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Gallery: Belize

BELIZE | Wednesday, 10 Sep 2008 | Photo Gallery

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You better Belize it!!

BELIZE | Wednesday, 10 Sep 2008 | Views [673]

After a 4 hour bus ride through the jungles of Belize arrived at Belize city where i took a 1 hr ferry ride to Caye Caulker, an island just off the coast of Belize. Here my friend Jody met me and got me settled into my hostel that was situated right ... Read more >

Gallery: Guatemala

GUATEMALA | Wednesday, 10 Sep 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Tikal, Entering the MAYAN world.

GUATEMALA | Wednesday, 10 Sep 2008 | Views [486]

After a qucik 4 hour bus ride back to Antigua and a 1hour ride to Guatemala city, i took 1hr flight to Flores. From Flores i took a taxi through the night to a small town 45mins from the Tikal ruins site. My first full day here i went to a bio adventure ... Read more >


GUATEMALA | Wednesday, 10 Sep 2008 | Views [514]

After a 4 hour bus ride north of Antigua i arrived at Lago Atitlan, a Moderatley sized lake surrounded by volcanoes and many villages. Atitlan is famous for maintaining its idegnous cultures all 27 of them found here. I stayed in the small town of San ... Read more >

Antigua Guatemala

GUATEMALA | Monday, 25 Aug 2008 | Views [1188]

After doing laundry in Grenada i set out for Guatemala. The bus left from Managua so i had to spend the entire day there. It was the most ugly city i have ever seen. It was basically a giant garbage dump that millions of people lived in. The entire journey ... Read more >

Volcan Ometepe

NICARAGUA | Monday, 25 Aug 2008 | Views [417]

After a great time in Grenada felipe and i headed to two vocanoes in the middle of lake Nicarugua called Ometepe. One of the volcanoes , volcan concheal is still alive. We stayed at a very nice hotel on the shore of the lake. Our first full day we rented ... Read more >

Gallery: Nicaragua

NICARAGUA | Monday, 18 Aug 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Grenada Nicarugua

NICARAGUA | Monday, 18 Aug 2008 | Views [521]

After a great time in Montezuma we took a bus back to Belen and the next morning at 5 am woke up to head off to Nicarugua. Our bus was only a portion full so Felipe and i took advantage stretched our bodies across 2 rows of seats only to be awakened by ... Read more >


COSTA RICA | Saturday, 16 Aug 2008 | Views [513]

    After a full day of bussing we arrived in the nicoya pennisula, on the pacific, it is quite amazing to go from the carribean to the pacific in one day. Our first day in montezuma we lounged around the beach and attempted to swim in the treacherous ... Read more >


COSTA RICA | Friday, 15 Aug 2008 | Views [676]

I waited in Belen for Felipes arrival for 2 days. Our first day we journied to san jose to take the bus to the carribean unfortunatly we missed it by 5 minutes so we had to stay in a scary hostel downtown. In the morning we bussed for 4 hours then took ... Read more >

Forest Of Dreams

COSTA RICA | Monday, 4 Aug 2008 | Views [500]

Lyle and i made our way to Manuel Antonio, where we stayed at nice hotel on the beach, in the trees surrounding our room white face monkeys curiously played while throwing coconuts at us and the other guests. We rented 2 horses and had a guide take us ... Read more >

Infectious Infections

PANAMA | Friday, 1 Aug 2008 | Views [578]

Its been a while since i journalled because i have been laying low hoping that i will fight ouf all these infections etc. I am now back in Costa rica in belen a small town outside of San Jose. Before leaving Panama I went to the grand opening of the ... Read more >

Stupid Flu.

PANAMA | Monday, 14 Jul 2008 | Views [667]

Okay so for a few weeks now i have been sick. Its really awful being so sick in a foreign country and alone. Scary would be the word. I know that with me when i get sick i get really sick then  they give me antibiotics which tend to turn my body into ... Read more >

Gallery: Panama

PANAMA | Friday, 27 Jun 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Panama City

PANAMA | Thursday, 26 Jun 2008 | Views [533]

My week in uvita was nice though i didn't do any farm work i more lazed around the farm i was not feeling very energetic. I learned a few things about cooking though and some new jungle foods that i can eat. My new fav. food is Fruit of palm it tastes ... Read more >

Finally in Uvita!

COSTA RICA | Monday, 16 Jun 2008 | Views [728]

              On Sunday arrived by bus in Uvita aroung 10pm at night the bus from San Jose took me about 8hrs. Ugh the roads are not paved so the bus drives slowly and because it is rainy season there are some major pot holes! Upon arriving in uvita ... Read more >

Bussed out!

COSTA RICA | Tuesday, 10 Jun 2008 | Views [513]

Yesterday we bussed from Tamarindo to Manuel Antonio. the ride took exactly 13hrs. It wouldn't be that bad accept that my legs don't fit in a costa rican bus at all!!! ugh.. Last night we had dinner in an old fighter plane that crashed 50 years ago and ... Read more >

<the adventure continues

COSTA RICA | Monday, 9 Jun 2008 | Views [479] | Comments [1]

i left san jose after a great night of latin dancing with shivonne and johnny we were up until 3 am it was so much fun. we left on a bus to tamarindo the ride was about 6 hours and included a popped tire. here we are staying in a 2 bedroom cabin on the ... Read more >

Jet Leg

COSTA RICA | Wednesday, 4 Jun 2008 | Views [555] | Comments [2]

So Monday was the day from Hell i attempted to enjoy a whole day in downtown san jose. It did not go so smoothly i was utterly lost and the smog was causing me to nearly choke. I did how ever go to 3 museums which were semi interesting. My fav. part of ... Read more >

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