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Hungary – learning to travel

HUNGARY | Friday, 21 March 2008 | Views [1114]

One of my favourite sunset photos. Tihany.

One of my favourite sunset photos. Tihany.

Preliminary stages

It was suppose to be our first road trip together.  We compromised because Albert has done this kind of thing before, and I was more of a sit in a hotel and watch cable tv sipping any alcoholic beverage in between shopping and eating kind of traveler.

We were going to drive across Hungary for a few days, and then stop in Budapest for a few days. We both agreed it was suitable for us both.

I was feeling sensitive about my adequacy for this kind of travel. I didn’t really see the point of  rushing from point to point gathering locations and pinpoints….  But Albert had done it a lot, especially with his previous girlfriend (Hello Marta), and said it was the highlight of his time with her…

We had only been living together for a few months, and I was straining under having  someone (ie Albert) invade my free time. Did I say before that I’m selfish and used to a lot of alone time? Well, its true.

Heating up in Hungary

We landed in Budapest and started driving. I’m a bit of nitwit with some stuff, I admit it. But after we’d been driving for some time, Albert suddenly said we were going in the wrong direction, and turned the car around.  I froze mentally. Um, I already know I don’t know much, but what if the person you think knows what they are doing doesn’t??

Exactly, you have a bit of a panic. I had a revelation. I was going to have to take a bit more notice of what we were doing and where we were going.  But my attitude was all wrong. I was so used to just floating along in my own world, and I absolutely resented having to take responsibility for this trip that I was on.

Horror story. And with hind sight, my favourite perspective, I can see what I monster I must have been.

Albert, being young and quite a lot more stupid than me, didn’t facilitate matters. He spoke, what seemed to me, non stop about his previous GREAT travel experiences with his ex and with his friends, and how everything THEN was so good. I started to feel like a pressure cooker switched on HIGH and stopped myself saying ‘then you know where to bloody go then if it was so bloody good’. Of course, being a yoga master and Meditational expert (read this as sarcastic), I restrained myself and sat in stony silence to an oblivious Albert.

Impressions of the place

The place was pretty ugly to me to start with.  It looked poor and the drivers were aggressive and thoughtless. (especially coming out of provincial Norway where everyone is your neighbour and people stop their car in the middle of the main road to have a chat with a passer by.)

Anyway, after settling in on the drive, I started to like what I saw. The roads were flat and places reminded me of Denmark. It was quite dark for most of the day, it was in November, and there were a lot of clouds about. Autumn was dull and wet.


Tihany was just beautiful. We drove up to the top of the little hill, the centre, with a pretty church ground, and took photos of a most splendid sunset. The one you see in this post.

I liked the three crosses, and a strange tin king statue also. The view was pretty and in all, a really nice place to visit.

Budapest is remarkable. The ugly, run down buildings, if in any other city, would be beautiful. They just have SO much to look at if you like pretty, ornate buildings. The history of the place is obvious. It was too much for me to take in. It was nice to stay there for a few days and get to know the areas a bit better. I enjoyed walking over the bridges linking the two cities. Buda and Pest.


It was the trip that we learnt some essential information that would help us with our next trip.

  • His memories of his previous trips are in no way threatening for our trips.
  • When we have ‘special’ time together, he can focus more on ‘us’, rather than ‘him’.
  • That I need to take more responsibility for our travels if I’m going to enjoy myself.
  • A good bottle of wine really helps Tiffany’s mood, but two makes it worse.
  • What ever we do, we do it together, as a team.
  • Hungary needs another visit or two. (Albert’s already planned the road trip for when we return to Europe)

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