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Shotguns and Baseball!

USA | Saturday, 22 December 2007 | Views [996] | Comments [1]

AUGH Briel so excited to shoot again

AUGH Briel so excited to shoot again

Fed decided to drive us back to San Diego on Friday and then to stay also at Rochelle's place also.  We had a quiet night Friday while waiting for Chris to come home from the airport.

Saturday was anything but quiet!  We get up and next thing I know phone calls are being made and we are heading out to a American Skeet Shooting range!  This is where you shoot the moving clay targets with your weapon of choice!  COOL!

With Chris' military card we save $60 on the fees - excellent! 

The boys take the BIG strong 12 gage double barrel shotguns.  Rochelle and I take a slightly less powerful 20 gague single loading shotguns.

AS we walk out into the fields, the gun shots are loud and a bit scarey.  Each shot makes me jitter just that little bit. We receive instructions from Chris and from a pro at the club:

- Never point th egun at other people - be aware of the safety lock - do not fire the weapon without the pro nearby - wear your eye protectors and ear plugs at all times

Briel and Rochelle take the first rounds!  The power and difference of the gun puts Briel off balance.  Rochelle has not shot in 2 years and nervous.  Briel shots - from the first he cracks that clay! Then it goes down hill from there.

Fed and I are up next.  Fed shoots and misses.  I shoot - I miss - I also fly backwards (nearly on my butt!) from the strength of the recoil.  WOW what a shock.  I am a bit dizzy from the feel of it.  A smiles comes to my face!  I love it already.

As I learn the weapon I get more and more targets. CHris shows me how to stand to ensure that I absorb the recoil and not thrown back.  The pro teaches me how to look down the barrel to aim and shows me how to follow the clay.  By the end when I relaxed, took my time and focused I would get the shot.  I was getting MANY.  I really LOVE it.

Chris in comparison got nearly every shot.  Well he grew up on a farm where they did this regularly.  Some of his family compete for this.  FUN FUN.

We were again on a high from shooting the guns.  The power and the feel would send our adrenaline soaring!  I wouldn't mind taking this up as a hobby in the future.

Briel and I are fans of guns,  but we NOT fans of violence!  If you respect the weapon and are careful, the sport is very enjoyable.  Don't knock it till you try it ;-)

While on the high we went to eat at Kip's - a dinner sushi place that looks trashy but has GREAT sushi.  I went here about 6 years ago and couldn't forget it - so we all went again.  This is a regular spot for Chris and Rochelle - hehe eat the Volcano - WOW.

After we went to the baseball batting cages.  Briel was great at it - as if he never stopped doing it!  I am still in confusion if I like it or not.  I could hit the ball - no probs BUT man does it hurt my arms and wrists.  I must be holding it all wrong!  It was great fun, we hit slow balls, medium and then some fast ones - hehe that was tough.

Anyway ciao for now!

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I had to laugh a little when I read about Chris growing up on a farm. I know Chris seems like a big ol' redneck at times, but he actually grew up in the Tampa Bay area--one of the biggest cities in Florida.--near beaches and hundreds of miles from a farm. His dad bought a 14 acre property in Michigan where we did go skeet shooting for the 1st time (3 years ago). The boy just gets to do a lot of target practice, being in the military...show off! lol.

  Rochelle Jan 2, 2008 7:37 AM

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