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Life abroad.. Bit about the search for work on a yacht and life abroad!

Been too long!

FRANCE | Thursday, 28 Oct 2010 | Views [479]

Hi all, its been a while since I wrote last but things have been ticking along nicely here. I think our season is pretty much over since our last trip was to the monaco boat show which was a good couple of days with the owner. He checked out a few boats ... Read more >

Lowkey Update

FRANCE | Friday, 17 Sep 2010 | Views [416]

So its been a while but nothing over the top special has happened but its still been wicked and im loving the job. the last two weeks we have just been working/chilling round the boat. get up for work at around 8 and weve been finishing at around 2pm ... Read more >

Road trip weekend

FRANCE | Monday, 6 Sep 2010 | Views [452]

So after a week of being back from the trip with the guests I decided I wanted to head away for the weekend and start the weekend missions. The week was really cruisey and we finished at 3pm most days with the hardest thing we did during the week being ... Read more >

Docked up in France!

FRANCE | Sunday, 29 Aug 2010 | Views [463]

Ok so after our night docked in monaco and managing to head out for a few beers with the boys we headed over to St Tropez which is down the coast past Cannes. St Tropez is like another Porto Cervo. Plenty of money around and people that like showing ... Read more >

Photos: Porto Cervo, Pisa and on the way

ITALY | Tuesday, 24 Aug 2010 | Photo Gallery

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We're nearly back in France

ITALY | Tuesday, 24 Aug 2010 | Views [394]

Its been a few days since the internet has been crapping out on the boat for some reason so I haven’t bothered to write but at the moment we are docked in Monaco for the night. We went around both Corsica and Sardinia very quickly. The guests must think ... Read more >

Corsica and Sardinia - We meet again!

FRANCE | Friday, 20 Aug 2010 | Views [501] | Comments [1]

Ok so having most of the guests leave the boat and only 3 stay onboard we left Sicily and it was decided that the weather was not going to be very good for the trip to Croastia which is a bit of a bummerd so instead the remaining guests wanted to slowly ... Read more >

Photos: Malta

MALTA | Monday, 16 Aug 2010 | Photo Gallery

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Malta, sicily and now making our way back

ITALY | Monday, 16 Aug 2010 | Views [459]

So we spent a few days in and around Malta. That place is wicked and wish we had more time to stay there and head out etc. Its part of the British colony so most speak English and cars drive on left handside just like backhome so I could definately spend ... Read more >

Taomina, Siracusa and Mount Etna

ITALY | Wednesday, 11 Aug 2010 | Views [496]

Ok so weve spent a few days in and around Sicily. Weve done quite a bit considering the boss is fairly keen to getto croatia. Yesterday it was one of the boys birthdays he turned 7 so for the day we went up Mount Etna. It as myself and the captain that ... Read more >

Photos: Capri, Amalfi and Sicily

ITALY | Sunday, 8 Aug 2010 | Photo Gallery

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Sicily - were getting around

ITALY | Sunday, 8 Aug 2010 | Views [425]

Right, after a couple of nigts anchored off the Island of Capri we moved on to Stromboli and now were in Sicily. Capri was wicked place. A really cool Island with some awesome coastline and frock formations, massive cliffs, and a sick little town at ... Read more >

Photos: Pompei

ITALY | Thursday, 5 Aug 2010 | Photo Gallery

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Pompei and Capri

ITALY | Thursday, 5 Aug 2010 | Views [496]

Right, Im writing this about to fall asleep. Sleep is treasure on this boat at the moment and ive had stuff all lately. The days have been all good and plenty of fun but its the lack of sleep and constant on the go that is very tiring. Im used to taking ... Read more >

Photos: Napoli - Italy

ITALY | Tuesday, 3 Aug 2010 | Photo Gallery

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Napoli & first day with the guests

FRANCE | Tuesday, 3 Aug 2010 | Views [509]

So after Ischia we left for Napoli in Italy and spent the day detailing the boat and getting it ready for the boss when he arrives. Wasnt too much of a mission as we had kept the boat pretty clean but things had to be spotless. Napoli (Naples) has a ... Read more >

Photos: Ischia Italy

ITALY | Saturday, 31 Jul 2010 | Photo Gallery

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Ischia update

ITALY | Saturday, 31 Jul 2010 | Views [538]

Right, ive been a bit slack on this lately. We were in Bonifacio, Corsica for over a week and that place is sick! Most days we worked until about 11am and then had the rest of the day off, and also had the weekend off completely as we dont have the boss ... Read more >

Photos: Bonifacio, Corsica

FRANCE | Friday, 23 Jul 2010 | Photo Gallery

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Bonifacio, Corsica

FRANCE | Friday, 23 Jul 2010 | Views [659]

Ok so havent accomplished much in the last few days in the way of work! We left Portorotondo and headed for Bonifacio in Corsica as the boss has left for probably about a week. Weve been here three nights already and all three have been loose! Day we ... Read more >

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