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KL to Kuching

MALAYSIA | Thursday, 12 July 2007 | Views [9588] | Comments [1]

I hate this photo!

I hate this photo!

Kuching is the capital of the east Malaysian state of Sarawak, i.e. part of Malaysian Borneo.  I'd never heard of the place until a few weeks ago, but judging by the number of tourists, i was in the minority.  After being delayed in KL, I eventually arrive here - here is a bus with a 'no spitting' sign and a hotel room warning me not to bring durian into my room.  I don't know who durian is, but i do know a fruit that smells like rotting feet, i avoid at all costs, and it's banned by several airlines.  Why do Asians like extremes and yet profess not to: Confucius/Taoism/Buddhism versus super spicy/very loud/extremely smelly?!

Kuching is a real surprise: paved promenades, flowing fountains, pretty parks, better than mediocre museums, modern malls, cinemas and coffee shops and an overall quaintness.  I meet what i think are Malays, Chinese, Indians, Singaporeans, Westerners and Orang Ulus, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus and Animists.  Is this really 'no-mans' land, simple and rural, deepest darkest Borneo where the jungle is king?  It's not what i expected...but i like it.  A visit to the Islamic museum made me laugh.  It's a really nice building but a sign there claims that Islam was not spread with the sword...the crusades were just a picnic outing too.




Many many yearsago at first in the UK I hated yoghurt when I first tasted it. I tried, and tried, then I am a fan and make it now today and eat it daily. The same goes with DURIAN, it is an acquired taste. If I can eat blue cheese which many Asians can, so you can. It is a matter of trying. It is a UNIQUE fruit in S.E. Asia, which makes us different. <br>Oh, haven't you tasted the many types of cuisines? examples, fried worms from sago palms, which are soft and cruncy, what more to say, frogs, bats, and even dogs and snakes if you care to try, including wild boar, deer meat, frehs sea food is dammed cheap here, <br>and spicy hot food if you like, or even birds' nest soup and shark's fin soup ..... you name it, we have it. <br><br>Well you did not meet Christians? They form a substantial part of Sarawak.<br>You forgot to mention the ROMANCE of an English adventurer, James Brooke, who actually became the Rajah or King of Sarawak. That occurred in 1841!<br><br>In fact in the 19th century explorers and scientists came here to the Land of the Head Hunter to find flora and fauna and study anthropology, the lives of 21 native groups here. It was the ROMANCE that brought them here.<br><br>No we do not live on trees, we have internet, websites,<br>top private hospitals, and are a civilized nation. We joined MALAYSIA in 1963, so we will all celebrate 50 years of Independence on August 31.<br><br>Unlike other cities, I think KUCHING (this means CAT in Malay), is very clean, small enough, healthy, and it is easy to get to places within 15 to 20 minutes of driving, with shorte traffic jams only at rush hours. <br><br>You got to be carefuly of snatch thieves though when you walk in the city, but do not attract them by wearing jewellery or gold chains etc But they are mainly foreign workers working here, not locals.<br><br>You should try our special ICED DESERTS, with COCONUT MILK, crushed ICE, PALM SUGAR, topped with nuts, and lychees, and many other xotic fruits. You won't be disappointed.<br><br>There you are.<br>.. . Shane: wow, you should write my blog. Thanks for the info, but come on you are comparing Durian to yoghurt!? It's a smell thing you see, Durian smell invades into your pores and soul and never leaves. I walk around imagining it's everywhere, several days after i was last near it. As for the other foods - no, no and no. I'm adventurous to a point - boar, frog or weasel is fine. Dog, birds spit soup and shark fin soup - no way, it offends my culture to try it. Yes it's easy to forget about the Christians, or is that just wishful thinking. I liked Kuching, but it wasn't what i thought Borneo was like - but i keep saying how ignorant i am. Borneo has been a nice suprise and so was Kuching

  JANASHANA Aug 7, 2007 5:40 PM

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