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Rockhampton - cattle capital and rather pretty for all that.

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 2 June 2008 | Views [2208]

I was asked to pose in front of this... it reminded me of something out of superman... it was in the Mackay Art Centre - Pro Hart

I was asked to pose in front of this... it reminded me of something out of superman... it was in the Mackay Art Centre - Pro Hart

The old sandstone buildings are being restored, the botanical gardens are pretty (I loved the Japanese garden and huge golden bamboo), and we now sit in the Rockhampton Art Gallery sipping coffee and indulging our lap top caprice.

(Jett, by the way, has gone and bought his own ticket for the local Eisteddfod in the next building. He wants to be an entertainer and dreams of the time when he too will be standing in front of a crowd doing something or rather –Albert thinks he’ll be a transvestite of Pricilla proportions, and I think he’ll be Fredrick of The Sound of Music, but probably he’ll end up being the ticket boy, which is not a bad thing considering he’ll be able to watch everyone else with very little effort on his own behalf.)

Thank you to the Art Centres!!

I would like to say a HUGE impressed THANK YOU to the Arts Centres of Rockhampton (our friendly and helpful volunteer Lana Webber) and Mackay (our endearing local artist was Susan Gee) for being civil and gracious when other aspects of the city are not.  They offer FREE (especially good for budget conscious and raining day tours) exhibitions, coffee and rooms to sit and read and enjoy what they have to offer. The subtle hint of a donation is presented before your eyes (discreetly), amid smiles and good will.  Much appreciated for the practical appeal on a rainy day (did I mention that it was raining) and for uplifting our spirits in an age of self interest and you get what you pay for.

Botanical Garden Demonstrations

While we were in our rain suits tramping around the Botanical gardens, we noticed the movement of small people towards the ANZAC memorial. It happened to be ‘Under Eights Week’. Jett, forgetting himself in the confusion of balloons, face painting and candy give aways (beside the Dental Health Stall) was in finger painting heaven.  Albert laughed at the mothers taking over the art of their children while I stood outside the crown-making pavilion giving anti-monarchy speeches to any child who’d listen. (Parents quickly pushed passed me but the kids were listening I swear!!!)  We all had a fun time before moving onto the rather sad and sorry ‘zoo’ where we had our first spotting of koalas (since Noosa in April) and saw nicely fatted dingos drooling over nearby and unreachable black swans. I won’t go into the debate of animals kept in captivity, but it was rather a dismal experience which was not helped any by the rain.

The spider display surprised us by being dead spiders in bottles and pinned to boards behind glass. Our mistake in that one!

Sleeping in the street

During the last two nights, we’ve slept outside Catholic churches. Its funny, or not, but always on the other side of the street, there’s a pub.  Jett enjoyed the choir practice during the early part of the evenings, and the karaoke that started up later on. Fun and games for everyone.

Final remarks

We’re in the last leg of our trip.

We hit the 7 000 k mark just outside Rocky.

Jett has impressed us by being friendly and outgoing and conversing with anyone who has the time to listen.

I’ve had the final (I think) vision of what I need to spend the next part of my life doing (more about this later) but I’m VERY happy with everything so far.

The trip has been great and absolutely what I needed to do, but I’m happy to be coming back to ‘civilization’ and my mother who is cooking for us as I type. After so much information and experience, I need time to gather and sort and squeeze and dream.

I have some ideas for the ‘final posts’ that I want to write, but I guess we won’t be ambassador’s by the time I get around to doing them. But that’s ok. Remember to come back and have a little look see so you can see the finishing touches of our trip.

Thank you for the music, the song I’m singing….. (do you know that two lines of the lyrics to this fatuous song say ‘I’ve always been the lucky one, with the golden hair’ (or something like this – and Cindi, if you know the REAL lyrics, I’m grateful to your help for correction).

I’m just updating some of our trip – and there hasn’t been a lot to say from there to here (Glastone, 1770, Bundaberg)  because its been raining NON stop for two days. It was to be my little beach haven and we’ve had to give it up and just drown like rats instead.

Next stop – Tin can bay and the dolphins


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