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I'm lov'n it

Monday, 12 Nov 2007 | Views [859] | Comments [1]

Amy: I am sitting in McDonalds (free internet) sipping the beer that I got with my Big Mac Meal.  Gotta love it.  It is cold and windy here in Strasbourg and we spent the day doing a walking tour of the city.  It is a beautiful city with many wood timber ... Read more >

Tags: Sightseeing

Gallery: Road back to Frankfurt

Saturday, 10 Nov 2007 | Photo Gallery

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A few important details

Saturday, 10 Nov 2007 | Views [1012] | Comments [3]

Amy:   Just a few important details that Patti missed.   When in Florence I purchased a bottle of wine that was made in Tuscany, near Florence, that Patti said “it isn’t even offensive”.   Maybe there is hope for her yet.   There is an amazing ... Read more >

Tags: Food & eating

Getting Ready to Move On

Saturday, 10 Nov 2007 | Views [3557]

Patti: As it is now well in to November, it has become a little more difficult to travel in Europe. Most campgrounds are closed, the days are short on sunlight hours, and the weather had definitely turned colder. We are presently in Mulhouse, France ... Read more >

Tags: Relaxation

Gallery: Southern France

Monday, 5 Nov 2007 | Photo Gallery

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Where's the Sun

Thursday, 25 Oct 2007 | Views [609] | Comments [2]

Patti: We are now in the French Riviera. They get 300 days of sunshine per year bit since arrving yesterday, we haven't hit one of those days. It is actually raining right now, but the weather is warm. We took 3 days to drive here from Paris, which was ... Read more >

Tags: Mountains

old News

Thursday, 25 Oct 2007 | Views [696] | Comments [2]

Did this one a couple of days ago but didn't get a chance to upload it until today.  Amy: There is something comforting about staying in one place for a few days.   I am not sure if it is knowing where you are going to sleep, the ability to ... Read more >

Tags: Relaxation

Kiki does Paris

Sunday, 21 Oct 2007 | Views [679] | Comments [2]

Amy:  Just a quick update.  We spent yesterday touring the Notre Dame and the Louvre Museum.  It was a cloudy and cool day but it did not rain.  The Louvre was amazing, not just because of the amazing works of art but the building itself is a work of ... Read more >

Tags: Sightseeing

Gallery: Paris

Sunday, 21 Oct 2007 | Photo Gallery

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bikx in the city

Saturday, 20 Oct 2007 | Views [619]

Patti:   Riding a bike in Paris is amazing! We spent the day yesterday doing so and had a blast. It helped that it was another warm, sunny day. Our accommodations are in a suburb about 7 km from the actual road port into Paris. We have a cycle route ... Read more >

Tags: Adrenaline


Wednesday, 17 Oct 2007 | Views [640] | Comments [2]

Amy: It is hard to describe the feeling I had when I had my first sighting of the Eiffel tower.   We were probably only 10 or 15 km’s away when it appeared on the skyline as we rounded the corner on one of our few descents of the day.   It has been ... Read more >

Tags: On the Road

Gallery: France 2

Wednesday, 17 Oct 2007 | Photo Gallery

After Dieppe
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Sunday, 14 Oct 2007 | Views [640] | Comments [4]

Our OBSERVATIONS / QUESTIONS / THOUGHTS   When did smelling my clothes become a part of my daily dressing routine? How do Patti’s little chicken legs power her up the hills so fast ? France bathrooms: why no toilet seat and no toilet ... Read more >

Tags: Philosophy of travel

Hills and More hills

Sunday, 14 Oct 2007 | Views [1145] | Comments [1]

Amy:   When did hills become a part of our daily ride ?   We left Dieppe this morning and headed towards Paris.   The first 50K of our ride was a long gradual climb on a great designated bike trail.   I guess I shouldn’t have complained about the ... Read more >

Tags: On the Road

Gallery: France

Saturday, 13 Oct 2007 | Photo Gallery

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August 19, 1942

Saturday, 13 Oct 2007 | Views [564]

Amy:  We have learned a lot about the role Canadian Soldiers played in the war.  On this date, 5,000 Canadian soldiers attacked German positions in and around Dieppe.  The sole intention of the attack was to determine the feasibility of taking a port ... Read more >

Tags: Sightseeing

Day Trip to Dover

Monday, 8 Oct 2007 | Views [635] | Comments [4]

Patti: We took yesterday as a bit of down day as we had just ridden a 100 km ride the previous day. It was all on flat land along the north sea coast of Belgium and then into the northern part of France. Aside from losing our way in a couple of towns ... Read more >

Tags: Beaches & sunshine



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