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Lost in Cordoba

ARGENTINA | Friday, 4 January 2013 | Views [446]

Cordoba Cathedral

Cordoba Cathedral

We´re not physically lost, it just feels that way.  We are in Cordoba, the second largest city in Argentina, within spitting distance of Plaza San Martin and the WHS Jesuit Block.  But our trusty MacBook died on New Years Day.  It´s sad - even sadder that we have come to rely on it so much; photo downloads, checking our finances, hotel reservations, plane and bus schedules and emails.  Travel prior to the Information Age was much more of an adventure but progress is nice, too.

When we arrived on New Years evening from Mendoza the city was quietly preparing for a bit of fiesta.  On New Years Day it was like a ghost town, only a few lonely souls out strolling the plaza or sleeping on the benches.  We took the opportunity to walk around the Jesuit Block, a collection of churches, convents and monasteries reminiscent of those in Spain.  The most beautiful of all, the Church Cathedral, glowed pink in the morning sun.  You will have to take our word for it for the present - the computer gave up the ghost right after we downloaded the photos from our camera. 

We spent most of the 2nd trying to locate the only authorized Apple technician (on vacation!) then to Dinosauria Mall (no kdding) where we heard there was a Mac store.  "No,"  we were told, "it´s at the Cordoba Shopping Mall."  We were relieved when we learned the problem wasn´t the hard drive, just a connection to it.  Only $50 to fix.  But when we got it back to the hotel, it died again.  Back to the mall.  "Well, I tried," he said.  "I don´t have the part you need and it will take 3 months to get one."  Three months????  We considered buying a new one but Macs in Argentina cost 3X as much as those in the States, $5000!

Next stop, the Brazilian Consulate to get a visa for Brazil.  We knew it would cost more than $100 each but the amount of documentation required is staggering; bnk statements, photos, residence in Brazil and - most difficult for us - onward plane tickets.  Then it takes 10 days.  So we will start gathering info and try again at Iguazu Falls.  Dejected again, we weighed our options.  A very good friend is coming to South America in a couple of weeks and we are hoping to meet her at Iguasu Falls.  Zero for two!

So now we´re considering our options.  It comes down to 1) going without, 2) traveling to Buenos Aires and trying again or 3) begging our friend who is coming to South America in a couple of weeks to bring a new one from home for us.  We´re hoping for #3.  It may seem strange but the Spanish verb "esperar" means both "to hope" and "to wait."  Both seem to apply here.


   Alta Gracia World Heritage Site

The upside - there must be an upside, right? - is that we have the Cordoba bus system wired!  They use smart cards that you charge up at the Red Bus kiosk.  Trips cost just over 3 pesos each, about 65 cents, and everyone is willing to tell you which bus to get on and where to get off.  We even took a bus to Mission at Alta Gracia, 40 km from Cordoba.  This was the only truly enjoyable - and successful - endeavor we had here in Cordoba - no fault of the city.





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