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Downtown Sao Paulo with Duccio!

BRAZIL | Monday, 11 February 2008 | Views [1539] | Comments [1]

Brie´s friend from Italy - Duccio

Brie´s friend from Italy - Duccio

As a great way to finish our time in Sao Paulo, we did some exploring on foot-bus-metro of Downtown Sao Paulo.  This certainly put some smiles on our faces.

First it was off to the Japanese district, where we ate some yummy sushi for pretty cheap and did some walking around at the views from this area.  There was still the brazilian laid back vibe, but it was combined with the buslte of asian;Japanese stores, supermarkets, take aways. Here many Brazilians go to find the touch of exotic asia that cannot be found in the standard supermarkets.

Next it was off to see the famous old church.  The church loomed high above us in gothic like style while tiny few held mass within.  It was a pretty church which overlooked onto a bustling courtyard where so many people converged to meet, sit, eat, laugh or just hang around.

In the courtyard was a round monument which was mark of the exact center of Sao Paulo.  This courtyard was full mix with students, the religious for church, homeless, business people, artists all meshed together in a little pretty local spot.

As it started to rain and pour - typical hehe - we headed for a trendy bar in the centre.  The bar was a bit European in design with loads of beer bottles on the ceilings and old style charm.  The drinks however were served perfectly (NOT european).  The beers served ice cold and in a bucket of ice.  This keeps the beers warm while you pour yourself a bit into  glass.  Then you drink ALL the beer as it should be - ice cold and delicious.

Brazilian beer is typically served this way and if even served a bit warm is sent back with many apologies from the staff. No one like warm beer here and I can understand them.  Even I started to like beer when served like this.  Brazilian beer is also a bit sweeter than beer from Europe-USA-OZ.  Depending on your taste can be more interesting also - was for me!  Try Bohemia beer but the best here is generally thought of as ´Original´ beer - which is a 1 litre bottle.

Typical soda here is Guarana (pronounced guan-a-na)- very yummy, I even started to get over getting the hiccups from the soda bubbles I drank it so much.

After much catching up with Duccio we decided it was time for a bit more exploring  the rain stopped-typical too.  As we walked the centre the scene changed and then reminded us of Frankfurt.

It is normal here that people and cultures mesh into one Brazilian society.  What is also an interesting mesh is the architecture.  One building is very old gothic or european style, then next door or across the road is a style from the 30´s, then a very modern skyscraper.  Is mixed bag of nuts lets say.

We then stumbled along into the Artists district. here you see theatres, students, art works, painters.  Lovely little craft stores.  We loved the vibe so it was time to sit for some Caparinhas.  Also typical here.  The mix around the world is Vodka-Lime-Sugar... However here you can have it with Sake-any fruit-Sugar this is for a ligther flavour.  For a harder cocktail try the Brzilian Pinga for alcohol - where people then start to forget their names... hmmm...  I loved the Sake-Strawberry Caparhina but Briel tendancy was for the Pinga-Passion Fruit-Sugar combo.  A lethal yummy drink indeed.

As we walked along Augusta Avenue -  very long avenue we saw also another mesh of different peoples, here are alot of bars, clubs, resturants for gay nightlife, students, couples, wealthy, not so wealthy - AND the red light district.  It is not like Amsterdam where they are very much on show - but here is also a show of fancy houses.

Paulista Avenue is a big big avenue where the metro tends to run along and the buses.  Here is the fashion area where you can see the creativity of the people especially here.  I loved the fashion here.  Often simply with a twist of interesting add ons or great use of colour.  They certainly know how to help a womans curves look extra VAWOOM.

We finished of the night with Fifties.  How could we not.  it is our favourite place.  Hmmm where Briel finally discoverd the Coconut Frappe.  It was amazing also and he is a bit bummed that he got it only now.  Ph well next time.  What makes it so great - the meat, the cheese, the slightly overdone cheese.. plus you get you burger exactly as you want!

It is sad to say goodbye to such great friends here.  Always tough.

We love Sao Paulo and our friends here - can´t wait to come back.

Ciao for now!

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my friend has recently pulled out of coming to brazil with me. being a young european girl it's rather quite an intimidating thought to be out there on my lonesome. i fly into sao paulo in april and after reading your blog i was wondering if you could give me some tips on what district i should get to when i first arrive. somewhere that is safe to meet fellow traverlers and friendly locals. i would be hugly gratefull for any help that would put my mind at rest .

regards alana

  alanalklineberg Feb 20, 2008 4:09 AM

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