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Cambodia and Vietnam 2016 A quick look at Cambodia and then visiting our favourite country, Vietnam for a 5 month stay. Look out Hoian here we come!!!


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Day 141 – 19th August 2016 Friday - Claire's birthday bash at Hoa Hien

Saturday, 20 Aug 2016 | Views [299]

Kevin went riding with Andrew to Fusion Mia. I did a load of washing and then headed to the gym for a workout and then to the pool for a relaxing day. Kevin left to go to the Sports Bar to watch the footy with the boys at 4pm. I meanwhile headed home ... Read more >

Day 140 – 18th August 2016 Thursday – Exam Stuff –up No 2

Friday, 19 Aug 2016 | Views [287]

This morning it is raining. Kevin got up to go riding and soon decided to go back to bed before heading to Almanity.  I meanwhile got ready for my exam at 9am. Right from the start in was a stuff-up and I could log in but could not get to the classroom.... Read more >

Day 139 - 17th August 2016 Wednesday – Exam stuff-up

Thursday, 18 Aug 2016 | Views [235]

Kevin went riding with Andrew, Anna Betta and Lee along the old Danang Road and then back to the beach road. Kevin wasn't happy as Anna Betta needed to stop for a drink and breather every 5km. I got up and did some prep work for my next 2 exams that ... Read more >

Day 138 – 16th August 2016 Tuesday – Lazy Day but someone has to do it!

Wednesday, 17 Aug 2016 | Views [148]

Kevin went riding on his own on the old Danang Road and cut through to the golf courses on the main road. It was a leisure’s ride for him. The air conditioning had gone off before 5.30 and it didn't come back on until after 7am. So after breakfast ... Read more >

Day 137 -15th August 2016 Monday – Another Exam

Tuesday, 16 Aug 2016 | Views [172]

Kevin was off riding with his buddies again this morning to Fusion Mia. I set up the bedroom for my 9am exam and asked Kevin to remain out of the room. Again the exam started with problems, no slide movers or tool bar. I really must decide do I need ... Read more >

Day 136 – 14th August 2016 Sunday – Chicken Curry Night

Monday, 15 Aug 2016 | Views [247]

Kevin went riding on his own as the other guys pulled out. I went to the market early for the ingredients for my curry. Chicken cost VND 125k and I think I was ripped off. Other ingredients only VND 20k. I packed for the gym and  then went to Betel ... Read more >

Day 135 – 13th August 2016 Saturday – Topica Exam Again

Sunday, 14 Aug 2016 | Views [283]

Kevin didn't ride this morning. I meanwhile did some washing and then headed to the gym. I was home by 10.15am and the noise from the building next door was annoying so  I decided to set up in the bedroom for my exam. Well what a f…ck up.... Read more >

Day 134 – 12th August 2016 Friday – Dinner at Monika’s and JA

Saturday, 13 Aug 2016 | Views [267]

Kevin went riding with Andrew and Michael to Marble Mountain and they again got a new record. I checked my emails and Kristen has replied with dates and times for my Topica exams. She has also sent the lesson plans. I copied them to my USB and headed ... Read more >

Day 133 – 11th August 2016 Thursday – Lawn Bowls

Friday, 12 Aug 2016 | Views [226]

Kevin didn't ride today. Appears he is now only riding every other day with the boys as it is very hot and humid at the moment. I decided to go for a massage at Five Senses as I was very achy and had not slept well. I also had a bit of a tummy upset ... Read more >

Day 132 – 10th August 2016 Wednesday – Pool Day

Thursday, 11 Aug 2016 | Views [219]

Kevin was off riding with Andrew and Michael to Marble Mountain. He came home very proud that they averaged 31km/h. A first. Michael has moved out of his house near us and has moved in with his VN girlfriend. I went off to the gym for a workout. Vicky ... Read more >

Day 131 – 9th August 2016 Tuesday – Normal Routine

Wednesday, 10 Aug 2016 | Views [265]

Things are back to normal. Kevin didn't go riding and I went off to the gym. I managed to get through the session with only a little pain, surprisingly. I had expected it to be much harder after my soft few days away. Vicky was at the gym and said that ... Read more >

Day 130 – 8th August 2016 Monday – Hue to HoiAn (home)

Tuesday, 9 Aug 2016 | Views [202]

Keith is going it alone to be with his adopted Vietnamese family for a bit, while the three of us do the last bit. Its almost home. We head out of Hue on the busy Highway 1 and are nearly collected a couple of times by bigger trucks and cars who think ... Read more >

Day 129 - 7th August 2016 Sunday – Dong Ha to Hue

Monday, 8 Aug 2016 | Views [263]

Next morning after breakfast and filling up with fuel we met up with Gary and Vicki, and have a big drink break at the local café. I can not believe how much fluid you can drink in this country and still be thirsty. Stock up for more water for ... Read more >

Day 128 – 6th August 2016 Saturday – Khe Sahn to Dong Ha

Sunday, 7 Aug 2016 | Views [296]

Next day. Khe Sahn to Dong Ha. Unfortunatley Vicky has woken with the migraine from hell during the night. She decided to give that days travel a miss and try and sleep it off. Keith and I went on without Gary and Vicky to the town of Dong Ha. It was ... Read more >

Day 127 – 5th August 2016 Friday – A Luoi to Khe Sanh

Saturday, 6 Aug 2016 | Views [228]

At breakfast we have another team meeting with weather apps to see what is happening. We decide to keep going onto Khe Sahn. First we wanted to see the waterfall that was close to town and that you can walk to a pool and swim. We turned up the road just ... Read more >

Day 126 – 4th August 2016 Thursday – Prao to A Luoi

Friday, 5 Aug 2016 | Views [191]

I wondered out early, and Just down the road was a wood fired oven being used by the local Banh Mi man. Early morning walk. Tick. On my return a discussion on the weather forecast was held. With five different weather app’s on the go, it was all ... Read more >

Day 125 - 3rd August 2016 Wednesday – Road Trip to Prao

Thursday, 4 Aug 2016 | Views [262]

Planned trip with Vicky Sanders, Gary Davis and Keith. Hoi an to Prao – 120 km Prao to A Luoi – 105 km A Luoi to Khe Sahn – 106 km Khe Sahn to Dong Ha 80km Dong Ha to Hue 70km Hue to Hoi An – 110 km home again We met up ... Read more >

Day 124 - 2nd August 2016 Tuesday - Monika & Jean-Ann moving day

Wednesday, 3 Aug 2016 | Views [232]

Kevin didn't go riding this morning as we had arranged to help Monika and Jean-Ann move their gear from Phil's house to their new house. We saw JA at the main road and she was dashing off to the dentist in Danang as she had lost a tooth. We arrived at ... Read more >

Day 123 – 1st August 2016 Monday – Pool Day again

Tuesday, 2 Aug 2016 | Views [215]

Kevin went riding this morning and came back saying his bike has packed up and he needs to get Tan to look at it. I think he has played with the gears while cleaning it. We did a load of washing and then I headed to the gym. After a 2 hour session I ... Read more >

Day 122 – 31st July 2016 Sunday – Pool Day

Monday, 1 Aug 2016 | Views [215]

Kevin went riding on his own this morning to Danang. I watched some more TV series before heading to the gym. It was 9.15 before I got there. Vicky was just finishing her workout and she left to go to the pool. I worked out for 1 ½ hours before ... Read more >

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