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In October 2007, we officially became homeless and jobless.

Unsatisfied with our little house in Norway, two great jobs and warm and loving friends, a supportive salary and freedom from our 8 year old while he attends school, we ditched it all for a nomadic existence.

What were we thinking???

We weren't.

In 2009 we gave up our global travelling and decided to settle down in Albert's home town Granollers, Catalonia. We're still travelling, but we've put up a book shelf now in our apartment. 

You can read about a foreigner's view of Catalonia in Tiffany's travel blog.  

Albert – 30 years old. Non-vocational and Catalan Computer Engineer. Obsessed with being a nomad at any cost.

Tiffany – 37 years old Australian,  health and wellbeing instructor.

Jett – 9 years old. 49% Norwegian (60%Norwegian, 30% Swedish 9% Icelandic), half Australian (50% English 20% Scottish, 20% Chinese, 10% Welsh), 1% Japanese (by choice). Home/van/car/tent/train station schooled. Obsessed with sweeping and polishing dirty surfaces and being a secret agent for KND (we have limited his viewing hours - not good for children/parent relationships).

You can click here to see a pre-journal of some of our past travels.

We want to extend our warm thanks to World Nomads for lifting us out of relative obscurity and highlighting our Northern Australian adventure with the Ambassador Van.  Tusen takk! Gràcies! Thank you!

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