up to Mt Isa on Tuesday evening, and had a lazy day on the Wednesday.  Wednesday night we went to see an Australian Singer called Kevin Bloody Wilson (He is a bit rude) but very funny.  We had a ball and even got to meet him after the show which was pretty cool.

Thursday was a shopping day which was nice.  You don't realise how much you miss when you live in the middle of nowhere - music, technology, etc.  Just never seem to be up to date with any of that any more !  I don't often miss it however.

Friday was spent putting a photobook together for Charlotte's nephew with pictures of wildlife, rodeo, cows, big trucks etc.  Then Friday night was the mardi gras and opening ceremony- I have put some photos up, but the highlight was the burning of a steers head.  Easier to look at the pics than for me to explain.

A full weekend of rodeo followed with a few beers and plenty of spectacular falls ! I took over 7000 pictures but have since deleted them down to around 1500.  I hope you like them.  One of the unusual but well known attractions was Fred Brophy's Boxing Troupe.  Basically it works like this. 30mins before the boxing Fred comes out and bangs a drum.  The crowd gathers and a bell rings.  Fred call for people out of the crowd to take on his boxers.  They are known for taking on all challengers.  People from the crowd are matched up with Fred's fighters and then the rest of the crowd pays and goes into the tent.  The boxers are introduced and then 3 x 3 min rounds are fought.  If the challenger wins he is paid $10 for each minute of the fight.  If they loose or draw they take away the experience ! I have put a few pictures of this up too.  it is a unique attraction and Fred Brophy is the last travelling boxing troupe travelling in Australia (maybe the world).

A couple of weeks at work, doing some mustering and fencing before we headed off again this time to Sedan Dip where a Race Meeting, Rodeo, and campdraft were being held.  Again lots of action and some really good racing action with "Bush Races" meaning on registered race horses were allowed - only station horses were used, and some of the names made up for these horses were really good - "Notworthabullet" "Outboard" because it goes like an outboard motor, and "Lucas" an ex police horse who's favourite food is raw meat !  Plenty of good fun and good friends.  It's been a little quieter since then, just doing more mustering and general work around the place.  More mustering coming up in the next few weeks, and that is when I will update again.

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Hello Ed

Life is certainly not dull over in Australia, we have been watching a programme on the TV called 'Wanted Down Under' it about people wanting to emigrate to Australia, the one thing that stands out apart from the weather is the focus on family life and leisure time and how important it is to the Australian people, they certainly have it right and it makes it very appealing. Wonder if I can get a secondment for a couple of years !!
I am sure that I will fit in if you don't miss the technology, computers are still a challenge to me ( this is the second attempt of writing this entry and was nearly finished and pressed something, don't know what and lost the lot)
Well our summer is rapidly coming to an end with dark nights and that autumn chill that has arrived, it will be central heating time before we know it.
William is growing rapidly and now attends swimming lessons, baby Yoga and a singing group, not bad for 4 months, he is going to be clever, he's been here before, not that we are biased. But it is great to see him him develop and change.

We are all going out today for Philips birthday shich will be very nice, just a shame your not here to join us but we will get you a pint of lager in and drink it for you.
We understand from Sue that it is Charlottes birthday on Tuesday, please wish her a happy birthday from us. Are you able to spend the day together ?

Hope you enjoy your next rodeo

Take Care

Charles and Shirley

  Charles and Shirley Sep 12, 2010 6:50 PM


Hi Ed & Charlie
Well I just cannot believe its the day after the 10th of the 10th of the year 2010. It was a super day here yesterday and we went out for a lovely walk with Andy & Wills (Ms was out for lunch with friends) Honestly William is fantastic - so very alert - he has lovey long eye lashes like his Dad and they lead you into his lovely big blue eyes.
He has a very busy social life and I have heard he already has several little friends in the village whom he meets up with at various clubs etc.
Life here at Westwood continues to be really good. Have been busy choosing a new suite recently and now are in need of a new vacuum cleaner as the old one packed up last week which is such a nuisance. Phil has been busy doing some electrical work in the dining room and we have got plans afoot to retile the walk in shower area and decorate the bathroom which should get us back into the swing of things!
Last Friday night we were invite to the village hall in Collingham to the Clarol Beagles group annual auction. Shirley Charles and Simon invited us and it was such a laugh. There was quite a variety of lots from Sloe gin, home baked cakes, walking sticks, books and pictures to windfalls from the gardens and free range eggs. Simon was up to his usual tricks and even at one point used Charles number to bid for a chocolate cake which he fancied - Charles was completely oblivious until the end and he had to fork out! Next weekend its the cricket club presentation dinner so we are off to that too so another laugh in store.
I have joined the Tockwith Pop choir who meet every week in the church. We have a good old sing song and abit of banter too so its all good fun and I do enjoy it.
The horse chestnut tree has thrown down hundreds and hundreds of lovley conkers and the squirrels just cannot keep up with them all and I cannot resisit splitting the shells open to reveal the wonderful big brown nuts. Will I ever grow up - no probably not.
Landline and broadband are imminent so hopefully we will be in closer contact once again.
Hope all is well with you Eddy. Take real good care.
LOL Mum & Dad :-)))))))))))))) xxx

  Mum & Dad Oct 12, 2010 2:16 AM



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